July 16, 2018

Smashbox Major Metals, Prism, Minimalist Covershot Eyeshadow Palettes Launch

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Hey Smashbox Covershot Eyeshadow Palette fans! Major Metals, Prism, Minimalist are three new Covershot Eyeshadow Palettes that are available now at Ulta.com which launched this weekend!

Why do I want all of these? Probably because all the looks they created in collaboration with youTuber, Golden Barbie, actually look wearable and easy enough to do without being photoshopped to death.

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July 16, 2018

Lipstick Method In The Madness Lipstick Launches

I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

Lipstick Method In The Madness Lipstick ($25) are a new swirl lipstick that arrives today. The fun behind these lipsticks is the fact that their color is a mystery as the swirled formula is supposed to morph into a “surprise” shade once you apply it. But in reality, the shade names pretty much confirm what the shade will look like on your lips!

For some reason swirl lipstick seems so retro to me even though brands like Laura Geller and others have been doing them on and off for the last several seasons. As with most Lipstick Queen Lipsticks I do want to try these!

Spoilers below on the shade selection!


  • Nonsense Nude (creamy tones of pale and deep nude)
  • Reckless Red (swirls of cool cherry and warm nude)
  • Crazed Greige (perfectly matched swirls of pinky nude and gray)
  • Peculiar Pink (swirls of creamy nudes and deep pinks)
  • Maniac Mauve (creamy swirls of lilac and nude)
  • Berserk Berry (creamy swirls of bold berry and cool gray)
  • Chaotic Cocoa (perfectly matched creamy browns and deep nudes)

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