December 15, 2009

The Daily Product Babble: Too Faced Holiday Collection 2009

Daily Product Babble


What’s up?

I’m kinda relieved we made it through Monday or at least I think we did. I admit I spent part of my Monday procrastinating over clips, news, and rumors of a Who-variety. I’m pretty jealous I can’t see the latest eppy of Nevermind the Buzzcocks live on Wednesday. Hells, I’m tempted to jump a plane and crash at my friend’s flat just so I can catch this episode but I guess I’ll have to wait until someone slaps it up on youTube.


Please tell me that CT is NOT that dense when it comes to a show she worked on? OMG! I always dig on Noel Fielding as the guest captain so at least I can try to ignore Catherine’s crazy cluelessness and just giggle at Noel. He’s like a blooming piece of furniture lately.

Anyway moral of the story is that you’ll see plenty of DT whorin’ in England and the US (if you know where to look) this week and just about all of this month as the End of Time draws nearer and nearer. Heck it’s almost as great as seeing John Barrowman on ever single program on the network.


but makeup…that’s what this day is all about innit?

Today let’s have a little daily babble ’bout the Too Faced Holiday Collection 2009 which, gasp, I only have one piece of! I still haven’t hauled it! Someone kick me!


I still so NEED the Too Faced Glamour Revolution Palette and the Too Faced French & Fabulous Palette! I had them in and out of my cart during Sephora Friends and Family and on several other occasions but kept changing my mind!

I started life out not wanting the Too Faced Too Faced Queen For A Day Gift Set but now I want that too.


I’m really loving the shimmery shades of shadow in the first two sets so I ended up ordering the Glamour Revolution recently on Sephora (review upcoming ka-ching!) but still haven’t gotten my grubby, greedy little hands on the Queen for a Day or French and Fabulous Sets. WANT!

Too Faced Holiday Collection 2009 3333

Umm anyone remember those pink glam luxe forgot the name shadows from Too Faced. They came in a cute pink and silver design? Anyway if you remember those, I have a few, they are actually the shadows shades included in these palettes.

Oh by the way…awesome Too Faced shades of shadow coming at you for Spring but shhh you didn’t hear that from me.

So this is The Daily Product Babble!

Comment about what you think of the Too Faced Holiday Collection 2009.





Did you buy any of the collection?

Spill it!

Convince me of everything I’m missing out on!

Btw snag yourself 30% off at Too Faced by entering promo code LUCKYBREAKS

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  • natty

    i actually got 3 palletes: French and Fabulous, Glamour Revolution and Glamour to go3.
    I feel gulity but I assumed they were gorgeus, which they are but Glamour Revolution is so hard to use i rarely do and Gamour to Go seems to me not of the same quality as other TF products.
    So you still need to get French and Fabulous 🙂

    • the Muse

      natty you’re supposed to comment and say, “Muse you do not need more makeup…” LOL hehe! I’m kinda thinking that glam rev is a bitch to use, doesn’t surprise me but I still ordered it teehee 😀 really need the other to. I like glam to go but the lipglosses aren’t so fab…do like the shadows though 😀

      ugh now I need to haul the rest! so bad! 😀

  • Jennifer

    I have Glamour to go and the colours are so pretty and shimmery, but I’m really not impressed with the pigmentation so if you don’t want anything to obvious its perfect. I do keep using it though as I love the colours and the sparkle. I love the blusher in it aswell its a lovely shade, kind of reminds me of NARS Orgasm too. I haven’t used the lip tints though. I really want French & Fabulous

    • the Muse

      jennifer me too me too about the blusher reminding you of nars orgasm, I felt the same way after using it 😀 I’m kinda meh on the glosses, they are alright but I like the shadows pretty good color pay off when using a sponge applicator 😀 I really want F&F too!

  • Jennifer

    I’ll have to see if I can find a sponge aplicator somewhere and have a go.

    • the Muse

      oh def try Jennifer they apply much better with a sponge applicator 😀 I’m a geek but I swear by sponge apps for everything and than blend with a good brush 😀

  • Resa

    I bought the Glamour Revolution palette. It was my first Too Faced item and I was quite impressed. The packaging was really what swayed me, but nine eyeshadows, three lipglosses, bronzer AND blush with a mirror? Great deal! I’ll have to really play with it some more, but I like it so far!

  • Lydia

    I’d say CT probably is that clueless but lets face it, when you act in DW it’s just a job that your agent has put your forward for, not a religion you have to pass a test on. My friend guest starred in one episode and I’m certain he has never even watched it!

    • the Muse

      Lydia very interesting your friend was on DW. What part did he play? Do share. Quite a geek for DW and a fan for over 25 years 😀

  • BV

    Hi Musey
    I purchased the Queen for a Day superset – which I really love. Super fantastic value. I wanted to buy a few more of these sets as Chrissie presents but of course, sold out. Sad. Not for me of course, but some of the friends will be missing out!! Sorry guys!!
    much love

    • the Muse

      bv I was shocked how fast they went. I headed to too faced and poof all gone. They have glam2go but from what I see that’s it!? yak! I really could have hauled it with the 30% off too grrrr

  • MC

    Pretty sets, however…they have too many of the same shades I am used to seeing in many of the too faced sets, so I pass on them for me, however these make a great gift for someone who has never tried too faced. I am considering gifting the Glamour to Go 2 set for my Sister in Law since she never used Too Faced.

    • the Muse

      mc kinda yes like the green they include alot with every single palette!!!!!!!!! but I must say I like the glam rev! it’sa great one 😀 she’ll love the G2G it’s cute :-D!

  • auroragyps

    OMG, funniest clip ever. I wish we could get more BBC stuff streaming online in the states. I mean, come on, we have the technology, so what’s up with us having to wait for shows from other countries and vise versa?

    Oh, and the palettes are nice too. 😉

    • the Muse

      haha you a buzzcocks fan auro? 😀 Catherine Tate is such an arse…love her “supernatural….oh I mean sci-fi…” lol what a dip. I know sigh….and bbc America takes ages to get it! haha ;-D love the palettes too!