December 4, 2007

Alexander McQueen for MAC First Impressions

Talk about late right? But I guess what they say is true better late then never!

I’m sorry for my rather delayed McQueen impression but other items took president and I never got around to reviewing McQueen!

But have no fear! I’m here now!

So…..McQueen………….sadly I have to say it’s nothing to get too excited about!

Aside from New Vegas a majority of the collection didn’t excite me! The glosses and lipsticks were a big no for me as most of the colors are nude and I just can’t pull off the mod look of nude lipstick! Sorry MAC!

The paint pots are virtually the same colors as the shadows so I skipped those as well sadly! I’m not a big fan of the paint pots anywhere so passing these by wasn’t too big a chore!

The eyeliners were gorgeous but I have just a bit too many liners at the moment so again I passed on those!

So what did I get?

I got the eyeshadows but I’m not particularly wow’ed by them! The colors are brilliant and quite gorgeous but they are very matte and I’m not a huge fan of matte! I did purchase these because I had in mind that the shadows would make a good base for a pigment color so that’s one use for them! Can you skip these? Yes I believe you can. A majority of the collection is still in stores (New Vegas is sold out at most counters and freestanding stores) so you can definately wander over and decide if these are for you but personally aside from the great packaging (which sells these) the shadows aren’t something you absolutely need unless you’re a big lover of mattes or a big collector of MAC.

New Vegas is most definately the gem in this collection as I had previously discussed! Now you’re going to get a few people and MA’s telling you that New Vegas is similar to all sorts of MSF. Shimpagne, Global Glow, Etc… But that’s just no the case at all. New Vegas is an utterly and completely unique color for me. It’s a very light gold and quite beautiful. How it’ll look on my skin remains to be determined as I haven’t yet tried it but it’s quite a gorgeous shimmering gold affair that I’m loving. Out of all the golds that have been released this is probably the truest light golden color of them all. Most are bronze or tannish with hints of gold but this is a true gold color that I’m just loving so if you can still locate one do drop it in your cart for a purchase!

Overall, as I said, the collection isn’t all that fantastic! I personally did without a majority of it (a first for me as I’m MAC mad).

Did you get any of the collection?
Love it?
Hate it?

Tell me!


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  • Taryn

    Morning, Muse!

    I completely agree with your opinion on this collection. The only thing that appealed to me was the New Vegas, which I bought because maybe someday it will be worth $500 on ebay (just kidding – but I am putting off using it for some reason. Maybe I’m subconsciously hoping I’m sitting on a treasure trove with it.). The rest was just “eh.” The brighter matte colors are hard to pull off for me.

    BTW, here’s another off-topic, but have you ever tried Lise Watier cosmetics? I’ve seen them in a Canadian fashion magazine and am really lemming some of them. The Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada that I usually go to doesn’t carry the line, so I’m considering a trip to one in Niagara Falls (that does carry it) to check it out. Any opinions? I figured you would know about them for sure!

  • the Muse

    Morning Taryn!

    I think it’s one of those meh pass collections. I purchase MAC with the same mentality sometimes that I’m sitting on some RARE OH MY GOD $1000 eyeshadow! I guess it’s just one of those things!

    The brighter colors aren’t too difficult for me to pull off but I’m sorta on the fence about loving these. I hate mattes and as a base they’ll be great and they are pigmented but I dunno. I’ve considered returning them about 5 different times already!

    They just aren’t doing it for me.

    I’ve never tried Lisa Watier. Although I seen the christmas palettes on MUA and they looked super nice!

    You’re not in Canada are you?

    I am working on the JpMon tut for you right now and I’ll be posting it tonight or tomorrow 🙂


  • Taryn

    Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you for working on the JP tutorial, Muse! I will be forever grateful for any help you can give me!! 😀

    No, I’m not in Canada. I live in Buffalo, around 35-45 minutes from the border. I am in love with most things Canadian though, from their candy to their drugstores (I just went up there for some candy and I love the border guards’ faces when I tell them the reason for my trip. They’re like, “What?”). The only thing I don’t care for are their prices, but that’s due to the exchange rate. I used to get good deals.

    I think I’ll ask my husband to drive me up to this drugstore that has the Lise Watier. Wouldn’t you know it’s only sold online on Canadian websites that don’t ship to the US? And to make matters worse, the site also carries Anna Sui! Dang!

  • Sminkan

    I looked at it. I wanted to want it. But I didn’t.

    I haven’t been totally swept of my feet for a long time now. Not by MAC. It seems they kind of do the same thing over and over…

    Still, they are MAC and they do great promotion-pictures!

  • the Muse

    Hi Taryn.

    I’m sorry it wasn’t sooner it’s just I’ve been very busy lately with work, life, etc! 🙂

    Hopefully I can do a tutorial that’s easy to follow 😉

    Aw cool! Best of both worlds! My grandparents lived in Buffalo for a while before moving back to Europe and my aunt lives in Ontario 🙂

    LOL “Hi I’m here to do a quick run to the drugstore for Candy and Cosmetics..”!

    hehehe! sells Anna Sui? Wow that’s interesting! I’m gonna have a peek!

    Lise Watier has a few CA stores maybe they’ll ship!?
    carries Anna Sui! Dang!

  • the Muse

    Hi Sminkan

    How are you?

    I wish I can lay claim to the same but a majority of MAC wow’s me still! I haven’t yet fallen off the MAC Boat 😉 I’m still firmly seated here!

    But the collections are most definately similar sometimes which can be expensive and tiring!

    New Vegas was well worth it that’s for sure! Aside from that I was a bit blah with the rest!

    Thanks for the comment!

  • MandyPandy

    Heehee, it’s ‘precedent’ not ‘president’, lol! I think you just pulled a Dubya!

    I actually purchased the Paint Pot in Electro Sky (the PP equivalent of Nile eyeshadow). There were some good points about this product: 1) it didn’t irritate my exquisitely sensitive eyes 2) the color looked beautiful in the jar and 3)it wasn’t the least bit sparkly. That’s where the positives end for me, as the product didn’t last very long and applied sheerly and unevenly, so that it had to be built up and thus looked cakey. I wanted to get the Black Karat Kohl liner as well, but I’m worried it will be as disappointing as paint pot. I do regret not snapping up New Vegas, though.

    BTW, do you know what the deal is with the new Beauty Powders? I caught them at my local Bloomies a while back, but I haven’t been able to find them at my local Macy’s at all. Well, back to Bloomingdales…

  • the Muse

    LOL I’m seriously tired and I caught that earlier but I left it because I was to lazy to edit hehe! I do love pulling a dubya! My personal favorite is when he was discussing those who speak “American” and those who speak “Mexican”….neither lanuage I recognized but it must be some special language only our beloved president knows about!

    Sorry to hear about your drama with the paints Mandy! I’m not sure why I hate paint pots but they just don’t work at all for me. I find they are difficult to apply (they have a “hard” feeling to them) and they go on sheer like you said and when I do build up it takes ages to cake on the amount needed to work well. Some say they make a great base for piggie but not for me.

    The Kohl liners are an A+ item for me. They apply smoothly, smudge beautifully, and are long wearing!

    My Nordies still has new vegas if you want it.

    It’s possible Macy’s isn’t carrying them for some reason (ie they didn’t have Mcqueen but Nordies did). You can call any pro shop and have them delivered to your door for $7! I did a review a while back after I purchased mine from a Pro shop as the Pro stores had them before MAC actually carried ’em!

    It’s possible they sold out fast but I somehow doubt it?!

    Order ’em online! Free shipping too!


  • Heather Mary

    i didnt get anything from this collection, it didnt call to me 🙁

  • Andrea

    I totally missed New Vegas since I wasn’t addicted to cosmetics when this came out. I have coveted this item but refuse to pay the big ebay price for it. Do you know of a dupe for this in another cosmetic line? Any help would be appreciated. Maybe MAC will re-release this. My best hope.

    • the Muse

      Hi Andrea

      Have you tried Urban Decay Glided Half Baked Bronzer? I have a review up around here some place…it’s incredible and quite a decent enough dupe for New Vegas although it’s a more golden bronze. I’m sure they will sooner or later. Also check at a local CCO if you have one!