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Murad Hybrids Skin Perfecting Primer

With BB Creams dropping into the North American market you’re bound to come across some hybrids here and there, Murad’s, aptly named, Hybrids Skin Perfecting Primer might be a fitting cross between a BB Cream and a Primer…

Check it!


Musings of the Day: A Spoonful of SPF Makes the Medicine Go Down!

SPF, an important, necessary evil. It must be injected into your daily skincare regime no matter what.

But……….mmm it can be such a pain particularly when you’re using a ton of serums, potions, and lotions already.

How about taking your SPF in a different format?



Emma Watson Lancome Tresor Midnight Rose Commercial

I was watching the very sweet Emma Watson Lancome Tresor Midnight Rose Commercial this morning and simply loving it!

Anyone see it?

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Philosophy Divine Romance Beauty Collection

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Where to Buy Asian Cosmetics? Where To Buy Japanese Cosmetics? Where to Buy Korean Cosmetics?

Ahhh a common question here on Musings!

Where do I buy Asian Cosmetics? Where do I buy Japanese Cosmetics? Where can I buy Korean Cosmetics?

Best place to start?

There are any number of great stores online to shop for goodies but one of my biggest recs has to go to Imomoko simply because it’s so reliable and carries and range of cosmetics, skincare, and general goodies from all over Asia. Japanese, Korean, Chinese, etc…you name it and they probably carry it.

They have a rotating inventory with new stock that comes in weekly, they offer free shipping with a minimal purchase, and they are extremely reliable. Whenever I order I get my products within 2-4 days via Priority Mail and they ship products out same day or next day at the latest. That’s another good thing about the E-shop, not having to wait for airmail or pay for expensive airmail shopping charges as the store is domestic, not international.

Imomoko carries popular Japanese brands like Lunasol, Majolica Majorca, Kose, etc…and brands from Taiwan as well like the popular My Beauty Diary Face Mask Collection.

Pricing varies as some products are very inexpensive and close to Asian retail where as other products are a bit higher up compared to what you’d pay in say Japan.

The shop doesn’t have a ton of Korean products but I noticed they recently started adding in products from Etude House!

Overall, I’ve always had a great shopping experience with the store and since I get alot of questions asking what a reliable source for Asian Beauty is I thought I’d recommend it.

It’s a good place to start if you’re new to the Asian Beauty scene!

Shop it at

If you’ve used to the store before do share your experiences with it!

Happy Haulin’!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Imomoko.