August 8, 2007

Diorissime Fall Collection 2007

It’s that time of the year again kids! Dior has introduced it’s newest palette for the Fall collection and I was hyperventilating as I viewed it in all it’s glory at Nordies a few nights ago! The good news is it’s gorgeous, the bad news is that I didn’t buy it!

Oh my god the cries of outrage are so loud! I hear you all now screaming in agonized pain about the unjustness of me not purchasing a Dior palette! But, if you’re at all familiar with the Muse’s purchasing habits you’d know why!

Remember children.

Buy your Dior broad!

I’ve called up my very sweet mate in England and asked her to waddle on down to Boots to get my Diorissime palette because for obvious reasons the 001 version is far better than the shit 002 version that has graced the US shores! Our version, as always, is a crummy darker palette which I’m utterly hating. It’s gorgeous in the sense that the clutch was beautiful but the colors inside just aren’t for me! Thus 001 is the one for this muse! I haven’t yet received it but it should be with me any day and I’ll take some lovely porn pictures of it for you to drool all over!

I nabbed some pictures from E-bay of both palettes and you can see for yourself why the 001 version is far superior to the crap we get here in the US!



I’m quite tempted to lick the monitor screen at the moment viewing those pictures! I’ll try to refrain!

As with almost all cosmetics, I am tempted to purchase both but really I don’t see myself using the US version! The colors are just too blah for lack of a better word!

If for some odd reasons or another you are lemming 002 you can purchase it now from Sephora and other locations that carry Dior! If you’re lemming 001, quick, find a mate to purchase it for you! It’s available in Singapore, Japan, and of course the lovely UK!

Which do you prefer?


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  • Stephanie

    I have to say that I like the 002 version better. The same as for your review of the Dior Flight collection. My friend actually got me the 001 version on her Paris trip, but I exchanged it at Sephora for the 002 one, AND paid $5 extra.
    I think it has to do with our skin tones. I’m Asian with light medium skin tone and small chinky Chinese eyes, so I need dark colors to contour my eyes. Those lighter pastel colors won’t work on me, it’ll just make me look puffy and ashy.

    Anywhoo.. I’m thinking I should get the 002, Dior makes their palettes more and more useful each season. Can you do a FOTD with the 001 when you get a chance~~~ =)Thanks.

  • A-Mused

    Hi again Steph 😉

    Good to have you back!

    No kidding? I wasn’t feeling 002 at all! The colors just aren’t me! I love the lighter pinks in 001! I was going to wait to purchase this in October when I go to England but I decided I couldn’t wait and had to have it! So I decided to have a friend pick it up for me before she goes on holiday!

    Oh my gosh don’t say that you have small eyes! I truly think all colors look amazing on Asian girls! There is such an elegance about your eye area and it’s just lovely!

    I do agree that maybe the colors in 001 might be a bit too light though even for me! But I generally (hate to admit this) try to avoid using my Dior palettes *blush*…I sorta collect them and rarely actually touch them LOL! So maybe I was thinking more pretty colors than being conventional and using the colors! If that makes sense 🙂

    I actually do agree again! Dior has been making its palettes less and less fancy and more user friendly as of late! So really that strong overwhelming need to stow the palette away and never use it actually fades and you feel you can actually touch the palette without feeling too much guilt LOL! Or at least that’s my strange mentality!

    Yes yes! I’d love to do an FOTD with it 😉 As soon as it arrives I’ll do one! I know a few people had requested various FOTD’s and I have been somewhat lagging behind doing them but I’ll surely honor your request as a special thanks for visiting my blog hehe 🙂

    Many thanks for your comments and visiting!

  • Anonymous

    Oh wow- version 002 is gorgeous! Thanks for this pic. I hadn’t seen it yet. I like the colors in 002 much better. (I have too many similar browns to 001). The 2 lippies look better in 002 as well. Can’t wait for your pics of 002 when you receive it.

  • A-Mused

    Hehehe you mean 001 version right?

    I like the colors as well much better!!

    I’m eager to get it 😉 Will post pics as soon as it’s my greedy hands hehehe!

    Thanks for the comment!

  • Bik Yee

    Just wanted to tell you that I love the way you organize your stash. It’s so hard to find such cabinets here in S’pore.. esp the one where you store your lippies.

    S’pore usually carries both versions of the Dior palettes. I personally prefer 002 because of the dark taupeish shades..