November 13, 2019

Sephora Favorites Sets on Sale

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November 12, 2019

What’s Your Stance On Glitter Eyeshadow?

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If you haven’t noticed glitter has taken over the cosmetic industry! From Colourpop to big wig brands like NARS everyone is going gaga for glitter eyeshadow.

I recently picked up Tati’s new eyeshadow palette and was not surprised at all to find out it included a few glitter eyeshadows. If I were an influencer and I was creating an eyeshadow palette I would not get involved with glitter simply because I do NOT want to be held liable for any issues that might arise when using it.

Some brands are going so far as to not even offer up a warning about glitter shades being eye safe. I contacted NARS when I purchased the Inferno Eyeshadow Palette and was told all the shades were completely eye safe. I mean, they didn’t offer to say “hey, listen be careful and use glitter glue!”

I’m not saying you can’t use glitter but you should know that using it can cause potential problems and it should be used with glitter glue to prevent it from getting into your eyes and causing a host of problems and a potential trip to the nearest eye doctor.

I do wonder if glitter cheaper to produce than a sparkly eyeshadow? I’d say yes because out of nine shades you’ll find that Colourpop will include three to four pressed glitters in a palette. I’d like to see them replace all that glitter with actual eyeshadows in the future. It’s safer, I’ll use it way more often (because really I’m not running around with glitter on my eyes in the day anymore!), and it’s easier to apply versus glitter which gets everywhere.

What are your thoughts on glitter eyeshadows?

Do they make you feel like a pretty pony or do you just wish brands would ditch them already?

Is glitter a yay or a nay for you?


November 12, 2019

MAC Star-Dipped Face Compact Review & Swatches

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5 stars out of 5

I recently purchased the MAC Star-Dipped Face Compact in Light ($42.50) which is part of the MAC Holiday 2019 Collection. I had hopes of reliving some of the joy I got from the Sweet Vision Magic Dust Powder I love so much! It didn’t quite meet that mark but it sure did come in close! There are actually two of these palettes so I am going to purchase the darker one as well.

It’s weird because this year I felt like MAC’s Holiday Collection was very tiny compared to years past. This was actually a really smart move to make because I really feel like the beauty bubble has burst and an excessively larger collection would likely end up on sale at the end of the season. What I have played with from MAC Holiday 2019 has really impressed me so far including this lovely little Star-Dipped Face Compact.

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November 12, 2019

Tarte Offers To Pay 1.7 Million To Settle Class Action Lawsuit

Last year, a consumer alleged Tarte’s claims about their line being natural were false.

Jeannie Patora filed a complaint in 2018 with the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York against Tarte over alleged violation of the New York General Business Law by claiming they used natural ingredients when in fact their products contains contain synthetic ingredients like glycerin, kaolin and sodium benzoate.

Up until now no word has been heard about the lawsuit but this morning word broke that Tarte agreed to pay $1.7 million in a settlement with customers who claimed they falsely advertised their products. No word yet if the settlement will be accepted as of yet. Tarte has not admitted they have done anything wrong and likely never will considering how things turned out all sunshine and roses for Sunday Riley.

Those Class Members who can provide proof or purchase can receive a full refund for their Tarte products. If you do not have a receipt you can claim $5 per product (limited to ten items) however, in doing so you waive your right to pursue independent litigation against the Tarte. The expiration for this deal is January 21st, 2020. This deal is available for purchases made between 11/13/2013 through 01/21/2020.

I’m curious if the 1.7 million settlement will be accepted or if they will pressure for further compensation.

What do you think of this lawsuit?

I’m actually glad someone finally stood up to a major brand and called them out on false claims. There are TOO many brands getting away with TOO many things lately and it’s about time someone finally said something.


November 12, 2019

It Cosmetics It Girl Vol. 3 Your Life-Changing Eye, Cheek & Brow Palette Review & Swatches

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3 stars out of 5

It Cosmetics It Girl Vol. 3 Your Life-Changing Eye, Cheek & Brow Palette ($42) is a limited edition Holiday 2019 face and eye palette that recently launched. I’m actually not much of an all-in-one palette kind of girl. I love eyeshadow palettes, I love blush palettes, but I don’t really like when you mix things together. I don’t find it appealing to have blush and eyeshadow and highlighter slung all into one palette. I suspect this has to do with the fact I’m also the type of person that can’t have her veggies touching her meat or her meat touching her salad, etc…! When I was growing up my dad would tell me, “It all ends up in the same place! Do you think your tummy has separate compartments for each piece of good you eat?” Dad, I don’t care where it ends up I just don’t want it touching when it’s on my plate.

Same goes for makeup! I travel a lot and having an all-one-palette is appealing and makes traveling much lighter but given the choice I’d choose to buy a blush, highlighter, and eyeshadow palette all separate versus together. But the fact of the matter is that I don’t hesitate with these things when it comes to It Cosmetics as they always give really, really good palette. They are one brands that taught me how love matte eyeshadow!

So, I forgive the It Cosmetics It Girl Vol. 3 Your Life-Changing Eye, Cheek & Brow Palette for having all the makeup in one spot.

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