September 17, 2012

Bath & Body Works Hand Soap Eerie Apple Halloween 2012 Review

I’m a little early but I decorated my house for Halloween yesterday. That of course means outdoors as well as indoors. My bathroom vanity now has a Bath & Body Works Eerie Apple Hand Soap gracing it.

This massive (over 14 oz) hand soap is a cute, interactive Halloween hand soap for washing grimy hands after a hard day’s night of slaying zombies.

Check it!

Much like last year’s skeleton hand soap this lights up and makes a cat screeching sound when you pump it. It’ll stay lit for 20 seconds, which is the time you should be washing your hands.

Unlike last year’s crisp green apple scent, this year they included a bit of pear and caramel in the fragrance. For me it comes across as a dominate green apple smell but you can catch a hint of crunchy fall pear and a tiny bit of warm caramel in the mix if you’re really looking for it.

The label glows in the dark as well to give it an extra creepy feel!

It’s a bit pricey compared to other hand soaps from Bath & Body Works ($14.50) but it does contain a ton more product at over 14oz.

Loves it.

If you’re a Halloween fan you’ll want it for your kitchen or bathroom sink I’m sure.

Available in store as well as online at