December 7, 2011

the Muse’s Gift Ideas: The Cutest $7.99 Makeup Bag I Ever Did See!

Makeup bags are practical, fun gifts for makeup lovers and if you happen to have one or two in your life might I suggest filling this $7.99 kawaii Harajuku Lovers Makeup Bag up with some of your friend or family member’s favorite products?


Snatch yourself up this cute Harajuku Cosmetic Case at your local Target or and fill it up with some Holiday makeup essentials like the blackest of black eyeliners you can find, a beautiful shade of red lipstick, red nail polish, and other goodies. Now gift it to a friend or family member who adores makeup.

How cute is that?


Plus you can get it delievered right to your door if you want with Free Shipping if you purchase it at