December 11, 2007

Majolica Majorca Holiday 2007 Collection

I’m so utterly guilty of calling MJ Majorca Majolica sometimes! I utterly reverse the name! If you see me do that call me out on it as I’m bloody confused most days of my life!


I got my MJ haul a while ago and haven’t had a sec to blog about it. My most beautiful friend Iris has already gotten her haul from Japan and reviewed it. If you missed out click here to visit with Iris and read her impressions and review on the new Holiday set!

For me this is a must have set. It’s inexpensive plus it’s cute as a button so go you, now, get it!

First in the line up are the Limited Edition Majolook Eyeshadow Palettes in SV801 and PK122. Both are quite gorgeous!

SV801 and PK122

SV801 contains a shimmering white, a shimmering light silver, a darker silver, and an eyeliner. These are of medium pigmentation so really you can create a beautiful natural look with the palette but nothing too dramatic!

PK122 contains a shimmering cream white, a shimmering light pink, a shimmering darker pink, and an eyeliner. These colors are also of medium pigment and can create a very nice frosty winter look!

Both palettes are very pretty and I’m excited to try them out for a look!

Up next the MJ Snow Carat Powder which is very pretty! It’s a beautiful white sparkling powder that’s inexpensive and perfect for giving you a touch of sparkle on your cheeks and eyes! However, I’m not too thrilled that this has a rather large opening for distribution. It would be easier if it had a siffer style with tiny holes instead of a big large hole which will cause a ton of waste for me. I like to slowly build up sparkle not have a ton dumped on the puff! But overall it’s really cute and sweet! This quite reminds me of the Kesho Wakusei highlighter powder I got a few months ago! Click here to view the powder and compare!

Snow Carat Powder

And finally last but never least as this is my favorite item would be the MJ Lash Freeze. I was going to get two of these but decided one was plenty but now I’m wondering if I should have grabbed some more. This is a sparkling silver glitter base for your lashes. Apply your mascara as you normally would and add Lash Freeze on top to make your lashes sparkle and shimmer with little bits of Silver!

Lash Freeze

I really love Japanese overcoats and this is soon making an appearance on my favorite list as I love the easy comb applicator and the effect is brilliant! Quite an inexpensive version of Givenchy’s Lash Sparkles!

Overall, in my humblest opinion this is most definately a must have collection! It’s cheap, pigmented, and sweet! If you’re a grand collector of Japanese cosmetics you’re going to want all of this rather badly!

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Want it?
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Isabella MuseIsabella is just an average everyday geeky girl who doesn’t blend her eyeshadow correctly, wears too much blush, and hopes she never finds her holy grail products because she likes the thrill of the chase so much. Her mission is to bring you super honest reviews on makeup, skincare, fragrance and all things beauty. She’s in no way an expert on the topic and she sure as hell isn’t a super model. But she’s passionate about makeup and is seeking like-minded individuals that like pina coladas, getting caught in the rain, and ones that enjoy spending hundreds of dollars at Sephora without feeling buyer’s remorse. If you’re that person feel free to reach out and leave a comment or follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Bloglovin‘.

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  • Millie Yip

    Hi Muse!!
    Wow you got pretty much the whole set from the 2007 MJ collection haha, it’s so pretty!!!!!
    I just ordered the silver nail polish and some other Lavshuca items and waiting for it to come.
    Anyway, I was curious to know what the Snow Carat Powder was, and duh…of course it was a highlighter, I don’t know why I didn’t think of that before. I was thinking of purchasing it but then I already have the T’estimo Pure Layer Blush in white. Would you say that the Snow Carat Powder is the same as the T’estimo powder? And also, am I the only one that has problems with the Majolook palettes? It seems to come off so easily even if I use the Urban Decay primer. (it works well with other e/s brands though) The single e/s lasts alittle bit longer though, but then I just love the Majolook palettes.
    Are you going to post up some pictures of how the MJ shadows look on you? I would love to seeeeee!!!

  • the Muse

    Hi Millie!

    It is gorgeous! I love it 🙂
    I compulsively bite my nails so nail polish is pointless for me most days although the colors were soooo pretty! Nice haul 😉 Tell me what you think when you get your items 🙂
    You can use the powder as an eyeshadow too if you want or to dust over your shoulders, arms, etc 🙂 it’s a multi-use item!

    I have the layer blush in white too but I think the Snow Carat has quite a bit more shimmer and the texture is a bit more dense than the T’estimo one. So it’s definately worth having both!

    Nope! You aren’t the only one. I find they rub off fast too. They actually do last quite a while on my eye but during application it can easily rub off so I have to layer and layer and layer some more to get enough product on my eye so it doesn’t like streaky if that makes sense!

    The texture of these is quite different from the singles. These feel more creamy powder like while the shadows feel more like a powder. They are a bit difficult to work with but when applied correctly they do great looks 🙂

    I’ll definately post some FOTDS 🙂

    Thanks for your comment!

  • Grayburn

    Hmm, wonder if this one will be on my christmas wishlist as well! How well do the cream liners work in the palettes?

    Thanks for another great post!
    Grayburn @ blogspot

  • the Muse

    hi grayburn!

    I was reading our blog! Nice work! And you’re in amsterdam how very exciting! I adore the Nederlands 🙂 I haven’t been in a few years but I always fondly remember the times I visited!

    I don’t particularly love the liners! Many people rave about them but I don’t like the liners in this palette but I do adore the shadows! The liners aren’t pigmented enough and I find myself triple dipping to get enough product on my eyes 😛

    Thanks for the comment and for visiting with me 🙂

  • Minou

    I ordered everything in this series. :p

    I love the colours in this collection but I’ve only used the Silver palette now. Haven’t opened the rest of my loot yet.

    Colour payoff is ok and great for a natural office look which is what I like best about MJ. =)

    I don’t really like the eyeliner too as it seems to be flaky but I still apply it at my lashline.
    It does seem to make a difference in how my eyes look.

  • Grayburn

    Hi Muse!
    Aww gee thanks for the compliment 🙂 Amsterdam is a great city just a little wet and windy at times. The shopping is quite good here though (but maybe not compared to NY?). If you need anything from here, just halla!

    I have never tried any gel or cream liners because I have always been worried about smudging etc. I’ve always preferred mixing powder with a mixing medium which is alot of work but stays put for sure.

    Anyway, before I go on and on, thanks for your posts again and please keep posting!

    Grayburn @ blogspot

  • the Muse

    Hi Minou!

    Nice haul 😉

    I haven’t used any of it yet. I was reaching for the silver this morning but I ended up lining my eyes and going since I was rushing a bit 🙂

    I agree. Color payoff isn’t fab but it’s great for a more natural look with a nice bit of shimmer that’s not too over dramatic!

    Do you apply to your lower or upper lash line? I find applying to my upper lash line it does flake off and I have to really apply alot to get any payoff!

    Thanks for the comment! Enjoy your goodies 😉

  • the Muse

    Hi again Grayburn! Hugs!

    You’re most welcome! =)

    I love Amsterdam with a passion! The Anne Frank House, the rembrandt museum, Keukenhof Gardens, the pubs and cafes, the canals, it’s just perfect in everyway! Aside from the London, Amsterdam is most definately my favorite city 🙂 I used to date a dutch guy 😉 hehe! Little random fact about me 😉 The Dutch are so warm and welcoming! Love, love it 🙂 anyway I can go on and on I fear!

    Thanks for the offer! WOW! I appreciate it big time and I’ll extend it back and say if you need anything from here don’t hesitate to email me! I’ve cp’ed for a few girls on the blog and I’m happy to do it as I know the feeling of wanting something from another country that I am unable to get quickly and cheaply!

    Smashbox makes a great potted liner that doesn’t smudge and lasts allllllll day! It’s really good! MAC’s FL is fab as well! No smudging and very long wearing!

    I have to saying mixing powder with an agent is very clever. I do it on occasion myself.

    Thanks for commenting and visiting with me I truly appreciate it 🙂 Many many many hugs!

  • the Muse

    MIZZ Serene 🙂 Hello my doll!

    I have to email you but I’ve been very busy forgive me?

    You’re going to love the eyeshadows palettes and getting both is very smart! They are fab!

    Love ya!

    I’m sitting on your Vintage Sister and Primer Potion which is what I have to e-mail you about!

  • Minou

    Hi Muse,

    I apply it to my upper lashline…and I agree you have to apply lots to get definition!

  • helly

    OMGGGGG YOU GOT ITTT!!!!!! hahahhahah lol you have nooo idea how excited when i was when i saw MJ lol 😀
    and nope, i haven’t gotten this yet, i was waiting for your review 😀 a fd of mine is going back to taiwan soon, so i might get him to buy it for me and another fd…if he is willing 😀 hehe

    now i’m seriouslyyyy considering the pink palette!! it just looks sooooooo pretttttyyyyyyy!!!!!! and DEFINITELY the lash freezeeeee!! and i’ll stock up!!!

    thanks so much for this entry!! and very very looking forward to your fotd!! <33
    take care muse!!

  • the Muse

    Hi divashop 🙂
    Thanks love.

    Yes indeed and I’m working on my tag post 😉 Thanks for tagging me!


  • the Muse

    Hi Minou!

    I wore the silver palette this morning and I’m going to do a little tutorial about it. =) I apply to my upper as well so this morning I spiced it up and also applied to my waterline and lower and it worked a treat! So cheers on that! =)

  • the Muse

    Helly 😉

    Hehe I’m happy to see how excited you are!

    I must say they are lovely and I created a very nice, simple, natural eye look this morning using the silver! You’re going to love yours when you get it 😉

    I was waiting very eagerly for my friend to ship these!

    The pink is gorgeous and possibly my fav of the two for sure!!!!

    Lash freeze is worth getting a back up it’s yums!

    Aw thank you for reading this entry 😉 Appreciate the wonderful feedback and your enthusiasm!

    Hugs to you!

  • Grayburn

    Hello there Muse,

    Oh I can see that you’re quite familiar with Amsterdam!

    Thanks for extending your offer to me as well, I really appreciate it and might just take you up on it!

    I have been meaning to try the one from MAC or Bobbi B. but its a whole lot cheaper to use the mixing medium. But you know how it goes, when you’ve been eyeing something long enough…probably end up getting it! hehe

    hugs back and have a great friday and a wonderful weekend!

    Grayburn @ blogspot

  • the Muse

    Hoi Gray :)!

    Oh yes! I do love it 🙂

    Rotterdam and Eindhoven are equally as nice but something about Amsterdam is special!

    You’re most welcome! Anytime at all 🙂

    I’m the very same. Sometimes I have no willpower and snatch it up right away! Must learn to control myself 😉 lol!

    You have a fantastic day 🙂 Enjoy your weekend! I look forward to talking to you again soon!