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Airwick Brings Baby Magic to Home Fragrance

airwick baby magic

Airwick brings Baby Magic to Home Fragrance with their newest plugin fragrance scent. Yup, that soothing, calming, relaxing, soft baby aroma can scent your entire home now.

Airwick recently introduced a Familiar Favorites Collection and one of the fragrances was Baby Magic (as well as Snuggle fabric softener).

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The Best Drugstore Eyeliner and the Worst

the best drugstore eyeliner

Is there such a thing as the best drugstore eyeliner? I know I’ve had my issues with drugstore eyeliners! Some too dry, some too dense, some with absolutely no pigment.


Some folks say that eyeliner isn’t a splurge item but I’ve always felt it is worth indulging in a good eyeliner or several for that matter in a variety of shades.

However, below you’ll find two of the very BEST drugstore eyeliner pencils that I absolutely adore, Muse Approved, and urge you to indulge in. They are inexpensive, super pigmented, and have a fantastic formula!

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This or That Beauty With the New Up & Up Precision Blender Cosmetic Sponge

Up Up Precision Blender Cosmetic Sponge

The Elizabeth Arden Foundation Blender Brush is treated like my first born child. I love this thing. Yeah, so, it’s a sponge with a handle but dude, dude….it works wonders. I use this nifty little dodad to swipe and blend out foundation, contour under my eyes and blend conceal to an airbrushed finish, and heck I even have an extra one that I use to apply serums and moisturizers! It’s that handy! And the $15 price tag makes it a total buy and a half.


Budget friendly babes might like the even cheaper Target Up & Up Precision Blender Cosmetic Sponge at a mere $4.99 quarter the price of Elizabeth Arden’s version and gives you enough left over change to buy two more or perhaps just save that extra $10 bucks and buy some Cadbury Easter Eggs on the way to check out.

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New and Upcoming Beauty for Spring & Summer 2014

new beauty spring summer 2014

We’re kinda in between seasons at the moment in makeup land so there are plenty of new and upcoming beauty bits for Spring & Summer 2014 that we’ll be seeing before we see larger Summer 2014 Makeup Collections.

Here are a few upcoming products that are between Spring and Summer releases that I caught my eye this week including a new Korres Facial Primer that looks interesting!

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Kose Buys Tarte Cosmetics

Tarte Color Your World with Shades of Clay Collection

Yes, it’s true the “Kose Buys Tarte Cosmetics” rumors are indeed true. WWD announced yesterday that Japan’s Kose company has purchased a 93.5% stake in Tarte Cosmetics.

You might recognize the Kose name from brands like Visee, Cosme Decorte, Softymo, Happy Bath Day, etc….all Japanese brands I have featured and reviewed on Musings of a Muse before.

Kose actually purchased a majority of the company including Tarte’s founder Maureen Kelly’s shares.

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