January 22, 2020

Milani Cheek Kiss Liquid Blush Blends Easily With a Hint of Tint But Is It Enough?

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4 stars out of 5

Milani Cheek Kiss Liquid Blush ($9.99) is a new gel blush that launched in six permanent shades with the Milani Spring 2020 Collection. It seems like a lot of brands are grabbing onto the success of Glossier’s Cloud Paint this season! Along with Cheek Kiss Liquid Blush there’s also Maybelline Cheek Heat Gel-Cream Blush that launched with the Maybelline Spring 2020 Collection as well as Covergirl Clean Fresh Cream Blush that launched with Covergirl’s earlier Spring 2020 releases.

Maybe we’ll see more gel blushes and liquid blushes pop up as we head into Summer as well. We’ll see if this trend continues!

Gel blush is always a nice option for natural looks. It’s also typically really easy to apply and blend plus it wears well on drier skin as it doesn’t adhere to drier areas the way a powder would. The same holds true for those with larger, visible pores as the gel won’t accentuate those issues the way a powder would. Gels also tend to wear longer and stronger than a powder.

Let’s take a look at my review and swatches of Milani Cheek Kiss Liquid Blush below.

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January 22, 2020

Etude House Hershey Makeup Collection for Valentine 2020

The Etude House Hershey’s Makeup Collection that includes two Hershey’s Eyeshadow Palettes arrives for Valentine 2020 in a few short days. The global release is set for January 24th which means we should see these pop up online at YesAsia.com, Ebay.com, etc….soon after!

You might recall Etude House teamed up with KitKat last year to bring us two KitKat inspired by eyeshadow palettes. Each palette came with a KitKat Bar, makeup bag, and an eyeshadow palette. It was a rather cute early Spring/Valentine’s Day Collection that had the Internet going crazy!

The Etude House Hershey’s Collection is a bit more elaborate as not only will we get two Hersey’s Eyeshadow Palettes, one chocolate and one white chocolate, we’ll also get some matching velvety lip colors as well. It’s not yet confirmed whether the items will be sold as a set or if the lip products are sold separately. This sort of reminds me of the Too Faced White Chocolate Chip Eyeshadow Palette and Too Faced Matte Chocolate Chip Eyeshadow that launched for Holiday/Black Friday 2016.

This isn’t Etude House’s first foray into the realms of desserts and chocolates. They’ve released a Sweet Recipe Collection a few years ago that included some really cute offerings like the Chocolate Smudge Liner that was shaped like a Valentine’s Day chocolate as well as the Sweet Recipe Chocolate Eyes Palette and Sweet Recipe Chocolate Highlighter both of which were shaped like chocolate bars. They also had a Give Me Chocolate round of Eyeshadow Palettes that were shaped like chocolate bars!

There’s just something about chocolate and fruit makeup collection isn’t there?

I, for one, am looking forward to the launch of the Etude House Hershey’s Makeup Collection. I sure hope it isn’t as fumbled as last year’s launch though which sold out very quickly and took ages to restock!

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January 21, 2020

Escada Flor del Sol Eau de Toilette Memories of Old with a Sweet Powerful Juicy Punch

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.
5 stars out of 5

Escada Flor del Sol Eau de Toilette is the brand’s traditional Spring/Summer 2020 limited edition perfume launch. When they started throwing around Mexico, lime, and tequila in the marketing for this fragrance I thought I was blind buying a tropical lime fragrance but what I got was a memory of some old, forgotten Escada fragrance with a very sweet, fruity, powerful juicy punch!

Escada fragrances are general a blind buy for me. I have no need to sniff or try them before purchasing them easily enough online. Why? Because I always love their scents. They always do really great fruity florals and never miss the mark in that arena. You just know what to expect from Escada and it’s rare they’ll surprise you (except perhaps with Cherry in the Air).

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January 21, 2020

You Know It’s Spring When The Nude Lipsticks Start to Pop

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Kaja Air Heart Lightweight Natural Finish Lipstick ($17) currently has me intrigued because it looks like they went with some nice nudes for this release, not all nudes but def some nicer ones! I do enjoy hunting out a good nude for my lips even though I fail terribly on most days it’s always an exciting feeling finally finding one that works.

The new Air Heart Lightweight Natural Finish Lipstick has a cute heart shape like Holika Holika Heartful Moisture Lipstick and and Heart Crush Velvet Lipstick.

Kaja promises an airy, lightweight formula with a cushiony texture that feels super lightweight on lips. It contains Rose Extract to hydrate. In pictures it looks like almost matte but I suspect it’ll be a light balmy, creamy texture.

The formula sounds quite lovely so I might pick up a shade to try.

Have you tried Kaja Beauty? I’ve tried a few items from the brand and enjoy their products.

Kaja Air Heart Lightweight Natural Finish Lipstick is available now.

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