Mally Celebrate Your Beauty Holiday Color QVC Today’s Special Value (TSV for December)

Mally Celebrate Your Beauty Holiday Color

The Mally Celebrate Your Beauty Holiday Color Collection is December’s QVC Today’s Special (TSV) and includes a slew of beautiful makeup to prepare you for the Holiday season plus you have the option of signing up for Auto Delivery which means in April you’ll get a new selection of seasonal shades in this beautiful set.

Take a peek!


Bath & Body Works Market Fresh Holiday 2013 Candles

Bath & Body Works Market Fresh Holiday 2013 Candles

New Bath & Body Works Market Fresh Holiday 2013 Candles are popping up online today (like we need more candles to stock pile but hey if the lights go out during the zombie apocalypse at least we’ll have sweet smelling candles to light the way).

Plus there’s a great Cyber Monday coupon ahead!


Harmons Coupon for Cyber Monday

Harmons Coupon

If you’re ordering online Harmons has Free Shipping today as well as $10 off your $50 purchase simply use CYBERMONDAY at

Happy Shopping!

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Sephora VIB Reward Cards for December 2013

Sephora VIB Reward Card 2013

Sephora VIB Reward Cards for use December 4-16, 2013 are popping up! I got mine earlier last week and I imagine many of you already have as well.

The card entitles you to $20 off a $50 purchase which can be redeemed any day starting December 4th up until December 16th. You can use the card at Sephora stores,, and Sephora within JCPenny.

BI Members will get $15 off $50. I am a Rouge member but I got the VIB card.

Good Luck!

Hope you get your card shortly!


Happiest Thanksgiving and Many Blessings To You and Yours!

give thanks

I can’t believe it! Another year almost over!

I’m thankful for so many things in my life the first of which is the fact that everyday I open my eyes, get out of my bed, and have a new chance to greet the world and about 99.9% of those days I greet it with a smile. Because my dear, dear friends, life was meant to be smiled and laughed through.

You don’t really need a turkey, dressing, and pumpkin pie or even a special day to be grateful and thankful for all you have. Please find joy in the little things, remember to be thankful for all things. Be it the tiny stuff like that bite of delicious bagel you had this morning for breakfast or the big things like the beautiful family and friends you share your life with.

I’m lucky. I have a wonderful family that cares about and adores me and that I get to equally love, care, and adore back. I have incredible friends who aren’t even friends but more like extended family. And most important I have my online life that I get to share with all of you daily. Everyday you let me into your life is a blessing. You smile with me, laugh over the silly stuff, geek out over the newest TV show, game, or book, and of course, we get to drool all over makeup together. I can’t believe I get my “real” friends and family and I’m lucky enough to have my extended online ones as well, ALL of YOU!

I’m blessed to say the least.

I’m thankful to be here, right now, healthy, alive, and able to type this message to you. No one knows what tomorrow brings that’s why today you have to live like it might be your very last day to enjoy everything you have and to realize how lucky you truly are. Ease your troubled mind for the day, smile and remember to laugh often because it truly is the best medicine in the world and remind yourself you have a new beginning each and every day of your life. Use that time to be the best person you can be and remember to be thankful for the time you have because life is a very short fleeting moment. You blink and time flies by.

Use Thanksgiving as a reminder to be thankful but use everyday as a day to remember that you’re blessed to be alive.

May your Thanksgiving be filled with wonderful food, great friends, lovely family, and most important thanks you woke up this morning, opened your eyes, and had the ability to pop out of bed and start a new day! Every single day you get a brand new beginning. That means if you screw it up today you still have a blank chalk board to start ALL over again in the morning. My parents will hate me for saying it but I’m not a religious person but isn’t it a miracle we can just start fresh every single day? Use each of your days wisely, they end too soon!

I leave you with a powerful message from Matisyahu because he explains it a lot better than I ever could.