March 27, 2008

Beauty on a Budget: Terra Eyeshadow Review

I was tempted again by the evil Beauty on a Budget brands that can be found in my local drugstore….go firgure.

My little mate Mandy from Mandy’s Beauty Blog was bragging about Terra eyeshadows in a recent post of mine and of course I got to thinking that I need to recheck these out. The reason I say “recheck” them is because I had previously seen these in my local drugstore and even swatched them but me being the snob I am I skipped and didn’t bother buying any!

Of course, when I went back my mentality had changed slightly and I was open to the suggestion that maybe these could be good. Lucky for me I kept that frame of mind because I walked out of the store toting eight shades in a little plastic bag with a goofy smile on my lips over my latest haul.

These are great, thanks Mandy!

I know many of you piss, moan, and bitch something fierce about baked eyesahdows. I personally don’t mind an occasional baked eyeshadow. They spice up my life a little bit and they are different and interesting however I do agree with some of you to an extent about the lack of pigmentation.

These shadows I am about to show you are baked eyeshadows however they are alot different then what you’re used to with your normal variety range of baked eyeshadows!

These are entitled Terra Eyeshadows and yes I googled plenty for you but I see nothing about these anywhere. No website, no listing, nada. The back says “Made in Italy” but soon after it displays a Miami address…I dunno.

The good news is these are fantastic. The pigmentation, for a baked eyeshadow, is brilliant. They are loaded with color, blend easily, and have just a touch of shimmer that’s not to overkill for my sparkle/shimmer haters out there.

The shadow itself is very silky and smooth and it blends very well for a baked eyeshadow as I normally find baked shadows here in the US a bit hard in texture if that makes sense and not as silky as what I’ve tried abroad.

Prices vary from shop to shop but they aren’t too expensive at $7.49 USD or so per a pot. I’ve seen them in a few drugstores for different price ranges but no higher then $8.99 USD. For what it’s worth that’s somewhat high for one eyeshadow purchased in a cheesy drugstore in the United States however they are good and you know when I say something is good I sincerely mean that from the bottom of my little heart.

The first time I noticed these as I had mentioned early on in this post was when the line had single eyeshadows only. They now have duo eyeshadows as well which I love since the color combinations are flattering and do work well together. The entire line is really tiny it consists of about twelve or so eyeshadows and a few bronzer type blushers and that’s it.

As I mentioned I ended up with eight of the eyeshadows total.

I’ve seen these in two locations so far. Harmon’s Beauty Store and Duane Reade. As I recall they were cheaper in Harmon’s so hit up there first prior to heading to Duane Reade for the best price. To find them don’t look in the main cosmetic aisle you have to swing yourself around and they are right next to the applicators, eye makeup removers, and cotton swabs and stuff. Right by the accessories you’ll see a tiny little display with these hanging out on it!

I did notice something that deserves a mention about these. I had to do some major prepping of my eye prior to applying as I noticed the first time I used one of the duos that it creased terribly. I blame that on my lack of prepping and my rushed application however I did a second look and the same thing happened so when using these you may need to spend a little extra time prepping your eye area well prior to application. My third time trying these I hit the nail on the head and got it right, no creasing and perfect wear and tear all day but I spent some time making sure I had a good surface on my eye prior to applying and my bit of hard work rewarded me with beautiful, eyepopping eyeshadow that lasted all day and into the night!

Without further babbling from me a few pictures of the Terra Eyeshadows I picked up!


Turquoise Pearl


Emerald Pearl

Snow Gold Pearl

Beige Pearl



My favorite of the bunch is Turquoise Pearl which is a beautiful aqua touched with some lovely blue and Snow Gold Pearl which is a lovely golden cream! All the colors are truly outstanding and the photos don’t do them justice!

Terra Eyeshadows are most definately Muse Approved for purchasing! I’m loving these at the moment!

Want ’em?

Already have ’em?

Loving them?

Tell the Muse!


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  • helly

    heyyyyyyyyy ya muse

    the eyeshadows look really prettyyyy but the main reason i commented is to tell you that your really rocking your new camera XD the colours are really pretty and the lightings just right XD maybe a bit more macro? 😛

    and as for my very mini haul, i only got some mj jeweling pencils for fds, a visee palette, the news glam trick, kate eyeliner…and kose blackheads remover thing XD

    i cantttt wait to dig into it. must pick up tomorrowwwwwww

  • the Muse

    hi ann 😉
    Thanks 😉

    Tempt tempt tempt! I’m sending lemming vibes your way 😉

  • the Muse

    hellllllly what’s up beautiful girl?

    Thanks! I’m trying 😉 to rock it 🙂 hehe!

    I concur! It needs a bit more macro and also I need to try a different light setting. My first images of heatherette were TERRIBLE but I finally got around to adjusting the manual settings and the camera is totally taking better pics. Also I no longer look like a big blob of orange when I take a pic. I’ve set my lighting at Tungen at the moment and vivid colors with macro and flash. I’ve been using the digital zoom as well up to 12x since that seems to get the best shots but the white background could make it a bit blurry!

    So I totally hear you darling! More macro soon 😉

    w00t love the jeweling pencils! Visee palettes rock which did you get? GN1? For Glamtrick? You better share some FOTDS the Muse wants to see you sporting GN1!

    If I might ask which Kose blackhead remover? Give a yell if it works as I use the black mask and I’ve been looking for something stronger for my stubborn embedded black heads!

    enjoy your haul!!!
    Take pics 😉


  • makeupmag

    You ‘Orrible Temptress you! 😀

    I LOVE how Water/Green looks – those are my kind of colours.


  • the Muse

    *evil laugh*
    hahaha mags 😉


    I love water/green myself 😉

  • MandyPandy

    F.O.T.D. F.O.T.D. FOTD damn you!!!

    No, seriously, I’d love to see how these e/s would look like on you and how you’d wear them. You simply must show us! 😀

    Also, speaking of peer pressure and eyeshadows, Besame currently has it’s eyeshadows listed for a jaw-dropping $10 each. Quite a few Besame products are on sale at that price, but I’ve tried most of them and the eyeshadows are the only things worth note. I ordered the two best shades in my opinion: Plum Dandy and Pistachio. Pistachio is quite simply THE perfect green eyeshadow; it makes brown eyes pop and looks very sophisticated! I’d stock up if I were you as Besame seems to be DCing much of it’s line. *coughcough* Get Pistachio! *coughcough*

  • nywele

    Those eyeshadows are so beautiful especially the purple…tempting!!!
    I love your blog by the way:)

  • Askmewhats

    Wow!!! this looks great!!! i am sooo in love with the colors!!! We don’t have it here in Manila, but I’ll keep my eyes and ears open! hehehe thanks for the lovely post

  • the Muse

    hiya kitty!

    They are pretty aren’t they!?

    You should get some 🙂

  • the Muse

    hey mandy!

    ok ok ok! lol I actually did do an FOTD but I was feeling fat so I didn’t post it 😉

    I promise to do fotds 😉

    AH! 10 bucks?! I never did get to buy any yet..I thinks I needs ’em!

    You love green on me dontcha?

    hehe 🙂

    ok ok I’m slinking off to look you evil enabler you!

  • the Muse

    hiya nywele!

    Thank you so much for stopping by and visiting 😉

    The purple is gorgeous isn’t it? I love greens and purples this spring 😉

  • the Muse

    hiya Askmewhats!

    thank ye 🙂

    You’re most welcome! I’m so sorry these aren’t available your side sigh 🙁 darn it.

  • divashop

    Ooo, these look gorgeous! I don’t suppose they sell these at Walgreen’s. (Lol!) That & Wal-Mart is all we’ve got where I am. That’s why my makeup is a combo of local shopping & online shopping. These look so pretty!

  • the Muse

    oh no where are you located Gloria?

    AHHH! I’d go nuts with just a Walgreens and a Walmart 🙁

    Walgreens sadly doesn’t have them. I only seen them in DR and Harmon’s 🙁

    If you’d like them I can CP them for you! 😉