March 24, 2019

That Was Fast! Tarte Pro Remix Eyeshadow Palette is On Sale!

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March 22, 2019

Why Is Eye Makeup Remover Only Available In 4 oz Or Smaller Bottles?

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Why are most eye makeup removers only available in 4 oz bottles? I mean, sometimes you get lucky like Lancome Bi-Facil Double-Action Eye Makeup Remover has a 6.7 oz bottle! Why can’t all eye makeup removers be available in the same 11 oz bottles as Beauty 360 Gentle Eye Makeup Remover is!? Which by the way I can’t find anymore!

It’s just I use eye makeup daily. Like, everyday or at least six out of seven days a week! Sometimes Sunday I get wild and crazy and go without any makeup and just curl my lashes for brunch! I live dangerously. But most days I’m wearing some sort of eyeshadow or mascara. Which means at the end of the night I’m reaching for eye makeup to remove it! That means I’m using eye makeup remover quite often. That also means I’m repurchasing it equally often.

So, why is it available in small bottles?!

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March 22, 2019

5 Muse Approved Makeup Hits I’m Loving at the Moment

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Wakey wakey! It’s Friday! We got over the hump and the weekend is looming straight ahead! It hasn’t been a particularly busy makeup time. It looks like brands have sort of slowed their roll. Maybe they heard all our ranting about the constant daily releases they were doing. I think things feel a lot more spaced apart lately. I’m not waking up every morning to see some new huge eyeshadow palette release!

What do you think?

I will say there’s been a lot of good, solid releases lately. It’s always nice dishing out money for new makeup and actually getting what you pay for!

Here’s five items I’m loving at the moment in the beauty world!

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