November 19, 2009

Laura Geller Baked Eye Bon Bons Set Review and Swatches

This short, wobbly little body o’ mine so does not need to think or even consider the idea of a chocolate bon, bons.  However, I could take on the makeup bon, bon variety.  Laura Geller Baked Eye Bon Bons Set is completely rich but remains calorie-free.  Coolness!

Laura Geller Baked Eye Bon Bons Set 4

Jump for it!

Laura Geller Baked Eye Bon Bons Set 5

$50 bucks snags you Laura’s cutest set yet which includes an Eye Spackle Eye Shadow Primer, creamy mascara, and, the best part of all, a Laura Geller Baked Eye Shadow Quad featuring shades Garnet, Topaz, Teak, and Vanilla Pearl. The palette looks quite like an array of scrumptious chocolate bon bons hence the name of the set.

Let’s get down to the other bits in the set before I hit you up with my thoughts on the palette.

Laura Geller Eye Spackle Eye Shadow Primer, first time using this bad boy. I’ve heard of it, been slightly tempted to indulge, but Urban Decay Primer Potion holds the bag for me. Now for me Eye Spackle is a cross between Benefit Lemon-Aid and a MAC Paint Pot. It’s a very dry, hard formula, quite dense, difficult to blend. It performs much like Benefit Lemon Aid as it brightens up the eye area even though it’s simply advertised as a primer it does manage to prep the eye nicely and sort of conceal it for a fresher look, this I liked about it. Secondly, it works wonders with fall out if you’re using pigments. Thirdly, it really doess keep shadow from creasing and fading. And last but never least it intensifies the shade of shadows as well. It’s a fleshy nude shade which is kind of a universal fit for most tones and as I said it kind of brightens up your lid area. Now…the pitfall. It’s very difficult to blend and alot of tugging is involved since the formula isn’t really moisturizing in the least. The fact that’s it’s not slipper or wet is good for those with oily lids as this will work wonders at mattifying your lid however the tugging involved to blend it out could be a deal breaker. I like it alot but just not so in lust with the work it takes to apply it.

Laura Geller Baked Eye Bon Bons Set 8

The mascara included with the kit is very standard. It gets the job done and lengthens, curls, creates a nice look to lashes but I’m not writing home about it. It’s just a regular mascara, nothing particularly special about it.

Laura Geller Baked Eye Bon Bons Set 9

Laura Geller Baked Eye Bon Bons Set 10

The real winner of the collection for me is the Laura Geller Baked Eye Shadow Quad. The shadow shades are gorgeous fall colors and create a lovely smoky eye look which is beautiful with my big bugged brown eyes. You can create any number of looks with the palette so it’s very much a star for multiple looks. The formula is pigmented, not overly much but just right, and has a faint shimmery finish. They blend nicely and leave behind a good smooth finish. For me the palette is a really pretty piece to add to your collection particularly if you’re partial to browns or warmer shades of color.

Laura Geller Baked Eye Bon Bons Set 6

Laura Geller Baked Eye Bon Bons Set 7

Laura Geller Baked Eye Bon Bons Set 2

Laura Geller 5

Laura Geller 7

Overall, I thought the quad was the main star of the kit and the other items included were just nice to haves. I’m leaning towards $50 being a little too much to splurge since the primer is a tiny travel size and the mascara is just ho-hum so it’s kinda like you’re paying $50 bucks for just a quad which honestly could match that of Chanel pricing. But…I also lean towards loving the palette too much to mind as the shadows are just too gorgeous. I think it’s worthy of a haul during say Sephora Friends and Family or when it’s cheaper on QVC (you know QVC hooks us up with the killer deals) but not sure if I’d recommend grabbing it at full price. Loves it but would like to see a little lower price maybe $40-$45 price range sounds a little better than a solid $50.

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