February 15, 2021

Wake Up, Makeup, Time to Monday

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As they say no rest for the weary or is it no rest for the wicked? I’m both so I’m good. Hehe!

Wake up friends! Makeup! Time to Monday! It’s President’s Day but truly there is no rest for the weary! I was up at and it early this AM! Jumped on the Peloton and let Jenn Sherman kick my ass for 20 minutes. Actually, I lied there was technically no jumping evolved there was me leaning over struggling to snap myself into the pedals because that sh1t is hard! After over a year of this you’d think I know how to do it by now. I’m waiting for the moment where I tumble over onto the ground while attempting it. I actually hope that happens so I can pull a dramatic “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”

I have to work today because it’s renewal season at work and that translates as busy, busy, busy! Being self-employed means I have to be an adult about day’s off and working on President’s Day is the adult thing to do.

You know how I feel about working from home! Makeup is a must! It was tempting to have a shower and slip into my PJs after my workout but I got dressed and did my makeup! And it looks pretty! I used the Tarte Tartelette Juicy Eyeshadow Palette. Did anyone get their hands on it yet or is everyone waiting for a good sale?

Makeup just makes things feel a bit more normal when they are far from it!

I did a really cutesy look by doing a color wash with the lightest bone shade all over my eyelid and just using the brightest pink on the outer corner of my eye. I’ll post a pic later on IG! I thought it came out sweet.

Are you wearing makeup this fine Monday morning? What’s on your face?

Some beauty I’m loving at the moment:

  • Tony Moly Timeless Ferment Snail Eye Cream-This is magical out of my skincare fridge! So cooling and sinks right in! It’s very hydrating!
  • Replica Bubble Bath Perfume-I know some of you didn’t love this but I adore it. It’s such a relaxing, spa-like fragrance! Very delicate and pretty!
  • Mugler Angel Nova-Oh my gosh this turned out better than I expected! I was thinking it would be dark but it’s actually sweet and fruity! Mugler sent me over a bottle last week and I’m still testing it out but I’ll review soon for you!
  • La Roche-Posay Lipikar Balm AP + Body Cream-It’s cold out which makes my dry skin even drier! I’ve been loving La Roche-Posay Lipikar Balm AP which can be used on your body or your face. I actually use a small pea size amount as soon as I get out of the shower on my face when my skin is still wet and it hydrates my face so well! All dryness eased and erased!
  • Makeup Revolution Conceal & Hydrate Foundation-I feel like I’ve finally found my HG foundation in this formula as I use it so often. It’s lightweight, creamy, and blends like a dream not to mention it looks so natural and seamless!

Let me know how your Monday is going!

Have a good, productive day!


February 15, 2021

Do You Remember……..

DuWop Venom Lipgloss

Do you remember……….DuWop Cosmetics?

I got an e-mail in my inbox just now with a coupon code. They e-mail me from time to time and it just struck me funny how obsessed I used to be with Lip Venom. Remind me again why we liked this so much? I can’t confirm this but I’m pretty sure they use Lip Venom to numb the lip area in preparation for lip fillers! If you didn’t have huge lips after applying Lip Venom you were doing it wrong.

Remember when they released the blood red stained version to promote Twilight!? By the way, why were we obsessed with Twilight again? Or was that only me….?

In a world where the pandemic is taking out brands left and right it’s nice to see DuWop is still standing! I’d like to think it’s because Lip Venom doesn’t have an expiration date and will be around long after we are all gone! The perfect zombie apocalypse lip plumper.

Fill in this beauty blank and tell me which brands you remember that are still around but you thought were long gone!

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February 15, 2021

The Power of Tiktok Marketing

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I have witnessed the powder of Tiktok marketing first hand and it’s a real thing. I remember a time in a not so distant past when limited edition collections would instantly sell out when an influencer featured a review of a collection or product. I remember how brands would use an interesting bait and switch technique with their limited edition products or collection as well where they’d do a small launch initially and later on pull a “SURPRISE we’re restocking!” This technique worked for a short time and really fueled sales as FOMO set in after that initial launch!

The evolution of the beauty community is fascinating. At one time beauty bloggers were the go to source for swatches and reviews. They were the pioneer in a world where swatches on skin didn’t actually exist! But as with all things technology killed the written word and youTube became the go to source for beauty everything. And as the audience became younger and their attention span became smaller the source for beauty became Instagram. A quick photo and a small statement was all anyone required to hear about a product! Fast forward and beauty is migrating again to Tiktok where short little 60 second clips featuring reviews and a look are all anyone needs to hear about a product.

And it works…

I’ve seen the power of Tiktok Marketing for myself.

Recently, L’Oreal Infallible 24HR Fresh Wear Foundation In A Powder was featured in a few Tiktok posts and sold out. Gone! Cerave another brand featured in many Tiktoks has had trouble keeping drugstore shelves lines with their products.

Tiktok may just be the next Instagram.

One wonders what’s after Tiktok?

But while it lasts I’d say Tiktok is where beauty brands will likely be looking to promote their newest launches and you’re either on board with that or not.

How do you feel about yet another social media platform that beauty brands will likely take over?


February 15, 2021

Just Because It Tingles Doesn’t Mean It’s Working

Earlier last month news broke that there’s allegedly a Class Action Lawsuit against Yes To because users experienced burning when using some of their face masks. We all know that Yes To has some questionable ingredients including citrus oils that I wouldn’t recommended for facial use.

I read an article on Buzzfeed that really hurt my heart as a little girl tried one of the Yes To facial masks that she got as a gift and said it was burning but she continued to use it because the packaging read “If it’s tingling it’s working!” How many times have we been told that? “You may feel a slight tingle but don’t worry it’s working!” “It may burn a little but it’s ok because that means it’s working!” It’s a pretty common thing in the beauty world but as adults we have the sense to know to remove something that may be stinging and younger girls or boys may not.

She’s not alone in this as women have stepped forward to account their bad reactions using Yes To products complaining about the burning and readness when using the masks. They even had to pull the Grapefruit Vitamin C Glow-Boosting Unicorn Paper Mask after receiving so many complaints.

Word to the wise if it’s tingle that doesn’t mean it’s working!

I think beauty brands really need to start being held accountable for problems like this. I’m utterly confused with the small “not safe for eye use” disclosures and questionable ingredients in skincare that the common daily user may not be educated enough to realize could cause issues. Come on! We can do better can’t we?

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