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Best Gift Deal: Mally Beauty Favorite Things Volume 2 Collection

I loved Mally’s Favorite Things Collection last year and I love it this year! It’s the easiest, most inexpensive, nicest way to gift beauty lovers this season without a ton of work.

You must grab it!


Gift Idea: Liplicious I Love Twisted Peppermint Lipgloss Set

YOU need to gift friends and family with the joy that is the Liplicious I Love Twisted Peppermint Lipgloss Set ($18.50). This festive lipgloss set houses three full size Twisted Peppermint flavored Liplicious Lipglosses.

You’ll get Bath & Body Works cult favorite Twisted Peppermint (vanilla with swirls of peppermint) Lipgloss as well as two exclusive flavors in this set! Exclusive flavors include Twisted Peppermint Cocoa and Twisted Peppermint Berry which are only available in this set and not sold alone.


Gift Idea: By a Girl Beauty File Compartment Organizational Makeup Bag

There are aspects of my life where I’m so very organized but my purse, tote, or handbag is not such a place. I tend to throw things into my bag nilly willy which creates a rather big old mess. I think part of this stems from when I’m in line and I pay for something and just kinda toss my change into my purse. This developed into a habit of me tossing everything into my bag and going.

This also results in me panicking because I think I lost my iPhone or my iPad or my Kindle or my wallet because I simply can’t find it amongst the mess of money, receipts, makeup, and other do-dads I have in my bag.

Perhaps the By a Girl Beauty File 9 Compartment Organizational Makeup Bag will help, at the very least, to organize my the makeup I carry with me.

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Gift Ideas: Bath & Body Works Hand-Picked Gifts Tiny Treats Gift Set

Here’s a sweet little $15 gift set from Bath & Body Works ($13 if you order online and use promo code RMNNOVBBW for 20% off) that includes all my personal favorites such as Liplicious Lipgloss and even a Slakin & Co. Candle!

Take a look!


the Muse’s Gift Ideas: The Cutest $7.99 Makeup Bag I Ever Did See!

Makeup bags are practical, fun gifts for makeup lovers and if you happen to have one or two in your life might I suggest filling this $7.99 kawaii Harajuku Lovers Makeup Bag up with some of your friend or family member’s favorite products?