December 23, 2009

Vincent Longo Holiday Collection 2009

Vincent Longo Holiday 2009 3

So the Holiday is here in what…one day? You are probably on the verge of telling me shut the hay up about Holiday Collections and just get to Spring already but please give me a second to tell you a story.

There’s always a story when the Muse is around.

Vincent Longo is a brand somewhat near and dear to my heart. I was pretty crushed that it was yanked from Sephora but happily had an adventure or three on their website. But the problem is they always had down time on the site and upgrading, under construction, yada, yada….so it kinda fell off my beauty radar.

Randomly I clicked over.

And whoa.

Dude…they actually have a Holiday Collection! The Vincent Longo Holiday Collection total lemming alert.


Has anyone even been paying attention to the line lately? I know I somehow missed out. I must, must grab some of these pieces as they look all kinds of pretties.

One item I’m absolutely adoring is the Vincent Longo Joi’scape Lip Palette ($38.50) kinda has an Armani Lip Wax feel to it doesn’t it?

Vincent Longo Holiday 2009 1


  • Vincent Lipstick in Red Creme, Gi Venus, and Belle Etoile
  • Vincent Longo Lip-Lux Gloss in Vision and Crystal

Granted, I hate lip palettes but this is so pretty and quite affordable!

Love, Love, Love the gloss sets! Two separate sets were released which include three glosses for $32 Each.

Vincent Longo Holiday 2009 2

  • Vincent Longo Diamond Glitter and Gloss


  • Starlet Pink
  • Goldstar
  • Venezia Red
  • Vincent Longo Lip Gloss Galore


  • Berry Crush
  • Via Veneto
  • Pompeii

Nice right?

The promo image also features the Vincent Longo Opulent Diamond Box and Trio Box but these are sadly no where to be found on the site.

I can’t believe I missed these offerings! I foresee a purchase in my future. A bit Holiday-ish shade wise but that won’t stop me from getting my greedy paws on the glosses at the very least.

Good to see Vincent Longo alive and kickin’ it!


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