June 23, 2021

Ummm Excuse Me What Happened to the Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale?

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Is the Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale not happening this year? Has the Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual 2021 sale turned into the Summer Solstice Event? What’s going on? Typically the Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale is held the entire month of June just like the Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale but this year it simply didn’t happen. They have a Summer Solstice Sale at the moment which includes $35 and $55 perfume options, 5 for $30 panty deals, and some swimsuit sale items but it’s nothing like the normal range of sale items that can be unearthed at Victoria’s Secret in June.

I wonder if they plan on doing the sale at some later day! Maybe for July 4th?

The sale hasn’t been very good in the past few years but it’s still a hell of a lot better than what we’ve seen from the Bath and Body Works Semi-Annual Sale lately.

I’ll keep hope alive we get a Semi-Annual Sale from them as I do always look forward to it and enjoy shopping it.

I think if they don’t have it, it could be a sign of the times lately. I notice that the last several months sales have def be fewer. We already discussed the lack of Ulta’s 20% off discounts! I mean, there’s still a lot of sales and sale items it just seems the sales that do pop up aren’t all that great or maybe I just have a lot of stuff and that’s why I’m not interested.

Update: Thanks dear readers! The sale is starting tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you think they’ll be a Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale 2021 that will happen?