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Yankee Candle Halloween Preview 2014 Party

Yankee Candle Halloween 2014

I always post about the Yankee Candle Halloween Preview Party and I’m happy to share news of the 2014 Halloween Party happening this weekend, August 2nd, at Yankee Candle stores!

This is your chance to score the Halloween Collection before it launches! Typically the “party” includes snacks as well as a special preview of the Yankee Candle Halloween Collection PLUS with a $35 purchase you can grab up a Boney Bunch Trick or Treat Dish for $10 bucks. Last year, this wasn’t an option as I believe they had a Halloween plugin but the year before they had a candy dish too which I have! It’s so cute and so well made and for ten bucks an utter steal so I’m looking forward to grabbing up this one to add to my little collection!

You can head to and check up on dates and times at your store location!

Have fun at the party if you do attend and happy Halloween haulin’!

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Yes, Sometimes, He Likes to Sleep On His Back


Even More Fall 2014 Bath & Body Works Candles

fall 2014 candles bath and body works

OMG I’m going to be so broke because even more Fall 2014 Bath & Body Works Candles are popping up! Sea Salt & Maple Popcorn, Wasabi Apple, Caramel Pumpkin Swirl, Blackberry Bramble Tea are just a few that caught my eye and there are SO many others. Slay me!

Where am I going to store all of these candles?!?!


Jolly Rancher Wax Melts from Candlemart

Jolly Rancher Wax Melts

I know, I know, another home fragrance post! Sorry, sometimes my candle and tart obsession is as big as my makeup one! I recently purchased these Jolly Rancher Wax Melts (tarts) from Candlemart and wanted to share!


Vacation Beauty Haul

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