February 11, 2008

Ettusais Glitter Princess Collection Review

Yay! It’s Monday! Who would think Monday would be so exciting right!? It’s exciting because I have some new goodies to show you as Japanese Spring Collection Week continues from last week!

This morning I wanted to show you Ettusais’s Glitter Princess Collection with an FOTD however the FOTD part is a bit late coming so I’ll upload it later today!

However, I can show you the small haul I got from this collection now!

A few other Spring Collections made a dent in my wallet but Ettusais Collection I sorta skipped on! As cute as it was I didn’t get too crazy in my selections and only ended up hauling two glosses and an eyeliner from the items that were released.

The collection consists of 5 Glitter Eyeliners and 3 Lipglosses, you can see my original post about the collection by clicking here.

The liner I got was the pink one. I decided on the pink because I truly don’t have too many pink liners in my collection and I thought it would look great with gold shadows and such. The other liners were tempting but I was trying to practice some sort of willpower as I purchased the entire lot of MJ Jeweling Eye Pencils this Fall and I was thinking to myself do I really need the entire 5 color selection of Ettusais Glitter Pencils? I think not. Best stick with one!

Yay for me keeping my word and getting only one!

The color is actually very nice and as predicted goes well with gold as I used it this morning to create a beautiful gold and pink look. The amount of glitter in the pencil is ok. Not really good or great but just ok. The pencil is at first a bit difficult to apply as the texture is hard but it warms up quick enough and slides on pretty well with minimal tugging. The liner color is a deep funky pink while the glitter within is silver.

In all honesty the color reminds me of a lipliner rather then an eyeliner pencil but it’s still a really cool color to have in my beauty arsenal!

Overall, it’s rather an inexpensive yet nice pencil at 1050 Yen (about $10 or less USD). You’re not blowing a whole lot of cash on it and it has some pretty good sparkle and color pay off. I’m just not sure I liked the texture though as it went on rather cakey but it is a nice color as I said and does have a good amount of sparkle to it!

I’d say skip it if you can’t get it retail! If you have the means of getting it at cost then pick up one or two colors to try it out for yourself!

The other two items that I ended up with were the pink and red lipglosses. These I’m very happy with aside from some minor ranting which I’ll get to shortly.

Each has a nice, healthy dose of shimmer to them and the applicator is your standard spatula style which I love as you can really load up on gloss with this style of applicator (gotta love the Japanese!).

The swirls in the gloss are actually not for design only. You have two styles of swirl in the gloss one of which is a pigmented lipshade. If the applicator happens to hit it you’ll get a nice tint of colors to your lips as well as gloss! The other swirl is a dose of glitter and again if the applicator happens to hit it you’ll get a bit of a silver tinge to the your lips when applied!

The formula is highly glossy, shiny, and very water based for a moisturizing, beautiful finish to your lips. If you love glosses that feel wet all day this be the gloss for you!

Minor rants.

The pretty swirls will get messed up after dipping in a few times with the applicator *sniff*! That stinks but what can you do?

And my biggest rant of all would be the lack of flavor to the gloss. Sigh. Why oh why don’t the Japanese flavor glosses? It’s rare I’ve run across a gloss that was flavored Japan side! Why!? I really miss the flavor but I guess it prevents me from chewing the gloss off! I’m sure I’ve ingested my fair share of gloss to last me this lifetime so I guess the lack of flavor is a good thing right?

The glosses are worth picking up if you have the means of getting them at retail which is 1575 yen (about $15 USD) if not I’d say they are safe to skip! As nice as they are paying jacked up costs for them isn’t worth it!

This mini collection form Ettusais is quite a nice selection of goodies but not one of the best I’ve run across this Spring so I’ll have to refrain from sticking a Muse Approval Seal on it!

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  • K.D

    I see that you are on a roll mi’dear.

    I honestly never had a clue that the cosmetics in Japan had so many different nuances and quirks. While I think I will stick to my us cosmetics, i can’t help but oooh and ahhh over the details and pics that you are sharing with us 😀

  • Becky

    Haven’t used Ettusais, but was wondering could you review the Majolica collection?? I’m really lemming those and have only two more days here in Taiwan; can I skip?? Also,do you know which palette is not LE?

  • nilla cookie

    How interesting, I don’t think I’ve ever had a spatula for a lipgloss applicator before! I can’t wait to see your FOTD – the pink liner sounds intriguing! 🙂

    Happy Monday!

  • the Muse

    hi K.D!
    LOL yes 🙂

    Lord Japanese cosmetics are fascinating to the say the least. They have a trillion brands in comparison to the US 🙂

    I’m so pleased you’re loving the goodies 😉


  • the Muse

    Hi Becky!

    I’m featuring MJ tomorrow 🙂 The palettes are worth picking up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the GR741 are the only LE palette from the three. It’s the aqua one. I picked up all three plus the new lash extender but I skipped on the gloss! I’d say the Trick On palettes are most definately worth getting it especially the LE one if you look good in greens and aquas 😉

    Hope this helps!

  • the Muse

    hi lilan! *mwah*

    many japanese brands come with a similar applicator. I love it! It works great for smoothing on gloss 🙂

    I just posted my FOTD do tell me whatcha think! Now that I look at it I think I rather like the bold pink and god together 😉 At first I was worried it’d look bad but after I viewed the pics I think I like it!

    Happy Monday to YOU too 🙂

  • Becky

    Yay definetly going to get them; especially the LE one. The one with a pink, brown, vanilla and light blue shade looks interesting too 🙂

  • the Muse

    LOL becky did you mean the KP Collection? I got your comment in the wrong place 😉

    The KP Palettes are actually both le 🙂