January 27, 2011

Lady Gaga Fragrance To Smell of Blood and Semen, Say Word!

MTV UK dishes that the new Lady Gaga Fragrance will smell like blood and semen…



Seriously, I don’t put alot pass Miss Gaga considering girlfriend showed up in a meat suit to an Awards Ceremony but I think we can safely say Eau de Blood and Semen is probs a rumor right?




What do you think Eau de Gaga should smell like?







Share the notes to your perfect Gaga Fragrance.


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  • Courtney

    When I think of Gaga I think black pepper, whiskey, honey, sandlewood, jasmine, oak, tonka beans, and amber. Not sure how that would all smell together but it has to be better than blood and semen

    • the Muse

      courtney I was thinking notes of vanilla…little musk perhaps… def lol!

  • Cj

    You know even if it did smell like blood and semen… I’d probably still buy it lmao. I lIke Gaga too much! Gaga <3333!

    I think her perfume would probably be like sweet vanilla with a little musk. Does that make sense lol?

    • the Muse

      LOL cj ditto ;-D how bad could semen and blood smell?! ;-D sweet vanilla sounds ’bout what I think! ;D

  • MC

    Rotting meat? *bad joke*

    Hmm…I have to say something musky and maybe a little sweet like strawberries…but I say that because I read in an issue of Allure where they did a mini interview with her when Viva Glam Gaga came out that she likes to wear Sexiest Fantasies Strawberries & Champagne body spray.

    • the Muse

      hmm mc I’d never peg her for that fragrance ;D! the rotting meat sounds more her lol than strawberries ;D!


    this doesn’t surprise me LOL blood and semen are you kidding me how about making a perfume that smells like vaginal discharge and fish tacos 😉

    ahha this perfume will probably sell alot sadly lol

  • auroragyps

    Roses, black pepper, jalapeños, and rusty metal. Mostly the roses and maybe another flower… calla lilies maybe, if they smell nice and go. Floral with a crisp hot & peppery note.

    For some reason I don’t just see her perfume as smelling different, but a picture of all the ingredients being interesting & eclectic.

  • Eve

    Just reading those two in one description makes me want to vomit…
    Maybe it’s a test to see how crazy Gaga fans are if they would buy something as nasty as that!
    Let’s hope it is a rumour…..

  • Aiia

    Hmm, I don’t know what her perfume should smell like, but I say if she thinks she can pull off a blood-and-cum smell that will actually sell, go for it. At least then maybe it’ll be a little unique, instead of just generic flowery with some musk.

    Though, if it does smell really bad, I’d probably get it just for that. I collect odd-smelling scents. I have a (faux) marijuana cologne I wear sometimes.

  • katrosado5

    I’m up for a new fragrance experience for sure. I can tell you I don’t see this as being a white lush floral by Gaga. LOL I read the article at the MTV and Coty Inc. will be doing this fragrance. That gave a pause for thought, we might be pleasantly surprised and have an artistic edgey forward fragrance released —but mmmmm naw I’m not sure since it’s Coty. Not trying to sound snotty or sophisticated or some other such nonsense just being honest. Gaga is fine. I have no negative opinions about her. I workout to some of her music. Having lived through kate bush, laurie anderson, bjork, I’m not quit sure I would call her an artist or avant garde as of yet. I’ll check the fragrance. If she really did say that she wanted her perfume to smell like blood and semen —meh, iron and salt.

  • thiamere



    where the heck did that idea came from?!

    but wait…it’s from lady gaga!
    why am i not surprise?!

    next thing we know she’ll produce a facial mask made from elephant droppings!

  • Elysia

    that sounds disgusting. It makes me want to cry that that’s even being considered lol

  • Kari

    I’d hate to think about where they’ll have to get blood and semen from if they have to keep producing the perfume. 😐

  • Marina

    I think it would be sweet but spicy. Maybe it would smell sweet and unsuspecting at first, but with a firey kick at the end.
    You know I love Gaga, and I know she can be crazy, but I think this is just a rumor.

  • Lenna

    Blood and semen sounds nasty. And like what Lady Gaga might actually *call* the perfume.

    But it won’t smell like that. Who would buy it? Vampire Hookers? D: But then again, that would be like people buying bacon perfume or cake perfume…which is already possible so…I’ll shush now. Xp

  • Odbery

    XD Well, it should definitely smell unique. I’m gonna sound like a vampire for saying this, but done right I wouldn’t mind a little blood smell lol it’s salty, and musky and natural, and mellowed out it could be interesting. Semen, uhhhh… Yeah, I don’t think I could go for that. Even if they did pull it off I wouldn’t want to smell like a lady of the night 😉

  • Marie

    If true, I’m pretty sure it’s a big experiment to measure the length a cult following would go to for their idol.
    If not, they should conduct such an experiment one day. I would read it.