March 3, 2021

Things I Love This Week: Madam Butterfly, The DoorDash Dude, An Eye Gel, and a Mini Fridge for My Skincare

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You may want to sit down and create a love list this week to remind yourself to take joy in the little things that life throws at you! I seriously cherish the small stuff because even the most mundane things can make your day so much better.

Things I love this week:

This week I rediscovered my joy of listening to Madam Butterfly. I forgot how much I loved it and how it can bring me to tears. Typically my cooking play list always contains some sort of Broadway soundtrack (It’s not unheard for me to be singing “JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR Do you think you’re what they say you are?” off key while I cook or bake), an opera, or the Pride and Prejudice Soundtrack (because that sh1t never gets old! I can close my eyes when I play it and clearly see Mr Darcy walking through a field in his long coat as dawn breaks over the horizon). I haven’t played Madam Butterfly in ages and I did so while cooking my ratatouille this week! And I promptly sat down and started crying. It’s so beautifully done it just brings tears to my eyes every single time I hear it. I sat there bawling over half cooked eggplant. Thankfully, my soft heart tears didn’t create some magical Like Water for Chocolate moment.

Up next I really appreciate you Doordash dude that brought my Avo toast and a candy bar! This week I decided I needed to find out what all the hype was about the Dunkin Avo Toast (not convinced I like it! More testing required!). I got on Doordash and ordered some up. Typically I ask the Doordasher to leave it on my front porch so it’s safe for me and safe for him or her. As I was waiting I realized the night before my Amazon ordered showed up so I slapped on my mask and went to grab the box from outside where UPS carelessly flung it (lately UPS likes to just throw it in the snow as my normal guy is on vacay and the temporary guy apparently could care less!) and happened to run into my dasher at the same time dropping off the Avo toast. So, yeah, here I am 6:00 in the morning in my snoopy PJs with crazy hair holding an Amazon box. I think I startled this kid completely because he stood their for a second looked at me like I lost it and ran back to his car carrying my Dunkin bag. I sat there dumbstruck for a second. Where was he going with my order? Did my crazy hair scare him? Was he going to return my Avo Toast to Dunkin as undelivered? Would I be banned from Doordash? I really wanted to try it though! Was he going to call the cops on me for wandering aimlessly around in PJs? As I worried about the status of my Avo toast he dashed back to me and handed me the Dunkin bag and a chocolate bar to which he said, “You looked so confused, lost, and cute standing there I thought you could use a chocolate bar!” He handed me a chocolate Payday and the Dunkin bag and left me standing their with my mouth open before I could thank him. Thank you Doordash dude! You made my day with your random act of kindness! Nice people do exist! My whole Dunkin order cost $10.81 but I rounded it up to $100 so he could keep the rest and know randomly being nice to a people is always appreciated!

Another thing I love this week is Biossance Squalane + Peptide Eye Gel! I love this stuff. Full disclosure you can’t use this alone as it’s just not hydrating enough for extra dry eyes like mine. But it’s a mini miracle if you use it in conjunction wit their Squalane + Marine Algae Eye Cream! The combination of the two give my eyes a supercharged boost of moisture and hydration. My finer lines are instantly eased, my concealer applies so much more smoother, and my eyes look well rested and very moist. You can use this with any eye cream you have! It layers beautifully with other eye creams and seems to draw moisture to the eye area.

And last but not least I actually really love the Personal Chiller LED Lighted Mini Fridge from Walmart. I have a larger mini fridge built into my bathroom vanity but I recently decided I wanted a smaller one to put on my vanity in my bedroom. I picked up a random one at the evil empire and didn’t think I’d even use because typically some of these mini fridges don’t work great. But this is wonderful! It has a mirror on the front with a touch LED light so you can use it as a mirror and two shelves inside for holding skincare essentials. It isn’t huge but it will hold skincare essentials easily. It also cools them very, very well without any condensation issues. The fan is a bit loud just to warn you but aside from that it’s a really nice little mini fridge and a mere $32!

Remember to rejoice in the little things this week!

Enjoy the random acts of kindness thrown your way.

And be nice to those around you because you never know what sort of woe that person is experiencing.


March 3, 2021

I Feel Happy That I Can Finally Admit I Can’t Wear Pastels

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NYX This Is Milky Gloss Lip Gloss ($8.50) launched in eight shades this week for Ulta Platinum and Diamond Members and everyone else can haul them on March 7th. I immediately cringed when I read “milky” and the marketing didn’t help either, “get the milk look”. Ok, so there are people out there that can totally pull off a milky pink lipgloss I’m sure! I’m just not that person. When I apply shades like this on my lips I look like rigor mortis set in with great vengeance and furious anger. I mean, I think at some point in my life I thought walking around looking like a living dead girl wasn’t a bad thing. Nowadays I realize I can’t pull off pastels and milky shade even though Spring seasonal shades convinced me for a while it was possible. But no, shades that are Easter egg hued are not meant for my eyes nor my lips.

I do want to say there may be one shade in this launch that might just work for me! Cherry Skimmed looks like a delightful mauve-y nude pink! Perhaps that could work out for me.

For those interested NYX This Is Milky Gloss Lipgloss are available in eight shades and provide a glassy finish with a sweet vanilla milkshake fragrance and flavor.

Shade include:

  • Cherry Skimmed (dusky pink mauve)
  • Cookies & Milk (cool beige nude)
  • FO-MOO (sheer baby blue)
  • Lilac Splash (sheer baby purple)
  • Milk & Honey (sheer light honey)
  • Milk It Pink (sheer baby pink)
  • Milk the Coco (chocolate brown)
  • Moo-dy Peach (sheer coral)

Can you wear pastels?

Do you think these NYX This is Milky Gloss Lipglosses are flattering?

Where to buy



March 2, 2021

Beauty Things I’m Not Currently Pleased With….

So, what’s bothering you in the beauty world today? Anything pissing you off?

You can spill it here and rant away!

My big beauty rant of the week is with Dermstore. I ordered from Skinstore and Dermstore at the same time. Skinstore I got my order within two days of ordering and Dermstore I am still waiting on. I tracked it but it hasn’t moved since February 25th! It’s a rather large order and it’s distressing I have no shipment details! Grrr!

CS was cool as they said they’d replace the order but I have wait until March 5th. Yeah, I’m impatient. I really don’t want to wait that long to get my order but what can ya do!

I literally had to edit this as my EM Cosmetics order came in and I am so disappointed with Heavan’s Glow Radiant Veil Blushes I purchased! I got two shades and neither looks like the promo images not to mention they look really sheer! I could cry!

What are you currently displeased with in the beauty world?


March 2, 2021

Tarte Sea Collection for Spring 2021 Featuring Sea Breezy Cream Blush

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Looks like Rainforest of the Sea is no more and a new Tarte Sea Collection has taken it’s place for Spring 2021 featuring a new Sea Breezy Cream Blush! This is a smaller collection that follows up on the heels of the Tarte Tartelette Juicy Eyeshadow Palette.

I’m a complete oddball because out of all the bits in this new collection the first thing that caught my Sea Hydrocealer Concealer Brush. I got all excited about a new concealer brush! Hydrocealer isn’t really my thing. It’s a great formula! Very creamy, very moisturizing, just what my drier eyes would love but the coverage is sadly lacking for me. The concealer brush however, def has my eye! This is a dense, duo-fiber concealer brush to blend out concealer to a flawless finish. I’m curious how good this is as it does have a larger brush head!

Let’s take a look at more of the Tarte Sea Collection for Spring 2021 below.

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