August 29, 2016

Sarah Jessica Parker Stash Fragrance Apparently Smells Like Body Odor

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stash perfume

Sarah Jessica Parker Stash or SJP Stash is a new unisex perfume inspired by Sarah Jessica Parker’s own secret fragrance obsession. I was excited about this scent but across multiply interviews I’ve read she keeps mentioning that it smells like body odor.

Wait, what?

I happen to be a massive fan of Kate Walsh’s Boyfriend. This needs to come back ASAP. Kate did a wonderful job capture the essence of wearing your boyfriend or husband’s favorite shirt or sweater. To me, it smelled like a warm, comforting hug from a boyfriend. I don’t know how but Kate managed to capture that in her fragrance perfectly.

I heard about Sarah Jessica Parker’s Stash Fragrance some months ago but at the time no one had a clue of the name nor what exactly the fragrance would smell like. Considering she’s legendary for creating feminine floral scents such as her popular Lovely Perfume, I felt for sure that would be what we’d see again from her.

But nope, not this time.

Stash takes Sarah Jessica Parker into the darkness. According to her it’s a smoky, woodsy, and body odor smelling fragrance that reminds her of a sweater froma guy who was on the Eurorail too long or something.

Ummmm, did no one tell Sarah that she’d sell more fragrance by omitting body odor from her description? I’m doubtful it does smell like body odor though because some of the notes seem like they might be rule breakers but none the less they also happen to work well together.

The fragrance apparently opens with a zesty note of grapefruit followed by black pepper and sage with a heart of cedarwood, patchouli, ginger lily, and pistachio. The real eye opens are the base notes that include Olibanum, massoia wood, vetiver, and musk. They had me at vetiver.

Body odor aside, I have to admit that Stash sounds like something I’d like since I like warm unisex fragrances. I’m hoping for a Boyfriend-like experience here but I think maybe SJP is going to surprise us with something completely original and potentially awesome.

What do you think SJP Stash will smell like?

SJP Stash is available now at Ulta and

I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • Jane

    I can’t say that I’d even be interested in smelling such a thing. I don’t even want to take a whiff.

  • Heidi

    I imagine it’d smell like my first boyfriend, minus the jerk factor. (He did smell fantastic, naturally, with just a hint of cologne thrown in.) This version would smell like him, but it wouldn’t tell me not to have a cookie so I didn’t gain weight or check out blondes with huge boobs. (My husband does not wear cologne and seems to have no real scent — maybe he’s the guy from Perfume?)

  • Jennifer

    Kate Walsh still sells Boyfriend on her website! I believe it’s I’m a huge fan of it too and was glad to see that she still sells it even though it’s not in stores anymore.

    • Isabella Muse

      STHU!!!!!!! Jennifer I’m going to give you a kiss! This must be recent because for a while her website was defunct! That’s crazy! I’m buying some right now (already have a bottle but need moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee) thank you!

      • Stacy

        Ok, so were you able to buy Boyfriend!? I just checked and both sizes are apparently out of stock I want this perfume back SO BAD! I actually refuse to use the last of what I have of it, because I’m afraid I’ll never have it again!

        • Isabella Muse

          nopeeeeeeee! Haha! False hope 😀 likewise! I have a half filled bottle and only use it on special occasions!

          • Shana

            Muse, did your bottle of Boyfriend keep the original scent or did it change at all? I only wear mine on certain occasions too, and the last few times I wore it dried down to a very powdery almost older woman type of scent and I couldn’t smell anything masculine in it like when I wore it before.

          • Isabella Muse

            It did but I stored it in my closet. Where did you have it stored away? Best bet for fragrance is a cool, dark place.

          • Shana

            I kept it in the box on a dresser. It was kept out of sunlight, so I’m wondering if heat was the culprit. No a/c in my home.

          • Isabella Muse

            Could be heat! Best way to preserve them is a cool, dark place! I always go with closet for my fragrances 🙂 If you use something often, by all means place it on your vanity, but for fragrances you don’t use often or those you cherish, def put them in a cooler, darker places!

          • Suzanne

            Have you ever tried Givenchy Organza Indecence? Boyfriend smells a lot like the original formulation to me – I haven’t tried the reformulation but I know it’s still available.

          • Isabella Muse

            hm link me Suzanne, never smelled it but going to buy it if it smells like Boyfriend 😀

  • Jeremy

    I was super excited so I went to ulta yesterday for the launch and instantly fell in love. I had to buy a bottle. There’s definitely a natural musky skin quality but by no means is it unwashed funk. It’s a very cozy, sexy skin fragrance.

      • Jeremy

        Hmmm Im not sure, I smelled boyfriend once when it first came out and remember not really liking it but my tastes could have changed since then

          • Cat

            Actually– boyfriend is like a clean shaved young boyfriend. Stash is like a refined 5’o clock shadow lover.

          • Isabella Muse

            sounds about right Cat 🙂 smelled it recently and you hit the nail on the head!

      • Cat

        I just bought it. It is in the boyfriend family. Like a warm hug of a sexy man that you probably get looks from your friends for dating…probably older, but hot like Clooney. Haha. I like it. I like peculiar scents though. I just bought the roller ball so I’m not married to it.

        • Isabella Muse

          I thought it was very interesting and quite a bit warmer and more musky compared to BF! I like it 😀

  • Dora

    I am intrigued — and I think the body odor line is intentional. She’s letting people know it’s not a fruity sweet light fragrance but something a little darker and muskier and funkier. I like the idea. I mean, obviously it doesn’t smell like some reeking guy on the subway (right?) but a touch of pheromones? Sure. To me, Lovely also has a musky dirty touch — not body odor, but it’s definitely not a run-of-the-mill fragrance. I’m certainly interested in checking this one out.

  • Angelyn

    Swoon. Also had me at vetiver. But I also like scents that have a little funk to them – LPMP has some civet and musk-heavy ones that are just heavenly to me! “SLF”? Sign me up hahaha!

  • Alys

    If it’s unisex I’d like to smell it. I am not into smelling like candy super floral feminine high heels and glittery hearts. Heteronormativity be damned.

  • B Corbett

    I bought it – I LOVE LOVE LOVE it – its an amazing smell. I am a fragrance connoisseur and I think she nailed it. Unisex for sure….romantic, sexy, nostalgic….Perfect. I think people are taking the body smell thing to the extreme – so try it before you make your negative comments! 🙂

    • Isabella Muse

      I’ll def be trying it 🙂 I love Boyfriend so, I def want to check this out!

  • Fey

    Oh! I wonder if this is like CLEAN Skin where a lot of reviewers said it smelled like a girl’s sleepover with everyone crammed together in a warm room. I’d like to try this one because of the more woody and smoky notes. The grapefruit note is hard to imagine with this so I’ll have to find it to test it!

    • Fey

      Okay. So I literally ran to my local ULTA after reading your post, Muse! I tried Stash and it smells nothing like body odor. To me, its base notes translate to a very strong, pungent creamy smell that I am personally put off by. It’s warm and spicy in a peppery way, especially after the dry down. I think I’m in particular sensitive to the woody base because other people I know who have smelled the same perfumes cannot detect the “creaminess” I describe. The black pepper note in Stash is very bold, which I did enjoy, and the vetiver comes out as well. I think the pepper is meant to replicate the bite of “body odor.” I did not detect any grapefruit, and the floral notes are faint.

      • Isabella Muse

        thank god lol! I’m wondering if I’ll like it as black pepper can be offensive to my nose if it isn’t blended well! Thanks for the update Fey!

  • cajuncocoa

    I got a sample of Stash in an Ulta catalog. Maybe the idea was already in my mind that it would smell like body odor because I’d read that on some other website prior to smelling the little strip that came in the catalog. Yuck. That went right in the garbage! I was a HUGE fan of SJP’s Lovely…even stocked up on it when they pulled it out of retail stores. But this? Nope, I’ll definitely pass, and I hope to never smell it again. (I wasn’t a fan of Covet either.)

    • Isabella Muse

      I liked it! I have to admit it smells interesting to me! I purchased a bottle 😀

  • Collette

    I am praying ultra won’t run out of Stash before my dear husband can gift it to me. I fell in love with it at first smell. No other scent since Opium has had that effect in me.

  • trina

    I have the oil and it smells like straight up sandalwood. I don’t smell any body smell at all. Men love it though, I wear it in my hair as a oil after I condition and I get stopped alllllllllllllllllllllll the time. My hubs loves it too lol!!!