December 28, 2009

Maybelline Shine Sensational Lip Gloss Review and Swatches

Ok, go right ahead and correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t Maybelline already have a gloss entitled Shine Sensational?  I’m no expert on the drugstore brands as you know but I was ever so tempted by the new Maybelline Shine Sensational LipGlosses I seen at Target yesterday. I mean with flavors like peach, melon, caramel, how could I pass up this display?

Maybelline Shine Sensational Lip Gloss 1


Turns out that “Shine Sensational” is going a wee bit far as you’re not going to end up with a crazy glossy pout using these but they are decent enough for their $6.49 price tag.

Maybelline Shine Sensational Lip Gloss 2

Fact is the gloss covers all the bases in regards to flavors and that in fact is the novelty of the item in my humblest opinion and a key selling point. I know myself and anything flavored or scented tends to get me to go and buy and there you go, case in point, I ended up hauling two of these little buggers…see? A key selling point!

Maybelline Shine Sensational Lip Gloss 6

Maybelline Shine Sensational Lip Gloss 5

Maybelline Shine Sensational Lip Gloss has a range of around 12 shades/flavors or perhaps more. I was trying hard to run from the display before I overindulged so I didn’t count or take photos. I simply grabbed two really quick and proceeded to walk really fast away from the makeup department. The finishes seem to range from clear transparent gloss, to some shimmers, and a few slightly pigmented.

It lives up to the flavor department that’s for sure. I got Mad About Melon and Crazy for Caramel which are both very scrummy tasting glosses, likey! Aside from the flavor I’m not really doing cart wheels over the formula. It’s ok, it’s a bit tacky, a bit sticky but that’s a good thing as it makes it stick around quite a while and wear pretty long. However, I wouldn’t call it a super duper glossy finish, just a typical gloss nothing I’d call special or unique. The packaging is cute with images of sliced melon and swirls of creamy caramel mimicking the flavors inside. I do believe Maybelline did a great job marketing the product to appear visually tempting….yummy glosses…pictures of tasty food…mmmm…want, want!

$6.49 is a tad high as they aren’t large size glosses and weigh in at .38 oz. I guess it’s debatable and how you spend your money, the Muse tends to think in terms of what could I get for a few dollars more from a higher end counter. That’s nearly $7 not counting tax so honestly a few bucks more and I could grab a MAC Lipglass which is considerably more pigmented as these are quite sheer and subtle but of course not nearly as tasty.

Maybelline Shine Sensational Lip Gloss 4

Maybelline Shine Sensational Lip Gloss 3

Maybelline Shine Sensational Lip Gloss 7

Overall, for a drugstore find I’d say Maybelline Shine Sensational Lip Gloss are worthy of a haul during a BOGO (buy one, get one) offer but otherwise at $6.49 each you could probably slide one into your cart for a little test out but don’t go crazy and snag 5 of ’em because you get tempted by the crazy cute packaging and vast flavor selection.

Very nice but doesn’t make me roll over and beg for more.

Anyone try?


Disclosure: The following item was purchased by me for review purposes (and because I like flinging my money at makeup products of any kind) on Musings of a Muse. For further information please see my FTC Guidelines or my Disclosure/Disclaimer posts.

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  • Suka & Spice

    I saw Target as well..yesterday. I was going to grab the caramel one, but I thought twice. Good to know that they’ll be worth it in a BOGO offer…but then again what isn’t worth it on a BOGO? 🙂

    • the Muse

      heck yes BOGO is awesome S&S! 😀 haha! I do think they are worthy of a wait imho. The formula just doesn’t make me feel like the price is worthy. The flavor is lovely as is the packaging but formula could be better, wait for the BOGO offer for sures!

  • Heather

    So…I was JUST checking these out at Target when I got a tweet on my phone saying you had reviewed them. Haha!
    I decided to wait and read your review before buying (plus they all sound so delicious that I couldn’t decide!!)
    I’m totally sold on these but I might wait for a bogo. I’m getting that “gotta catch ’em all” feeling from them. :]

    • the Muse

      lol heather great minds think alike. perfect timing too! Same prob here when I seen them I just couldn’t decide the are all SO yummy! Please don’t…I had the same feeling of wanting to haul like 5 flavors…but you can honestly wait for a better bargain as at the moment I do consider them slightly pricey as the gimmick is the lovely flavor and cute packaging, formula wise it’s not all that incredible…!


  • Paloma

    I actually got Seventeen Magazine today (is it normal to get those at 22? lol) and was looking at those! I looked everywhere online but couldn’t find them……I also found a similar gloss: CoverGirl’s Shineblast…..obviously they don’t have the nice flavors as far as I know, but the colors are vibrant like these.

    • the Muse

      haha paloma totally normal. I read it online sometimes 🙂 I’ve tried CG’s Shineblast, pretty ok gloss! I think the novelty is the flavor in regards to these little guys 🙂

  • Tanya

    Lol @ Paloma. I’m 27 and still read Seventeen all the time. As for the lip gloss, I saw them today at Target and stared at the display for 10 minutes before finally deciding to walk away empty handed. I decided no in the end because I feel they’re kind of small for the price. Plus, I have most of the flavors in other brands. But if I do change my mind I’ll probably get the toffee one.

    • the Muse

      lol tanya no harm in that 😀 I agree on the small for the price. I got two and that’s plenty, even that’s too much with all the glosses I already own and need to get through 🙂 but I just chalked it up as oh something to blog about but still they could do better price wise especially since the formula isn’t terribly incredible!

    • Paloma

      people will probably start buying them and reselling them on eBay….soon the price on eBay will go down…that’s where I buy my glosses/nail polishes/etc…..if you are patient enough, you can get them for a good price and even get a discount if you are buying more than one from the same seller. I suggest you try that 😉 I want to try to peach, toffee, caramel, cranberry, melon, and possibly the watermelon, grape and guava. I will definitely wait for the price to drop, tho.

      • the Muse

        hi paloma that’s always a great way to haul cosmetics 🙂 E-bay is awesome for good steals and deals, etc…! I agree. I def don’t wanna wait though for them to hit e-bay as than someone else would have blogged it already. Folks stop over here to hear about the latest so I keep on my toes to bring it to them. I wish I could resort to blogging in a few months down the road when it’s cheaper on E-bay but sadly the “newness” of the product would have passed and no one would want to hear about it 😀

        but couldn’t agree more about e-bay having some fine cosmetic deals!

        • Promise

          Speaking of eBay…..I just bought NARS Misbehave on eBay and I was wondering if you have ever had any troubles with fakes or used cosmetics on eBay? I don’t have 24 dollars to splurge on NARS lip gloss at the moment, and after reading your review I had to try Misbehave. It’s on the way to my house now, but I just want my mind eased, but please be truthful. 🙂 Thanks!

          • the Muse

            promise I’m not sure about fakes on ebay Promise sorry 🙁 Hope it turns out ok!

  • Gia

    I wanted these when I saw them at Target today. I started reading the flavors when my boyfriend dragged me away saying I have too many lipglosses. I’ll have to go alone and sneak some when they are on the BOGO deal.

    • the Muse

      LOL gia! awww! He knows your evil makeup ways 😀 BOGO is the way to go, don’t pay retail!

    • Paloma

      boyfriends really suck at times! My boyfriend does the same thing…..except he’s a jerk about it…I have a daughter, and when he’s pushing the cart, I’ll stop in the beauty aisle and he’ll just keep going to basically push me to stop looking and hurry up to him. what a punk.

        • Gia

          Not all men!! My dad is my makeup shopping buddy. He took me to my first trip to the Clinque counter at 13, he saw it was reviewed on the news!! And he stands in Sephora nicely with me. Except he tends to head to the cologne section after awhile and spray himself with 10 diff. colognes. He gives me more honest reviews about colors than my friends!

  • Hella

    A few weeks ago I went in the local store (in Sofia, Bulgaria) to get my fav gloss – Shinylicious, only to find that the whole range is gone!!! This range reminds me very much of Shinylicious, the flavours and all, so I think they are replacing the old one with new, in tune with their Color Sensational lipstick. It’s odd though that I can’t find info anywhere on the net. Not a single mention on Maybelline’s local sites…
    Never mind, I just hope that we’ll get them here, in this lacking-make-up-diversity land …

    • the Muse

      hmmm hella I don’t think we had shinylicious but don’t quote me as I stink at drugstore details 😀 Maybelline covergirl etc they never update much or market items on and around the internet as much as they should imho! you’ll prob see an update for this in June LOL where as it’s been out months!

      Awww how about e-bay or MUA for swapping!?

      • Hella

        As I said it’s a market black hole here, no surprise you didn’t have shinylicious:) As for the i-net purchase of lip products – well, I prefer to smell and try before I buy, colours are so deceiving on the screen… 🙂

        • the Muse

          yea i know hella sigh. buying online is a pain in the butt sometimes!!!!!! le sigh! Do you ever get to the US at all? maybe take an extra suitcase along and stock up haha!

  • Paloma

    Hey, Walmart is selling the stuff for a bit less than 5 bucks right now! I got Toffee 🙂

  • Kami

    How did the flavors taste? Thinking about getting 2, the caremel one, and sweet indulgence.

  • kaitlyn

    i want to try those really anybody know where they are sold for cheap?

  • kaitlyn

    thanxs i went 2 walgreens and they didnt have it then i went 2 rite aid and they have it so im gonna get it from there bt i still havent deccided on which 1,do u hav any suggestions?

    • the Muse

      hi kaitlyn!

      glad you find them! Ummm I only tried two. I guess go with the color and flavor you like hun 😀 I went with these shades because I liked them and the added flavor was just a bonus!

  • kaitlyn

    ooo ok,does it actually taste good though because some lip glosses say they taste good but actually dont.

  • Nicole

    I went and bought the Crushed Candy flavor a few months ago (and yes, I was horribly tempted to snag a few more because of the mega-cute style packaging) and I loved it! 🙂 So I went out the other day and got the Peach Sorbet flavor, and I’m a huge fan. I agree, they’re horribly overpriced, but help me stay away from food, because they taste so yummy!

  • Jacqueline

    I am officially addicted to my Peach Sorbet lipgloss. I was looking for something other than Bonne Bell in terms of lip gloss, because they don’t have much flavor/color range. I bought this stuff, and while I agree it’s a bit pricier than normal (it is pretty small), I LOVE IT. It’s not tacky at all, and the shininess is just right. But the flavor… I… argh I need mooooooore! :O 😀

    I’m going to Wal-Mart to see if they carry them for cheaper. If so, I’ll probably buy nearly every flavor. Seriously.

  • Pavithra

    I actually got the Mad about Melon one on clearance at target for 99 cents!!!!! so worth it.
    i feel like it must have been mislabeled, but for 99 cents…shh 🙂 unfortunately, the think plastic end (not the applicator end) split in two. loved the smell and taste way too much to throw it away. i ended up masking taping it back together 😀