May 22, 2008

Urban Decay De-Slick Mattifying Powder Review

Possibly one of the first things that caught my eye when I first saw Urban Decay’s De-Slick Mattifying Powder was the rocking style of the compact. It quite reminded me of something Anna Sui would come up with! The compact is a dark, funky purple with an entwined skull and rose emblem on the top. I know a few of you had mentioned that you simply wanted this because of the awesome design of the compact and I’m definately in agreement with you! The compact is chic and it’s no great chore pulling this out of my bag for touch ups on the go.

I don’t have super oily skin but I get my days in the humid weather where my forehead starts to shine like a mirror. It hasn’t been too hot in the city lately (mostly rain and cold) but we have had a few nice days and I was able to test this out to see how well it works.

First of all I think a few of you had concerns about the color of this and how well it blends. The color is a super white translucent powder and you might know from past experiences that powders like this sometimes give your complexion a very ashy appearance. That’s simply not the case with Urban Decay De-Slick Mattifying Powder. It blends very well into the skin and does a super fine job of soaking up oil on your face. I can’t speak for darker skin tones but I can say that super fair and medium fair skin tones will be very happy with the blending results. It sinks beautifully into the skin and creates a silky, soft canvas for your makeup.

The best use in my opinion is for touch ups through out the day when your face feels like it’s melting due to oil build up but if you so choose you can of course use this to as a base for your makeup after foundation and before blush.

The staying powder is excellent. I’ve heard it compared to mineral veil in one review and even going so far as to say that it was better! The effects of the powder lasts close to 7 hours on my skin before my forehead started showing signs of being oily again. This is a gift from the Gods above for my lovely Singaporean girls who fill my ears with the woe of humid weather and oily skin (I feel your pain)!

The price of the compact could be a turn off for some at $28 USD but if it works I’m not one for counting pennies and this happens to work really well.

All in all Urban Decay De-Slick Mattifying Powder is well worth taking a look at!

I think I might safely say it’s Muse Approved for purchase!

Have it? Want it? Love it?

Tell the Muse all about it!


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  • Robin

    I have a medium-light olive complextion that it starting to tan and it goes on completely colorless. XD

    PS: Muse, I can’t wait for your MAC Neo-Sci fi/Solar Field review. XD

  • *Jen*

    oooh i just blogged about this yesterday! i’m actually off to pick this up today after graduation #2 to review-hopefully i love it as much as you do! i have a sephora gift card burning a whole in my pocket so we’ll have to see what other goodies i come home with 🙂

  • the Muse

    Hiya Robin!

    Thanks darling! Good to know as I was worried how well it blends on olive tones and darker skins!

    Oooo it’s a coming my dear girl it’s a coming 🙂 hehe! Did you haul anything?

    Thanks for your comment!
    Have a fab day!

  • the Muse

    hiya jen!

    congrats congrats congrats 🙂

    I hope you like it. Look forward to your review 🙂

    You have to treat yourself to a major haul in honor of your graduation 🙂

  • Allysia-May

    This is another Urban Decay product on my wishlist. I am a bit worried that i might look ashy with it though. It’s either i get this one or i get Guerlain’s Les Voilettes Matt Touch Powder.

    Having said that, i could easily just get it for the packaging…lol

  • Anonymous

    Hello there, it would be great if you could tell me what the main ingredient in this powder is. Thank you very much! :))

  • the Muse

    hey Allysia-May!

    UD makes some fine products especially anything to do with foundations, primers, etc 🙂 so having it guest star on your wish list is a great idea 🙂

    Actually no b/c Dior Extreme Fix didn’t do anything ashy on you right? So this is basically kinda sorta the same texture powder wise!

    Haven’t tried the Guerlain but will consider purchasing for a review 🙂

    LOL but of course the packaging is the deal breaker 🙂

  • the Muse

    hiya Anonymous!

    Not sure but will update my post with it tonight deal?


    You’re most welcome! My pleasure!

  • Mellerson

    I do live in Singapore and wannnnnts this. Too bad Urban Decay isn’t stocked here, it’ll just have to wait till I hit a Sephora on my next trip home to Canada.

    Great entry as I was just thinking what to replace my almost-used-up MAC blot powder with!

  • Taryn

    I don’t know why, but the price took me aback when I got the email in my box. I was thinking almost $30 for a UD pressed powder seemed pretty extreme, but since you’re liking it, I may just have to check it out!

    Have you ever tried Tarte’s Little Blot Book? If so, is the powder anything like the one in there? I had it and swapped it away because it felt like chalk on my face. 🙁

  • the Muse

    hiya mellerson!

    I think maybe they ship internationally mellerson! Have you checked on cozy to see if they do? I know benefit does.

    If you’re really lemming it hard, email me and I can see about doing a purchase for you and sending over!

    blot paper is great and I tote it everywhere but this has a much more long wearing effect and since you likely might have oily skin do to the humid weather this is worth checking out!

    Thanks for the comment! Hope to see you around here!

  • the Muse

    Hey Taryn!

    Agreed. The price did make me think wow considering UD is mid way when it comes to prices.

    I’ve tried the tarte one and it was chalky on me too and it looked like I was wearing makeup if that makes sense. This blends a bit better but you can definately feel that you have powder on….it’s comparable to wearing some mineral veil.

    Not chalky though. It’s worth heading to Sephora to swatch it on your arm and if you’re not too grossed out (I normally am) maybe take a little bit and smooth on with your fingertips.

    Love ya!

  • MandyPandy

    Hard Candy also had a great blotting powder, ‘O-blot-erate’, though I do know if they DC’ed it or not.

    I’ll def. have to check this one out, though.

  • the Muse

    I remember that Mandy! They still have it I think. It was a heart shapped sponge 🙂

    Maybe it’s the same formula?

  • Vivien

    I just added this to my Sephora cart! I was thinking about getting Posie tint but didn’t realize it was $28..eek! I just spent wayy too much money on Neo Sci-Fi and really want to pick up some UD 24/7Liners, so I think I will pass on Posie Tint, however I NEED this, my skin is so oily and I don’t really like MAC’s blot powder!! And the packaging!?? OMG SO CUTE! Like you said, VERY Anna Sui!!

  • sarahPUFFY

    hey musey! my internet’s been down so I havent been able to reply to comments! Im about to get on that right now n.n

    and yay for the review! Im in the medium range, ironically [the darkest of mediums!], so I think I could work with this stuff. time for a trip to the boardwalk!

  • sarahPUFFY

    oh, and they still make that powder you and mandy are speaking of! hard candy and UD are sister companies, so I keep up with both n.n

  • Nic Nic

    i ought to check this out since i have oily t-zones.. im looking for something to touch up too. def worth checking out! thanks for this ^^

  • Emilee @ GMM

    Thanks for the review, Izzy! I’ve been waiting patiently before deciding to part with my hard earned $30. 😛

    I’m not a fan of using powders, but I might just have to check this out. Looks like it’d be a godsend for my oily days!

  • ???

    oh dear! i want this too! sounds like a good one for me normal oily combo skin 😛

    but $28 is such a pain… i’ll check out next month…


  • the Muse

    hi again Vivien!


    Yea it was a bit much 😛 I’m always disappointed at Benefit’s ridiculous prices!

    You know you should wait a little while. If you can do without this and the 24/7 liners for a bit you might run into the 30% sale around September. Normally they milk that F&F discount a few times a year lately 😉 so you can score this and your liners at 30% off!

    I must say the packaging sold me on this guy for sure 😉

    I haven’t indulged in Neo Sci/Fi yet I’m still in debates as I badly want the Nordies Exclusive so saving my pennies for that but temptation calls and I’ll prob end up with Neo Sci/Fi soon!

    Thanks for the awesome comments! Nice talking to you!

  • the Muse

    hey miss sarah!

    Oh noes! Sorry to hear 😛

    It’s def good for any skintype as it goes on completely clear 😉


    Oh awesome! it’s prob identical to this formula I bet. I keep up with both too but my heart is with UD as it’s much better quality I find!

  • the Muse

    hiya Emilee !

    You’re most welcome my friend! It’s a bit much but it does work well!

    If you can wait, I’d say wait. As FF is around the corner and you can score it for 30% off!

    I honestly dont use much powder either as I am dry and powder makes it worst but this is honestly pretty good!

    worth checking out for summer 😉


  • the Muse

    hi plue!

    I was just rec’ing waiting for the 30% off sale 😉 Plus I believe they ship Worldwide yay!

    Hugs, Kisses!

  • sarahPUFFY

    Awesome. I’m about to snag Neutrogena’s Glow Sheers with SPF 30 [comaparable to Stila’s TM with SPF 30], so I’d like a nice powder to help banish the oilies during the day. I don’t like carrying my MSFN, brush, and an extra mirror with me – too much crap.

    And rawr, I also want the Foreshadow Palette for my birthday – although I’m really not expecting much for my birthday this year, as I’ve had some crappy grades. Hopefully I can save up somehow and indulge. :]

  • ???

    i want it!
    i’ll have to check with a local spree-r see will she be doing anymore of this 😛
    i can’t wait!! ooo!!!

    darling, i’m so broke just by deciding wat to get!! 😛


  • the Muse

    hey sarah!

    Sorry for the delayed reply. I haven’t seen ’em! I was going to do a DS run today 🙂 I want to pick up afew bits!

    I agree about carrying a ton of crap around and this is just perfect for touch ups!

    I heart the UD palettes!
    Awwww when you’re bday!

    or wait? ff discount in the fall? hehe!

  • the Muse

    hiya plue!

    they always do 30% around the fall and also during the summer at times!

    Awesome deal 🙂

    Wahooo! Happy Hauling when it does pop up!

    I’ll post if I hear anything of course!

  • sarahPUFFY

    Haha, my birthday is June 9th! Less than 2 weeks away! I planned on staying home, but Beau is saying otherwise. I was hoping to get a bunch of Sephora gift cards, since the UD Foreshadow palette is only available online!

    OHHH and I had a trip to Pretty Cosmetics today to test the powder and check out some Cargo blushes. MAN, THAT COMPACT IS LIKE JESUS IN YOUR POCKET. I love how…heavy it is! Its very sturdy. That means it’ll survive in my tote!

    And the powder actually COMPLETELY disappeared into my skin. Even Beau was like, “Wow, that’s cooool.”

    I’m also craving the Urban Arsenal Palette [to keep in my bag/backpack for emergency days!]. I got to test the shades, and I’m loving Twice Baked. Its the darkest brown I’ve come across! Most browns don’t even show up on me [or makes me look as if I’ve dark circles], but this one is just great. The 24/7 Liner is also Godly [still on my hand!].

    …I think I’ve typed out 2 or 3 reviews! Hahaha. I should shush my trap!!!

  • the Muse

    hey sarah!

    Sorry for the delayed reply 🙂 Happy Early Bday 🙂

    I’ll mention the good word that “SARAH WANTS SEPHORA GIFT CARDS” to everyone lol!

    I have two of the blushes and the packaging is pretty nice but I’ve never been completely in love with their products!

    I heart the arsenal palette with a passion! It’s so gorgeous! Twiced Baked is truly a lovely shade as is Baked! Rock on.

    ha! I have the same prob! Darker shades make my eyes look like they have big time circles!

    I have a few shades of the 24/7, can’t live without it. So beautifully melty and smooth and nummy!

    LOL! Carry on 🙂 Love to see how excited you about UD 😉 UD used to be my main brand for a long time 😉

  • sarahPUFFY

    AHAHA I wish, I entered that sephora giveaway because the thought of 1000 had me drooling. ofc I won’t win, but hey, it was fun!

    Ohhh and I fell in love with one of the Cargo blushes so badly, I dedicated an entire post to it. How horrible of me! 😀

    And my love for UD has grown ever since using their shadows during the school play. And Hard Candy too! They’re so smooth and creamy and nummy. And that Arsenal palette is practically calling me. The shades are so pretty. >.< And you know, no matter how much I wash my hands, the line from the 24/7 liner is STILL there. And I marked it 4 days ago!

  • the Muse

    hey sarah 🙂
    another very delayed reply grrr!

    I was going to enter but decided I’d probably never live up hehe!

    OOOOOOOOO which one!? Must catch up on my reading! I didn’t see that post on your blog!

    I love their shadows so much! I have a rather huge stash 🙂 The palettes are simply awesome and I actually wish I invested in them rather than full size as it saves a ton of $!

    Oh gosh ya I have a hell of a time getting 24/7 out of my waterline!!!


  • lesley g

    do you think this is necessary for someone who uses powder foundation? or is this to set make-up over liquid foundation?

    Complexion: Good, no pimples, smooth skin, sometimes oily nose.