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Ding, Dong The Victoria’s Secret Double Mists are Dead Make Room for the New Beauty Rush Fragrance Mists!

Ding, Dong the Double Mists are Dead!


Victorias Secret Beauty Rush Fragrance Mist Summer 2011 5

I do believe that Victoria’s Secret has seen the evil error of Double Mists and has discontinued them! Thank you Jebus!


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Do Not Want: Dancing with the Stars Turning Point Wig

Dancing with the Stars Wig 2

My TV habits are completely odd and slightly grandmotherly in the fact that Charlie Rose and Masterpiece Theater are the highlight of my television lifestyle so reality TV, well, I just don’t get it.

My sister is obsessed with it on the other hand. Dancing with the Stars, American Idol, Survivor, the Next Apprentice…you name and she probably Tivo’s it.

I do, however, admit to youTubin’ Barrowman when he whores himself on Dancing with the Stars UK, it’s the highlight of my telly life seeing the man pimpin’ himself all over the BBC.

Speaking of Dancing with the Stars…do not want a Dancing with the Stars Turning Point Wig….why, Jebus, why!?


Beauty Most Unusual:…the Botox Mom Just Wanted Her 15 Minutes of Fame Too!

Last week, we were morbidly fascinated with a pageant mom who candidly spoke about giving her eight year old daughter Botox injections for wrinkles but we weren’t shocked. We’ve reached a pinnacle in our relationship with those crazy pageant moms and anything they do nowadays is far from shocking….they’ll try anything once including waxing, botox, and prancing their kid in a thong on stage if it means winning!

Turns out the “Botox Mom” just wanted her 15 minutes of fame…!