May 19, 2009

Make Up For Ever Smoky Lash Mascara Review

Make Up For Ever I love you so but would you be terribly hurt if I give your Smoky Lash Mascara a bad review?


A few months ago I got slap happy about Make Up For Ever Smoky Lash Mascara after seeing the incredible promo photo that went along with the release. Almost immediately I ran out to get some.

Disappointment set in fast….

Now I got this mascara months ago and I’m just bringing myself to review it now. It’s just so bad I wasn’t sure what to write about it exactly. I’ve never really had a problem with raccoon eyes due to my mascara. I’ve had a few flaking problems but no crazy raccoon looking eyes until I tried out Make Up For Ever Smoky Lash Mascara.


What a mess. I was expecting really dark, smoky lashes when I tried this and what I got was a flaking, runny mess that left a dark ring under my eyes and made me look absolutely ridiculous. First application ended up with a bunch of flaky pieces of mascara falling around my eyes. Basically the mascara feels like it dried out and it was old when in fact it was a fresh tube that I just purchased. After cleaning up the flaky pieces I noticed my lashes were all clumped together and spidery looking…ugh…proceeded to comb them out and tried to be happy with the mess they were. Two hours into work and I check my makeup and I’m sporting a ton of mascara running around under my eyes making me look like someone hosed me down with some water.

This is possibly the worst mascara I’ve ever used. I cannot believe the mess my lashes were after use.

Final verdict, avoid at all costs. Definitely an epic fail!

Hates it!

With a passion.

Love ya MUFE but sorry I’m just not loving this mascara.

Anyone try?

Had better results?

Do share it!


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  • Melissa Nicholl

    I’m so sorry to hear about your bad experience with Smoky Lash. I’ve been using it since it launched and I absolutely love it. I really do think you just got a bad one, because mine only gets clumpy and flaky when the tube is almost done and dried out.

    • the Muse

      hey melissa I’m glad to hear it! mine was awful! It was dried out and flaky as heck. I got it when it first came out too wonder what happened?!

      • crystal

        smoky lash is my fav mascara of all time but one time I got it from the store and it was old and flaky…maybe it went through temperature that were too hot during shipping or it was just sitting around too long

  • pricila hernandez

    I LOVE this mascara. It is expensive but sooo worth it. MAC’s zoom lash has the same texture, well I think. I love thick mascaras like these.

    give it one more try!

  • Margaret

    I love this mascara… strange you had those results.. I bought the sampler set of mascaras from Sephora & the smokey lash was by far my favorite… (next being Buxom) … I don’t get raccoon eyes when I wear this; however, this mascara is a pain in the you know what to get off… I’ve been using blinc almost daily because it’s so easy to come off ….

  • Dori Wittenberg

    ok, i know this is and older mufe release and you may have already researched the following. because your blog is amazing and you are an excellent journalist.

    the waterproof “aqua” smoky lash seems to be the one with the good reviews.
    it goes on heavy but i really like the brush. very strong bristles.
    i save those brushes because they are so well made. they seem to improve the performance of other mascaras.

    now the political part. the private manufacture of this product.
    i am glad you moderate posts because i am not fixing to “out” mufe.
    i live in central europe and picked up a mascara from a beauty supply store here and basically it is aqua smoky lash, not a dupe but the
    same mascara sold under another brand label for far far less.

    the brand label is Peggy Sage Lovely Cils waterproof. the tube says made in italy so i am thinking that is where the factory is based.
    Peggy Sage distributes around southern and eastern europe so i guess
    does not interfere with mufe marketing.

    not looking to get Peggy Sage in trouble. i was just trying to get a substitute for my beloved beauty tubes which for some strange reason,
    this european country chooses no longer to sell. never thought mascara would get so political!

    • Isabella Muse

      aw Dori, thanks so much! THAT’S a really big compliment! Thanks for telling us about this, it doesn’t surprise me really at all! A lot of brands are duping each others formulas lately although they aren’t typically an exact match so it’s interesting that Peggy Sage’s either! Now you have me curious to try it out for myself 😀 Thanks for sharing!