November 20, 2007

Lush Cosmetics Limited Edition Ghost Shower Gel

I’m celebrating Halloween a month late as I just now received my lot of Ghost Shower Gel from Lush UK (I should add that it’s no fault of Lush UK that shipping took so long! I was participating in Lush Retro Races and my Ghost order was part of my Retro Race order thus the wait time!)! You may remember me previously blogging about this if not you can always take a skip through my past and click here to read all about Ghost prior to reading this review!

If you’re a fan of Lush Cosmetics you might remember a little cult item called Skinny Dip from ages past! Ghost quite reminds me of Skinny Dip with a bit of a twist! Skinny Dip was luscious, thick, creamy, and gorgeous and much to fans dismay, discontinued (as you become more and more of a Lush fan you realize how much hoarding and stashing large quantities of Lush away is essential to survival! Because once it’s gone it’s a difficult time mourning the lost of a hair product, bath bomb, or other essential item that you may use from day to day and suddenly have disappear!). If you suddenly develop a case of the lems for Skinny Dip you can always get it in it’s new form as a Buttercream but I will tell you the Buttercream is nothing like the original, gorgeous shower gel which I still mourn to this very day! I secretly believe that Mark decided to axe Skinny Dip because it had a tendency to go bad after 6 months or so (at least for me it did! I’d be the one that was stashing bottles of Skinny Dip in my fridge to keep them from going bad before I could use them! Later on in life I may (or may not) admit to purchasing a mini fridge to store all my Lush in but that’s a story for another day!) instead of it’s year expiration date but he’ll tell you it was because it wasn’t popular!

Anyway….I guess that was a rather long eulogy about my love affair with Skinny Dip and at this point you might very well wonder what I am on about! Well…Ghost is much like my beloved Skinny Dip and I’m so happy I did a nice large order for it! I ended up purchasing 5 bottles because I had figured if I hated it at least it would make great swap bait on MUA!


But swap bait be damned it’s now a part of my beauty vault as it’s wonderfully delightful! I was somewhat worried about the “scent of lillies” in a shower gel but to my delight it does somewhat smell like an offbeat Skinny Dip version! It’s quite milky, creamy, very, very very thick and just yum all the way around! When I say thick I’m talking about taking the cap off and putting the bottle over your head top side down and watching how it doesn’t slide out of the bottle at all! It doesn’t move! Magic my friends!

Yummie Ooey Gooey Ghost!

Now this is just from sniffing it in the bottle mind you! I’m not sure if the smell will be better or worst once I use it in the shower but I think it’s safe to say that this will turn out for the better once I lather up with it!

All in all I should have never been worried about Ghost not being a fabulous product because really it’s rare I run across something Lush puts out that isn’t blessedly wonderful! The only disappointing thing about Ghost would be it’s 250ML size (8.4oz)! I’d rather have had the 500ML (15oz) size offered at a bit more on the price tag but sadly I guess, for marketing purposes, they settled on making it in 250ML size! It’s ok I still heart it!

Cheers to Ghost! I think I might hop into a shower right now just so I can use it!

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Need it?
It’s gone from both Lush US and Lush UK but you can always check E-bay or MUA!

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  • Anonymous

    Hi Muse,

    I got myself 2 bottles of this from the US. I rather like it though it lacks the instant addiction quality that snowcake has. It was still worthwhile to get. =D

    Hugs & Cheers!

  • the Muse

    Hey Bets!

    Good haul! I actually wish I had purchased more but I guess that’s what ebay and MUA are made for 😉

    It’s definately not snowcake! Snowcake is one of those rare items (like snow fairy) that’s actually very girlish and girly!

    This is more…unusual and unique and it’s a scent that has to slowly grow on you!

    I think you’re new to lush right? So it may take a few for it to sink in and become addicting to you but slowly it’ll catch up to you!

    Lush works in weird and unusual ways 🙂 A few years ago I’d have said NO to this as it’s not my favorite sweet/fruity kinda scent that I normally go for! But after being around Lush for quite a number of years now I easily get addicted to their unique scents! Like I love juicy that’s something that needs getting used too!

    I’m eager to jump in the shower with it 😉

    I’m participating in retro lush races at the moment and hoping they might do a race with ghost 😉

    That’d be amazing!

    Thanks for the comment 😉
    Always love hearing your insight!

  • Anonymous

    Oh this is heaven! I live in the UK but decided I couldn’t justify that much money on it even if it was lush. How wrong I was! You simply have to blog about Lush and B more often because I just love them so much!


  • the Muse

    Hi Nikki!

    Big hugs from my end of the pond 🙂

    I adore both as well 🙂 All good things come from the UK in the Muse’s opinion and Lush and B are obviously two of my very favorite things hehe!

    I’ll be doing a spotlight on B never very shortly 😉

  • Lovelymakeup

    I love lush! but its so dangerous to walk in there store, I can never leave it without buy at least something! 🙂

  • the Muse

    me too lovely makeup 😉

    Everything is tooooooooo tempting!

    Thanks for the comment 😉

  • Kay

    This is currently in Retro for a limited time on the UK site. I mean, I’m sure you already knew that but just in case 😉