November 18, 2009

Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Perfecting Mineral Concentrate Review

Around the time I was turning 30, oh shut it, I so did not admit to being over 30….

Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Perfecting Mineral Concentrate 4


A-hem….around this time I was a firm believer in NO powder under the eyes.  I swear when I hit 30 it was scary good times under my eyes, so dry, Sahara Desert dry, possibility of no water on Mars dry, someone did not fill up the Pur Water Pitcher dry… get the point right?

So yes no powder was allowed anywhere near my eyes around this time, it was bad.    Anytime I attempted getting powder near the area or tried setting my concealer with it, I’d end up aging myself 20 years or more.  All that dryness really made for a terrible time.

The good news is I discovered how to treat my aging eyes correctly and suddenly I’m a firm believer in powders especially brightening powders for under my eye area.

That’s why I got excited when I recently came across the new Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Perfecting Mineral Concentrate.

Check it after the jump!

So I love the idea behind this, love the concept, love everything about it…but needs SO much work to be good.

Here’s the deal Physicians Formula is a fav drugstore brand of mine, that’s saying something as I’m not too keen on drugstore makeup. They make great products so of course I trusted that this would be awesome.

Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Perfecting Mineral Concentrate 3

What is it?

Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Perfecting Mineral Concentrate is a talc-free 3 in 1 click pen concealer, foundation, and all in one powder. It’s good for concealing under your eyes or setting your concealer, good for covering up blemishes, acne scarring, etc….or just as a quickie touch up on your face as an all over finishing powder, etc….or so it says!

It has many uses and it’s handy slim design with a click style pen to distribute the powder and an attached brush makes that easy.

The problem?

First off the brush is terrible. It’s scratchy, cheap, and sheds like my cat. No good. Def do not want it anywhere near my under eye area, too rough.

Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Perfecting Mineral Concentrate 1

Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Perfecting Mineral Concentrate 2

Secondly, the powder shade I got is a fav of mine from Physicians Formula, Creamy Natural, however it ends up going on transcluent or maybe it’s just not distributing properly from the brush? I’ve know idea what the hell the problem is but if you think you’re going to conceal anything with this you’re nuts. It has virtually no pigmentation from what I see so far and it just doesn’t seem to flow correctly through the brush which could be the problem.

The thing is I apply powder under my eyes with a small Bobbi Brown blending brush and it works a treat. This made me absolutely love the idea behind Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Perfecting Mineral Concentrate. It seems like a nifty little way to brighten up and freshen my eye area and seemed to be a mess-free way to do it. Problem is it just doesn’t work correctly. They need to revamp the packaging and possibly the formula too!?

Overall, just didn’t work. Looks fab in the packaging, it’s a gem of an idea, but they need to revamp it for me to even attempt trying it again. No good. Brush stinks, powder formula appears to be bad, and just doesn’t do much of anything.

Wasted $10 bucks.

Love the idea, hate the finished product.

Leaves it!

On a side note, Physicians Formula did get me thinking that maybe I could find a similar style brush, crush up one of my Physicians Formula Mosaic Pressed Powders and fill the brush with it and try using it in the same way!

Disclosure: The following item was purchased by me for review purposes (and because I like flinging my money at makeup products of any kind) on Musings of a Muse. For further information please see my FTC Guidelines or my Disclosure/Disclaimer posts.

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  • Brittany

    Oh my. I loathe Physicians Formula 🙁 I think it’s funny how it states talc-free very clearly on the packaging, yet that’s all it feels like to me.. chalky and cheapy.
    and I don’t care what you say!!! You don’t look a day older than 25! Seriously always thought you were in your early 20s!

    • the Muse

      I gotta say I really like some of PF’s powders 😀 some are HG for me! But some items are a miss, it depends 😀

      oh gosh you guys are awesome for saying so haha but def over 30 🙂

  • BeautyBitch

    Overall I don’t like products with an intergrated brush as the brush rarely lives up to my standards for a brush, plus you can’t clean it properly. As you rightly point out, so often they’re scratchy and stiff and not the quality I’d want especially for an eye brush. Even YSL Touche eclat ended up in my fail bin as I suspected the tip was getting gross and mouldy. I’ve also avoided trying the foundation pens (from YSL and By Terry). The biggest exception to this is the Stila Lipglaze pens.

    • the Muse

      My biggest exception is Stila Lipglaze pens too Bora funny you say that 😀

      I do find that quality is forsaken whenever they do these brush all in ones 😛 yak! Especially DS brands sigh although I must say some of skin79’s bb creams with the brush attached are quite good :)!

  • annika

    I am always disappointed in anything Physician’s Formula… although they do make an okay baked bronzer (looks like a pyramid) and felt tipped liner… but meh. Their face products are generally not pigmented well at all.

  • Marloes

    That brush… uhm, ouch?

    Powder a problem? Honey, I have to be careful with just liquid concealer under my eyes! The dark circles, yeah, but I absolutely can not put it right under my eyes or else it’ll look cakey/flakey/icky. Setting it with powder is a HUGE no-no. Like you said, you age 20 years in 10 seconds.

    Just for the record: I’m 21 ofcourse. *coughs* No, seriously, 21. Ish.

    • the Muse

      not good Marloes hates the brush!

      It’s always been a HUGE no as soon as I hit 30 powder under my eyes was so not happening 😀 but now I love a little light setting powder or brightening powder like powderflage 😀 thankfully works a treat.

      dude…you have a LONG way to go..21? seriously? 😀 you have ages to go before the puff and fine lines hit!

      • Marloes

        Did I say 21? Well, that’s what I tell everyone anyway. ;). Believe me, I have fine lines under my eyes!

        I am going to check out Powderflage though. Thanks for the tip!

        • the Muse

          LOL Marloes AHHHHHHHH ok!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

          try out powderflage, laura mercier brightening powder (at first a hate now a love), and also skin food salmon powder if you can get your hands on it, best stuff for aging girls 😀

  • crissy k

    Wow Muse. You are so lucky! I thought you were in your early 20s. I would have said no older than 23. So whatever you are doing/using on your skin works, you look so youthful!

  • Dao

    Oh my, thank you Cheesus for your review, Muse! I almost wasted 10 bucks like you did on this stuff just because of its nifty idea. However, I did realize most drugstore mineral makeup do not work on me so I stuffed my money back in my pocket. Now, I have proof that my decision was correct.

  • Rosa

    Your review was extremely helpful. I always wondered about this product. Thanks for saving me $10, to bad you had to waste them though. hahaha