Yay or Nay: New Face Of Dior Natalie Portman

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Natalie Portman has been named the new face of Christian Dior Parfums and recently signed a contract with the brand to represent them in an upcoming campaign, It’s her first time representing a fragrance/cosmetic brand.

It’s understandable why they choose Natalie as although she has a classic girl next door look there is also something very interesting and of course beautiful about her looks.

What do you think?

Natalie Portman as the new face of Dior?



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Bobbi Brown Brightening SPF 50 UV Protective Face Base Review

I should hope each and everyone of you is taking proper care of your skin particularly in the SPF area. Please be sure to apply SPF everyday, I can’t stress enough how very important it is to keeping your skin in tiptop shape.

I had was absolutely thrilled and delighted that the Bobbi Brown Brightening Skincare made an appearance in US. The US market isn’t so taken with the idea of whiter, brighter skin well not nearly as much as the Asian market (oddly enough the model in the promo images has Asian features. Guess Bobbi knows her target audience for whitening skincare!) so when I originally saw this collection I wasn’t quite sure it would be available to us. But blessed days! It’s here and available for your purchasing pleasure.

I had my eye on a few pieces from this collection and was delighted to get Bobbi Brown Brightening SPF 50 UV Protective Face Base to try out.



Wants It: Naughty But Nice Cupcake Hand Cream

I have a thing for cuppycakes. Whether eating them or having my makeup and jewelry shaped like ’em, I’ll take them anyway I can ’em.



Givenchy Fall Makeup Collection 2010: Givenchy Blooming Collection

An up close and personal look at the Givenchy Blooming Collection for Givenchy Fall 2010 from Zara at Kiss and Makeup.


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Beauty Most Unusual: Top Weirdest Perfumes from Demeter

Demeter probably has one of thee most extensive fragrance libraries around. From Bubblegum to Chai Tea, they pretty much have a scent to suit every taste and need. Fruity, floral, musky…you name it and Demeter probably has a scent for it.

The best thing about Demeter?

Their weird, unusual scents (or at least the names of the scents) such as Crayon, Funeral Home, and Dust. Lord knows, I’ve never had any ambitious to smell like Dust but if you’re so inclined, Demeter has a fragrance for it. Or you can go for something innocent like Stable which sports the eau de aroma of fresh hay, muck, and sweet animal sweat…..yes, that sounds more along the lines of what I like to smell like.

One thing that poor Demeter has never introduced is the smell of gas. Can’t be I’m the only one that adores the scent of gas?


If it’s weird fragrance you seek here they are.

If you’re reading via RSS please visit my blog to enjoy the slideshow embedded in this post!

Visit www.demeterfragrance.com for some of their more normal scents!