Avon Elements Moisture Boost Night Gel Cream Review

Avon Elements Moisture Boost Night Gel Cream Summer 2013

The new Avon Elements Moisture Boost Night Gel Cream promises me perfectly balanced skin in a gel formula. Hmmm….really? My skin is a little oily at the moment and a little dry so this combination type moisturizer seems a perfect switch up for Summer. First off, I really dig gel moisturizers in the Summer and secondly, I could use the extra moisture but also something to mattify the smaller oily areas around my face.

Perhaps this would be an excellent lightweight nightly gel moisturizer.

Take a peek!


Oh No! D-Day is Monday! Good-Bye Google Reader!

Google RIP

Friendly reminder, yet again, that D-Day is Monday! July 1st we can say a fond fare thee well to one of my very good friends, Google Reader.

If you follow this little blog in RSS and use Google Reader that means you won’t see my updates come Monday morning. Sniff! I don’t wanna lose you as reader and a friend so here are some options to replace a most beloved app!

Don’t forget back up your subscriptions! The sooner the better!

My suggestion is go with The Old Reader if you like the look and feel of Google Reader. This reader has a similar look and feel of Google Reader which is why I like it. Or you can of course, go with the popular choice of the moment Feedly! There’s also Bloglovin’ which allows you to follow all your fav feeds!

Or perhaps RSS isn’t your poison. No problem! You can follow along on Facebook and Twitter so every time a new post goes live here it will also auto feed to both of those social networks!

Maybe you’re not a social media person, can’t blame you there! In that case you can just get a copy of the most recent posts from Musings of a Muse sent directly to your e-mail box! Sign up here to do just that!

And if you’re just a social butterfly and hang out across the the usual social networks you can always find me on those too (Personal G+ Profile, Tumblr, Instagram, Google+, and pInterest).

If you do already follow me, thank YOU! I love interacting with you guys so it is such a pleasure to be able to wake up in the AM and find a ton of different messages to reply to about a variety of topics and not just makeup ones! I feel like we’re all such great friends and a big family around here and that pleases me SO much!

Happy Weekend!

And good luck finding your perfect replacement to Google Reader!

Hopefully Digg’s upcoming Reader will be as amazing as they say it is! I haven’t had a chance to test the beta but if anyone tried it would love to hear about it!


It’s Another $50 MAC Giveaway!

It’s Friday! I’m in love!

Remember when Robert Smith was pretty?

The last time I saw the Cure in concert Robert looked like a hot sweaty saggy mess. I think a puppy died somewhere when I realized that at some point in time he got old.

My personal favorite Robert Smith reference of all time can be found below!

Anyway, TGIF!

Time for a MAC Giveaway!



Urban Decay B6 Vitamin-Infused Complexion Prep Spray Review

Urban Decay Fall 2013

Urban Decay B6 Vitamin-Infused Complexion Prep Spray ($33) was just recently launched as part of an early preview of the Urban Decay Fall 2013 Collection. I told you about it earlier this week and have been testing it out all this week to see what I think.

Urban Decay has introduced makeup setting sprays in the past but the B6 Vitamin-Infused Complexion Prep Spray is actually the first prep spray the brand has done. Being a rather fond fan of facial mists I was curious about this formula but unfortunately it addresses issues I don’t really have a problem with such as redness, larger pores, and oil.

Let’s take a look!


Benefit Under My Spell Noelle Eau de Toilette for Fall 2013

Benefit Under My Spell Noelle Eau de Toilette

Benefit’s is set to put a spell on you this Fall with their new Crescent Row Fragrance, Under My Spell Noelle. Weaving her exotic, glamorous woodsy floral notes at you Noelle is sure to entice.

Btw did anyone see the trailer for Insidious Chapter 2? More after the jump!