January 3, 2008

Latest Obsession: Napoleon Perdis Eye Patrol in Private Angel

I haven’t really jumped on board when it comes to Napoleon Perdis. Many of the products get rave reviews but I personally haven’t seen too much to wow me after testing the items at my local Sephora.

Honestly, many of the products sounded awesome such as the China Doll Foundation and Concealer.

Thankfully I didn’t get crazy and order these items online because it turns out that some are downright awful. At least to my eyes. The concealers and foundations are a weird off orange color that remind me of a sixty year old ex-socialite with a bad orange tan from Miami (Kinda how I picture Paris Hilton in 30 Years).

An example of what I mean:

We love you Donatella but SPF is always in fashion my dear!

Actually, come to think of it many of the foundations sorta match Napoleon Perdis’s spray on tan.

To get an idea of some of the colors of China Doll Foundation picture Napoleon Perdis as he is here but with more of an orange overcoat!

I’m honestly not being brutal or dissing this brand just for the sake of it. I really felt like the products weren’t at all that great. I was pretty shocked at the colors. Who wears this stuff? For serious.

I will say that some products were damn right good and one of which has made it to my Latest Obsession list. I ended up purchasing one Eye Patrol in the color Private Angel. I honestly wanted every single color in the Eye Patrol line. The colors are delightfully sheer yet full of sparkle!

Private Angel is thee perfect gold I’ve had the pleasure of owning. It’s a gold color infused with a million little bits of finely milled shimmer. It’s really a versatile color that can be used standing all alone by itself with a bit of liner and mascara or as a base for a more dramatic color or as a highbrow color to light up your current look!

For all Napoleon Perdis’s faults I’m saying the line redeems itself with these great shadows!

However, I do predict that these products will sooner or later fall victim to the 75% off Sale at Sephora! I’ll be waiting in the wings to snatch up some more Eye Patrol shadows until then!

Do check them out!

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  • Temptalia

    Actually, China Doll foundation suits my skin amazingly and gives me great coverage – no orange tint required… I also love their Dream Cream. 🙂

  • Angelique

    I like some of the colors that Neopolean Perdis makes, but I’ve just never really been interested in the makeup for some reason. I don’t really know why but for some odd reason I just find their cosmetics sort of….boring.


    The one thing I really wanted from the line, the nail polish, Sephora doesn’t carry and the Neopolean Perdis website won’t ship nail polish overseas. So I’m screwed. They have this beautiful blue polish that I’ve just fallen in love with but can I buy it? Hell no!

    Don’t it just figure.

    I’m so hoping I can buy Givenchy’s new blue polish. I also want their two new blue-violet lipsticks and the blue-violet Captiv’Eyes mascara. Goddamn limited editions. Pisses me off.

    Have you gotten around to trying the Moire Black Captiv’Eyes?

    Well, I shall go. Good night dear!

  • the Muse

    Hey Christine!


    I’m really surprised as the colors are so strange to me! I don’t think they’d suit me at all! They all appeared really orange in color and very thick!

    What’s the dream cream like?

    Thanks for the comment!

  • the Muse

    Hi Angelique!

    I dunno if it’s boring but I kinda think the colors are a bit strange!

    Foundation wise anyway!

    You should try ebay for the nail polish as I see quite a few people selling the line!

    Givenchy has some killer items coming out 😉

    I haven’t as of yet but I will let you know when I do 😉


  • MandyPandy

    Actually, I thought the exact same thing when I first spied NP at Sephora: crap line, nice shadows. I also liked the stick foundations, but couldn’t find anything in my color.

    IDK, have you ever seen one of those NP makeovers? The poor girls always end up looking the worst for it! He keeps trying to mold them in his image: Tango’d skin, razor-thin eyebrows and too much lipgloss! Homegirl looks like he should be the bouncer at a gay-bar in Mikonos, not head of his own cosmetics line!

  • the Muse

    I didn’t try the stick but I have to say the colors of the foundation and the china doll concealer and such really puzzled me. They all appeared quite orange to my eye!

    Shadows definately get an A+ from me!

    No lol I haven’t been privy or lucky enough to see an NP Makeover! I want to know how he got that amazing skintone he has going on there!

    LOL You’re a nutter. I’ve never actually seen him interviewed and such but I have to say it reminds me of Bally Sagoo pray tell you know who I mean 😉

  • sylvia Diele

    Can anyone tell me what is ‘jasmin eye technique, and why its called that. Thankyou