Spring Collections 2010

Light, Flirty Fragrance for Spring: American Beauty Beloved Purple Blossom Perfume Spray Review

If you’re hitting up Kohl’s shortly definitely stop by the American Beauty display and have a little sniffle of their newest fragrance, Beloved Purple Blossom.

The Muse likey!



JK Jemma Kidd for Target Spring/Summer 2010: JK Jemma Kidd Spring/Summer Collection 2010

Good morning chicklets!

How was your weekend? Hopefully baskets full of makeup made its way to your house yesterday! I’m in slow mode today, yawn!

Have a little peek of the JK Jemma Kidd Spring/Summer Collection 2010 while your Muse has her morning cuppa and wakes up a little bit.

See ya in a few!



NP Set for Target Spring/Summer 2010: NP Set Spring/Summer Collection 2010

What up lovies? Happy April Fool’s Day! No worries, there won’t be any tricks today, I’m fresh out. Although easily amused and quite the comedian, the Muse doesn’t deliver well on April Fool’s Day gags, so sorry ’bout that kids.


Ready for the weekend? I’m closing up my office early tomorrow, ’round 12 or so, so I can get my geek on and head to the theater to see Clash of the Titans. Can’t wait for project revamp on this movie, remember Harry Hamlin in the original (that was when he was actually an actor)? Bestest movie evers! Must have seen it a three dozen times growing up.

I need to hit up Target sometime before this week ends to grab myself some Sherlock Holmes lovin’ too.

And of course have to check out the Spring/Summer Beauty goodness launching in stores.

I’ve been keeping you abreast of all good things happening in the beauty department at Target this week so jump ahead to hear about the NP Set Spring/Summer Collection 2010.

Check it!


Pixi for Target Spring/Summer 2010: Pixi Spring Summer Collection 2010

Morning chicks!

Thought we could start the day by taking a closer look at some of the offerings from Pixi for Target for Spring and Summer 2010 today.

Wanna join me? You’re gonna love it, Pixi embraces it’s name with this new collection!



Take A Look Inside This Beauty Book: Target Spring/Summer Beauty Collections Look Book

Yesterday I had the pleasure of “virtually” flipping through the Target Spring/Summer Beauty Collections Look Book. As soon as I opened it I knew I had to share it with you guys, who better than my fellow beauty junkies to share the love with!

Click the “book” cover below to begin your journey through the collections that will be featured at your local Target this Spring and Summer.

Happy “Reading”!

Def do comment on what has your eye at Target! Visit www.target.com for more info on the products featured!

Update, a few folks had a problem loading this so I’ve taken the liberty to update the post with the photos from the book.

Take the jump for the peek!