February 12, 2008

Majolica Majorca Spring Collection 2008 Reviewed

This is probably my most exciting entry to date in my Japanese Spring Collection review! It’s the Majolica Majorca Spring Collection for 2008 and boy am I excited to tell you about it!

I’ve noticed I have quite a few new readers lately so I’ll briefly explain that MJ (or MM to some folk) aka Majolica Majorca is a smaller branch of Shiseido. It’s an inexpensive brand that can be found in drugstores in Japan. Although it originates in Japan it does find it’s way across the board into China, Taiwan, Singapore, Etc…..although sadly never the US.

The Spring Collection brings us three new palettes that are entitled Majolook Trick On Palettes. The palettes are a bit different from the standard Majolook Palettes and are quite interesting to say the least.

Where as the regular Majolook palettes come with a combination of powder eyeshadow and cream liner or powder eyeshadow and cream highlighter these palettes are a quad of powder shadows minus the cream liner or cream highlighter.

The palette is actually broken down as follows:

2 Powder Eyeshadows
1 Powder Eyeliner (Can be used as an eyeshadow as well if you’re inclined)
1 “Trick” On Powder

The Trick On powder is an interesting texture in comparison to the other shadows in the palette. It’s a light shimmering powder that can used as a highlighter or on top of the darkest eyeshadow shade. It’s a lighter formula when compared to the other shadows in the palette. I used it as a highbrow highlighter and in the inner corner of my eyes for a bit of pop!

Of the three palettes introduced only GR741 (The aqua variation) is limited edition. All of the shades are definately worth picking up in my humble opinion as you can create some rather beautiful looks using these.

As I’ve said in previous posts these aren’t super duper pigmented however with a bit of work you can create beautiful eye looks with them. This morning I used the GR741 and I created a rather nice look that I’ll be uploading later today! It’s probably the most pigmented Majolook palette I own! The deep greenish aqua shade is gorgeous and very beautiful! It’s definately my favorite of the three released and if you get nothing else this is well worth your cash if you love bold shades of eyeshadow!


As you can see GR741 is beautiful! Starting from the bottom left hand side is the highlighter color in a soft iridescent baby blue color, next to that is the deep aqua green liner, above that is the cream colored “Trick On” color, and next to that the base color in a lighter beautiful greenish aqua color! I created a rushed look with this today and it came out ok but I’m looking forward to taking my time next run with it and seeing what I can create! As I said above it’s quite possibly the most pigmented Majolook palette I own!


This is my 2nd favorite color combination of the three palettes released. It contains a beautiful array of browns and pinks which I find I really love lately! Starting at the left hand side we have a beautiful cream color sparkle to use as a highlighter, next to that a lovely chocolate liner, on top of that the “Trick On” powder is a shimmering bluish white, and next to that the main base color is a lovely pink!


Out of all three palettes, BR742 is the one I liked the least but it does have some redeeming factors. The browns and greens are surprisely reminding me of Spring. Starting at the bottom left hand side we have iridescent bluish white shade, next to that a really deep dark brown, on top of that an iridescent pale green, and next to that a beige brown! Even though it’s not my favorite I definately see the potential to create a rather nice greenish look for Spring with this palette!

A new lash extender was released with the Collection and I’m sure as you already know from reading my past posts I’m a big lover and supporter of MJ Mascara. This particular release is rather good and I’m glad I didn’t pass on it. It feels very natural on and doesn’t make my lashes stiff at all.

It feels like I have some sort of Lash Conditioner on and the formula is very interesting in comparison to past releases for that reason! According to Iris at Rouge Deluxe the new formula contains “gloss oil” which in my humblest opinion can definately be felt when it’s on. I found this a very interesting release as it’ll be beautifully light during the Spring and Summer! Who wants stiff, dark lashes in warmer months right? Something light and natural is perfect and this new formula definately accomplishes that! A hearty rave for this! And of course as with all releases it’s long wearing and smudge proof!

The other items released in the collection that I skipped on were Honey Balm Swirl Lipglosses. These weren’t so appealing to me as I already own some of the Honey Plump Balms.

The Majolook palettes are 1575 yen each and the new Lash Extender is 1260 yen. Sadly expect to pay a huge jack in price if you’re shopping non-retail. A few shops have jacked the price up considerably. Although it deserves to be sad the palettes are worth the price increase!

Overall, the new Spring Collection from MJ most definately gets a YAY from me and a Muse Approved sticker!

Maybe I’m bias and just a lover of MJ in general but this is most definately a favorite for me this Spring!

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  • Dalenna

    i was eyeing the brown palette but -damn!- blue iridescent won’t work. ick!

  • Shop With A Vengeance!

    These look beautiful!! I am a sucker for pretty packaging too and these definitely fit the bill 🙂

    Thanks for posting!

  • Grayburn

    I saw these online and are tempted I have to say 🙂

    About fiberwig mascara, it seems it takes alot of practice initially to get it to work right. The key for me is lots of patience but it is worthwhile for the result it gives! It’s also quite wet so it has to be wiped before each use. I have super sparse and straight and short (the 3 s’s!) and have never found anything other than this to work for me.

  • Becky

    You’re so right. I picked these up today–beautiful!! Something I definetly won’t regret buying in Taiwan 🙂

  • Nic Nic

    Ive not tried MM prods, i had plenty of chances to tho when i was in japan.. i always skipped it for KATE.. i shud def check it out when I’m back in japan! thanks for the review =D

  • Taryn

    Oh geez, there’s those names again. “Trick On.” Where do they come up with it?

    Muse, did I ever tell you about the “Engrish” description on a bottle of baking soda face wash I got from JPMon? It’s by Super Keana. Here it is:

    “Good Bye: Why you feel like you have a whole in your heart might be because you have wholes on your skin!? Let’s start washing today!” LOL!

    Seriously, those palettes are beauties. More temptation!

  • Anonymous

    my guess that MM does not open retail storefront in usa and sg is that they want to maintain a certain luxury image and with that they believe that a high price point is the way to achieve that. so they will not bring in the drugstore range like MM. only the ‘expensive’ ‘luxurious’ range like CleDePeu and Shiseido the makeup.
    and of course the unscrupulous merchants will most certainly jack up the prcies. oh …….

  • fleckenschnitte

    I got the green majolook and the Lash Enamel Glamour Neo mascara, too =D I love the green palette! It’s unlike most other green or aqua palettes in my opinion! You can view an EOTD in my MUA profile if you’re interested!
    The new mascara is great, too! This and the Combing Glamour mascara from Maquillage are my favorites… but I dislike the new Kate gel volume mascara =( It just weighs my lashes down!
    Btw I love your blog! I check every day and enjoy reading even the non-Japanese makeup entries (and I am usually not interested in Western brands!) and you got me addicted to the Snowcake fragrance from Lush =P
    Thanks and keep the great work up!

  • the Muse


    Don’t let it sway you! The brown is actually an interesting package and the color is sorta greenish bluish whitish and it’ll reflect those colors but not in a major way if that makes sense 😉

  • the Muse

    hi Shop With A Vengeance!

    I am too. Ugh packaging sells it to me totally even when it’s crap 😉

  • the Muse

    hi Grayburn!

    My lashes are pretty full and everytime I use it I get major fiber fall out and raccoon eyes 🙁

    My sister has smaller, delicate lashes and she loves this stuff with a passion!

    I was thinking maybe since my lashes are so full that was my problem with the crummy bits!

    Your post has made me want to retry it a new and see if it works for me 😉

    Thanks for the tips in applying!


  • the Muse

    hi petitebelle!

    I’m happy to have access as well at retail as online prices sometimes make me cringe 🙁 However sometimes I have to resort to online buying!

    You can find a ton of these brands on online shops if you’re interested 😉

    Thanks for the comment lovie!

  • the Muse

    Hi becky!

    Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Would you mind if I asked the cost in Taiwan?

    Curious minds! and don’t forget the Muse next trip to Taiwan! I wanna go I wanna go 😉

  • the Muse

    hi Nic Nic!

    KATE is most definately a fav Jbrand for me and it gets my money alot but MM holds my heart 😉

    I love the cuteness! While KATE screams gothy punk, MM is so girly and frilly 😉

    I’m featuring the KATE spring collection shortly so you’ll be happy 😉

    You’re most welcome!


  • the Muse

    LOL Taryn!

    Trick it On baby!

    Wahoo a good facial scrub is the way to a girl’s heart lol!

    You have to get at least the green/aqua! With your coloring I bet you’d look fab!

  • the Muse

    hi Anonymous!

    This is true. I’m sure they want to maintain an image of elegance stateside. But that stinks as we fail to get some of their best lines like MJ, Maguillage, Intergrate, Etc…


    So unfair!

    We must move to Japan! Got your bags packed?

  • the Muse

    hey kathi!

    I just seen your EOTD and you’re looking gorgeous as always (and the babies are getting so big too! Loving see pics of them)! I love what you did. I’m about to post my FOTD as well but I think I goofed up a bit.

    It’s probably the best quality Majolook Palette I’ve ever come into contact with. It’s really quite a fab one!

    The new formula on the lash extender/enamel is quite wonderful! I normally get all the releases of this but this time I was debating do I really need another one? I was happy I did indulge because it ended up being quite great!

    I like the comb one from Maquillage as well!

    I’m not so into the new gel mascara myself 😛 I dunno why. I haven’t realy fell in love with it yet. Bit disappointed on that. I got the new square cut liner as well which I haven’t yet used and I’m about to review shortly. Have you tried it? I know you’re more of a pot liner girl but I was curious if you had purchased this particular pencil!

    Aw thanks for visiting me daily. I visit you at least three times a week to see updated haul pics and always checking for new reviews 🙂 Sorry I haven’t written lately. Been swamped!

    Hehe gotta LOVE snowcake 🙂 have you tried the shower gel!??! If not let me know and I’ll send you a decant! It’s LOVE LOVE LOVE! So beautiful and soft and god I wanna eat it!

    Thanks for the comment love!

    Don’t be a stranger 😉 You know I adore talking to you!


  • Angelique

    Wells, this is completely off-topic–I don’t share your love for Japanese beauty so as of late I’ve had nothing to say (the exception being on PJ’s Anna Sui blue gloss post; I want that so badly and I just know I’m not ever going to get it, sigh)–but I thought I’d ask anyway.

    MAC fafi has gone live. Have you gotten anything? Me, I got the neon blue-pink lipstick. And if it’s still there by the time payday hits, I may get the matching neon pink gloss. But that’s all I’m getting. Since I know you rather like the collection, what do you think you’ll get?

    Well, I’m going to go try and write a post of my own, considering that it’s been so long since I’ve written anything.

  • Liz

    Hello Muse! Thanks for visiting my blog. Cloverfield is really more monster-horror than disaster, but hey, if you’re up for it, go for it! 🙂

    I’ve heard many positive things about MJ but I’ve never tried them personally. One thing about Japanese makeup I find is how finely milled the powders are, and when that’s the texture of pressed eyeshadow powder, they become so soft, almost too soft and subtle for my liking. The only Japanese makeup brand I’ve ever bought was RMK, very expensive and not really to my liking. How do you find the lasting power of those MJ palettes?

  • the Muse

    Hello Angelique!

    PJ loves aquas, blues, etc when it comes to glosses =)

    And has a great collection of ’em! Even convinced me to buy the aqua tinted Aube Fruitina Lipgloss which I love!

    The Anna Sui glosses have popped up on e-bay but of course prices aren’t so hot but if you’re desperate definately head over!

    Also facial shop has some I think!

    I’m headed out today to pick up Fafi 🙂 Can’t wait 🙂

    You know I’m diseased so a majority of it will end up in my cart. I’ll be reviewing it tonight or tomorrow 🙂

    I look forward to your next post!

    Hope you’re well!

  • the Muse

    Hello Liz!

    I love it. Your header is great 🙂 Totally appeals to my inner geek! Cute little lady with a lap!

    I was worried about the sickie factor but since reading your review I’ve decided maybe I can chance motion sickness hehe!

    You are correct. Almost all Japanese makeup have really fine powder almost chalky in texture. So building up color is a must other color payoff is zip! Although some brands have different formulas and are of better quality.

    RMK is a fav of mine! I must admit that I love the sparkle to their shadows and the quality. It’s one of the few brans that doesn’t have that soft texture you are talking about 😉

    but it’s also an expensive brand! eep!

    The lasting power is really what you make of it considering you have to prime and prep the eye prior to use.

    I find they last all day on me way into the evening even however they have a very strange texture as well that I sometimes find myself describing as a sorta creamy chalky powder.

    I really am a big fan of MJ so I guess I’m a bit bias and you won’t find me saying anything too bad about them 😉

    The texture on the single shadows is WAY different and you might want to try those as they are pigmented and have a really good “hard” feel to them if that makes sense!

    Thanks for the comment 😉
    Hope this helps!

  • Allysia-May

    Damn, now that’s a packaging to die for. I’m certainly loving the Blue and Pink pallettes though i wonder how it’ll come up on my skin. I’m going to go and do some hunting on e-bay and i pray i don’t find it because if i do i’m just going to end up bidding for it till i win. I think the brown would grow on me after a while. My only worry is the pallettes kinda look big from the pictures. Are they purse friendly?? P.S: Thanks for the link, those B Never perfume bottles are a looker.

  • petitez

    Oh is the new Lash Extender really that good? Wish I bought it! How does it differ from the previous ones?? The texture?

  • wen

    happy valentines muse! =D

    and WOAHHHHH they’re all so prettty~
    fly me to japan T.T

    oooh~ boot! i’ll tell her to go there to do my shopping for me! hahaha thanks =)
    she’s going there to watch arsenal.
    i’d rather spend the money at boots. HAHA~
    im horrible.

    and yes, u understand that so well! spore’s weather is super humid, none of the loreal or maybelline mascaras tt ive tried stay smudge-free on me.
    and my curls always lose their bounce by the end of the day. =((

    perming lashes seriously gives u CURLY lashes!! my friend went for it once, and i had to accompany her. i burst out laughing when i saw her curly lashes!! HAHA ok im evil, but after a few days, her lashes were so pretty~

    oh dear. hahaha ive got two new tubes of fasio -__-

    i shld have got the mascara when i was at thailand! i was browsing at the KATE section, but i got distracted by the Kanebo Freshel line, ended up buying moisturizers for my mom.

    the next time i see KATE again, i’ll definately try it!

  • the Muse

    hi Allysia-May!

    The packaging is uber cutes 🙂 They have a vibrant pink Majolook plus the new aqua green one and I’m positive it’ll look fab on a darker skin shade 😉

    Honey buy it from http://www.adambeauty.com way cheaper then e-bay! Prices are too scary e-bay side. Adambeauty at least is not too jacked up!

    They are very purse friendly. They are about the size of a credit card! Not as slim though!

    You’re most welcome 🙂 Glad you liked the B post!

  • the Muse

    hey pets!

    It is very good. The formula is light good for spring and summer and especially good for the Singapore humidity 😉

    Texture is lighter and it feels like you don’t even have mascara on 🙂

    Doesn’t make the lashes hard 😉

  • the Muse

    hi wennnnnnnnnnnn happy vday honey!

    LOL let’s go! We’ll leave on a jet plane tonight 🙂

    You’re most welcome 🙂

    LOL I’d rather spend the money on cosmetics too! I’m in the same boat 🙂

    Oh I can so understand. I imagine drugstore brands stink in regards to staying power when faced with humid weather 🙁

    LOL I wanna get permed lashes now 🙂 I love curling my lashes 😉 It keeps for ages with curlkeeper too!

    Cheeky girl with all that mascara 🙂

    KATE makes it’s way your side! Maybe Sasa has it? Although to be honest I never seen it on Sasa. But I think KATE is available in Singapore. 😉 Do have a wander around bet you can find some!

    Hugs and kisses miss Wen 🙂