August 20, 2009

Reader’s Request: Bobbi Brown Cleansing Oil Review

Thanks to a few of my reader’s who brought to my attention that Bobbi Brown now has a brand new oil cleanser. Yay for oil cleansers. Nothing gets makeup off my face better than a good oil cleanser. I’m a big lover of Shu Oil Cleanser and many other smaller Asian brands as well so of course I’m quite excited to see Bobbi getting in on the game.

Honestly, not many brands cater to oil cleansers outside of Asia aside from Shu and most recently MAC so it’s great to see Bobbi Brown is making one too.

As requested here’s a review of the new Bobbi Brown Cleansing Oil.

If you haven’t used oil cleanser prior to this I’ll give you a brief break down of how it works. With a face full of make up you’ll take 2-3 pumps of oil and move it in circular motions around your face. This is on your dry face no water involved. As you rub, with the aid of the oil, makeup will begin to break up and away on your skin. Adding a tiny bit of water to your face will emulsify the oil allowing it to further break up foundation, eye makeup, etc….now you’ll rinse…done. You’ll be left with completely clean, soft skin. Although it sounds strange to those that haven’t tried it, the oil, does not leave your skin oily or greasy in anyway it rinses clean away and is ideal for any and all skin types.

Bobbi’s version is 6.7 oz in size and $38 where as Shu’s version is $35 and 5 oz. Although I like Shu very much, it’s likely Bobbi Brown Cleansing Oil will take the place of my Shu one because of price and formula.

The oil is a nice herbal scent and seems thicker compared to others I’ve tried. It glides onto my skin very nicely, breaks up makeup, and rinses clean away. I like the texture and the feel of the oil as it has a richer consistency compared to my normal brands. It removes makeup on contact and leaves my skin soft and smooth.

Overall, if you aren’t used to purchasing high end skincare this could prove an indulgence. Personally, I absolutely love it and will be replacing my current high end brand with this. It’s elegant bottle, bigger size, and incredible ability to remove all traces of makeup make it a winner for me.

Loves it!

Muse Approval for purchase.

Do you use oil cleansers?

Which are your favs?

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  • Jane

    Hi Muse and thank you! I was on the edge of deciding if I should get this. I’ve been saving my pennies to make a large BB purchase. ( so I don’t have to just use the matte bright palette anymore) LOL> So I chose each thing like I was hand picking a diamond. I wasn’t sure about this cleanser but I got it.. so excited. Now to wait for the UPS man! It’s torture. Got to spend $245 on BB today… weeeeeeeeee. I was singing in the car. lol. xo Jane

    • the Muse

      LOL Jane. No likey the matte hehe. I loved the palette when it first came out but I realized I can’t deal with all that matte lol! omg 245 SWEET what else did you get!??????? Have you used oil cleanser before? If not you’re in for a treat, best way to get makeup off.

      Big Hugs! Enjoy all those goodies hun!

  • Jane

    I thought of you when I saw the new brights shimmer palette. lol I remember complaining to you a few months back that I had to use the matte one cause I just couldn’t buy any BB for awhile. Now I use the matte brights as a shadow base to lighten the area, the ones that work for that anyway instead of buying bone. lol. Oh I love talking to another BB person! Most people don’t want to hear the prices. I have never tried the oil before, but the price looked pretty good, cheaper than the extra balm rinse, which I love. So this will be new for me. Can’t wait. 245 doesn’t go that far. LOL but I stocked up on concealer and foundation. I don’t have a store here in CT. Closest is Westport and I got used to using the internet ordering and getting the free samples. With this order I got a free cream eye shadow in galaxy, make up remover and a mini party mascara. I also got apricot blush, always wanted that, also based on your review. A new shimmer brick, a beige lipstick, a new hollywood red. Whoo hoo.
    Thanks Muse. Talking your ear off!! xo

    • the Muse

      Jane you did take advantage of 20% at Sephora this week right? They carry Bobbi Brown no hun. If you stocked up on favs maybe cancel and get from Sephora for 20% off!??!?!??!

      And totally love talking to a fellow BB girl too. I totally understand as I have alot of readers not keen on the price but I personally think you get what you pay for and BB is awesome ;-D The brights palette I liked alot and def use as a base but sometimes I’m just not a matte girl lol! But I love the brights shimmer, can’t help myself, I’m such a sucker. but catch me next year maybe change my mind lmao!

      Oil is fab, really gets it all off and way better than the balm imho ;-D the eye balm btw is awesome too. Love that stuff.

      fantastic hauling hun ;-D! jealous here ;-D