November 15, 2007

mark Little Block Box "Customize Your Shimmer" Palettes

A few months ago I blogged about mark’s new Block Boxes that allowed you to customize a palette with little cubes of shimmer for eyes and face. Remember? No? Click here and you can read my original post.

The Little Block Box is finally available for purchase from mark! Finally! I was waiting on these for ages!

The good news is these look quite interesting! The bad news is I want them all so they become a bit more expensive when you are wanting one of everything hehe!

Basically you have to purchase the “block box” first at $6 you then proceed to customize it for face and eyes by purchasing blocks of color at $5 for eye blocks and $6 for face blocks.

Block Box $6 (Empty)

When you first see it you think this might run you a few dollars but in reality you’re running up a bill of $26 for 4 eye blocks and one block box! That isn’t too shocking as I’ve spent more on palettes before but those were posh brands not Avon (mark is Avon’s younger sister brand).

I honestly do want to try some of these because the shimmer looks great in them but the price is just making me scratch my head slightly.

The fun of customizing this case is great the price however leaves a bit to be desired! Maybe if it was just put together and offered in a few color selections and have say…mmm a $15 price tag that would seem fair! But spending $18 and upwards for a cheaper cosmetic brand seems a bit too much!

I’ve tried several combos and prices range from $18 up to $26 or so per palette. $18 bucks gets you the block box and two face shimmers while $26 would get you the block box and four eye shimmers and if you want a combo it’ll set you back $22 for one block box, one face shimmer, and one eye shimmer.

Eye Shimmer Blocks $5

Face Shimmer Blocks $6

I’m doing the math on these and it’s boggling my mind a little bit because I can get a far superior MAC palette for $10 bucks more and mark is in no way the same quality as MAC!

Oh no the Muse is being cheap (it doesn’t happen often so enjoy the novelty before it wears off!). But I can’t help it! The prices seem really off to me!

To be honest I’m diseased and I’ll probably buy at least one because my curiiosity is getting the better of me and I’m wondering what these are like! Sigh! The life of a cosmetic junkie sure is hard sometimes!

What’s your take?
Want ’em?
Leave ’em?

Let the Muse know!


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  • Heather Mary

    I agree with ya! Ouchie on the price! But, the colors sure are purty! hmmmmm

  • the Muse

    Hi Heather 🙂

    How are you 😉

    Thanks for the comment!

    Mm agreed! I seen some better pics of them after browsing around and I must say they look fantastic but the price really is a bit on the silly side!

    I’m definately wanting them but I need to search around e-bay or MUA to see if I can swap or get them cheaper =)

  • Jennifer

    I know this is a late response but I’ve been obsessed with this product since I saw it in the Mark catalog. My SO works in accounting for avon, and they have an amazing avon store below where they sell all things avon and mark at a ridiculous discount. i’m waiting for this to show up there so i can have him purchase it for me dirt cheap!

    on a side note i received my MJ products after being influenced by you to purchase them and love them so far!

  • the Muse

    Hi Jennifer!

    Thanks for the comment! Lucky you!!!!!! I googled a little bit and came across some images of these and I have to say they do look fabulous!

    Lots of shimmer!

    Let me know when you get ’em! I’m highly tempted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    YAY! Awesome! What sort of MJ did you get 😉

    I’m so glad you love ’em!