February 13, 2009

Morgen Schick Hi Def Perfection Kit Review

I recent mused about HD makeup. Remember? In my musings about HD I mentioned the new Morgen Schick Hi Def Perfection Kit which I quickly snapped up for myself as I trust just about anything Morgen puts out.

I’ve been using the kit for the better part of this month now and I’m finally going to review! Yay everyone get excited!

Jump ahead to hear my thoughts!

I must emphasis prior to raving about this kit that it is not for everyone. I repeat, this is not for everyone. The formula of the foundation won’t be something everyone loves so I really place a heavy emphasis on the fact that I think mamy people will not love it. As for me it’s outstanding and a tried and true item that does exactly what it promises, creates flawless, beautiful, HD perfect skin.

The kit is $39.50 USD (an absolute steal of a price) and includes all of the following items:

Morgen Schick Hi-Def Hide and Hilight Concealing System (Two Colors)
Morgen Schick Hi-Def Radiant Schick Stick Duo in Pink
Morgen Schick Hi-Def Brightening Powder
Morgen Schick Whisper Set Powder
Brush and Makeup Sponge

I absolutely adore the two concealing pots. I’m a big fan of the Morgen Schick Hide and Hilight compact and it’s my HG foundation so the new Morgen Schick Hide and Hilight Concealing pots are absolutely just as good and perhaps even better. Each pot is a creamy, moisturizing, heavily pigmented foundation. These cover literally EVERYTHING. Any mark, blemish, or problem you’ve wanted to conceal with foundation these will take care of. Mix the two shades together to create a perfect shade or use them separately where you need lighter or darker shades. For example you can use the darker shade as your primary foundation and the lighter shade as a concealer. I’m happiest by combining the two. The formula is quite thick so a little tiny bit goes a very long way. The texture is comparable to The Sensual Skin Enhancer however not as creamy and a bit thicker. I personally don’t feel comfortable recommending these for use with oily skin or anyone prone to clogged pores as this is super thick and may cause more woe than joy. However, if you have dry skin you’ll fit right in with this as my dry skin sucked it up and absolutely adores it. It doesn’t flake, crease, or cake and just feels lovely on my skin. But again, even though I love it I do think some people will consider it greasy feeling or strange almost like stage makeup which is why I recommend a tiny dab. A small amount will do your entire face.

After applying the concealer pot you’ll want to either follow up with your own concealer or leave as is. Personally I liked the pots as a foundation but not as a concealer as the formula was a bit too thick for under my eyes. Following up after using the concealing pots you can begin to dab the Whisper Set Powder on shadowy areas of your skin or in spots you used the foundation to set it. Normally I apply the foundation down the sides of my nose and spread it outwards so that’s where I follow up with a stroke of the powder. Down the sides of my nose, on the sides of my mouth, and along my upper lip line. The powder is silky smooth and lovely. I have the powder from a previous kit and use it daily so it’s nothing new. It does a nice job of setting my foundation and brightening up my face.

Finally you’ll want to complete your look using the Hi-Def Brightening Powder. I didn’t use this powder anywhere else aside from under my eyes. It works fabulously at lightening up my dark circles and dull eyes. You can use it all over your face if you want but I prefer sticking to my under eye area. The powder is similar to Make Up For Ever HD High Definition Powder in formula and color. It’s white and silky smooth. Applying it will blend away fine lines or dullness with a quick sweep of your brush.

Finally the kit also contains a dual end Hi-Def Radiant Schick Stick Duo in Pink. This stick contains a healthy pink cheek stain and a shimmery pink cheek stain. Both ends can be used on either cheeks or lips. Morgen always suggests applying your cheek stain prior to your foundation so that your stain is more natural. This trick has stuck with me for over 10 years after hearing her recommend it on a video I got with my very first kit I purchased from her. It’s the best way possible to use stain so it looks more natural on. I didn’t like the shimmery end of the stain but I do like the regular standard stain which worked well at pinching my cheeks with color.

After my look is complete with the kit, as you’ll see below, I do look a tad bit ghastly which is why I need to follow up with my regular makeup. Eye makeup, blush, etc…after a little blending and working on my face you’ll notice that my skin is left looking absolutely picture perfect flawless. In this post I’m showing you a few pics using the kit with the bare minimal amount of makeup on my face. I’ll also include links for recent reviews I’ve done of products where I am wearing this kit with full makeup and you’ll notice the difference.

Here are a few links of me wearing the foundation kit with full makeup in place:

Link 1
Link 2
Link 3

In this first set of photos I’m using the complete system which includes the cheek stain on my face and lips with no other makeup. As you can see it looks nice on but not natural.

In this second set of photos I’m using minimal makeup on my face and the entire kit aside from the cheek stain.

Although both set of pictures look nice, or at least I think they do, they aren’t as nice as when I have my full makeup in place.

Overall, I thought the kit was an outstanding value. Considering that I absolutely adore the Morgen Schick Hide and Hilight System and swear by it as my HG this kit was a happy find. The system truly does create flawless, beautiful skin however you do have to know how to use it to achieve great results. Just remember a little tiny bit goes a long way!

I was considering not Muse Approving it for purchase simply because the thickness of the foundation may not be everyone’s cup of tea. But I reconsidered and thought that at $39.50 USD and HSN’s fantastic return policy it’s worth checking out for yourself. So I’m happy to slap a Muse Approval on this for purchase. Do check it out as it’s well worth trying in my humble opinion.

If it’s flawless, beautiful skin you seek def grab yourself a Morgen Schick Hi Def Perfection Kit.

Loves it!

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