January 7, 2010

Latest Obsession: Lumene Vitamin C+ Energy Cocktail Review

So I think I’m actually part of the club now. I’m not entirely sure but I think CVS likes me. Prior to this past month anytime I walked into a drugstore within the US I heard Angels weep. I was actually scared the place would crumble down around my head after passing the threshold. The Muse does not do drugstore makeup and/or skincare. But so many new items have been popping up that have made me curious so I do venture in time to time plus so many of you expressed wanting affordable makeup reviews that I couldn’t simply ignore what you requested. So indeed I’ve been heading to CVS the past month….but the club…

Well I got some sort of coupon in the mail because they have this like extra card thingy that gets you bonus bucks kinda like the Boots Reward Card, not as good mind you. Anyway they sent me $5 off anything in the store via an e-mail so I guess this means I have an in now, I’m part of the secret club, coupons and all!

No seriously I did get the coupon so I did decide I might as well spend it. I ended up hauling Lumene Vitamin C+ Energy Cocktail with the coupon. Mind you not because of the formula but because it looked so pretty, literally like some fancy cocktail, it just needed a little paper umbrella and I’d say it was downright tropical.

Lumene Vitamin C+ Energy Cocktail 3

Have a jump to see why it’s my latest obsession!

I normally don’t use facial serum even though I really should with my dry skin plus my age. But honestly how many products am I going to load up on this old face of mine. Sometimes you have to know when the skincare regime is just getting a little too crazed.

Now serums are great preps for moisturizers as they offer extra hydration where needed plus many contain anti-aging or ingredients for aging skin. In short serums are a plus to add to your skin care line up but not always a necessity in my humblest.

Of course, with this being one of the worst Winter’s I’ve seen in New York in a while my skin could use the extra moisturizer that Lumene Vitamin C+ Energy Cocktail gives.

The formula is supposed to soften skin and protect it from aging with cranberry and cloudberry, vitamin C, A, Etc…..I dunno if it’s doing anything in regards to defending my life against the signs of aging but I do know it makes my skin super smooth.

As I said I purchased it because it’s damn pretty too look at, I’m such a shallow girl but actually it also performs well too. It’s a dual phase serum which you shake to combine. It splits from orange to yellow in the bottle but shaken up it turns a peachy shade. Looks good enough to drink! I wish it smelled the way it looked, fruity or something but sadly it just smells fresh. The texture is slightly oily but it absorbs easily and smooths onto skin beautifully leaving lasting hydrating and moisture. I use it prior to my night cream and wake up with dewy, fresh skin.

Prior to be shaken!
Lumene Vitamin C+ Energy Cocktail 1

All Shook Up!
Lumene Vitamin C+ Energy Cocktail 2

Overall, the effects of the product are really fabulous. It’s made for normal to dry skin and visibly you can see how smooth and dewy skin is after use particularly after a full night of sleep on it. I have to say it’s quickly turned into a favorite and an obsession. It’s a whopping $21.99 (that’s high for drugstore skincare imho) for a 1 oz glass bottle. I got it for $17 because of my coupon which again kinda high for drugstore skincare. But regardless I’m on my 2nd bottle so obviously the cost isn’t bugging me too much.

Must say this one gets a Muse Approval. Very good stuff particularly for anyone who feels like their moisturizer just isn’t get the job fully done.

Loves it!

Disclosure: The following item was purchased by me for review purposes (and because I like flinging my money at makeup products of any kind) on Musings of a Muse. For further information please see my FTC Guidelines or my Disclosure/Disclaimer posts.

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  • Karrie

    Great review. I use the Lumene cleansing oil, and it’s okay for a drugstore brand.
    I’ve always wondered about this product.
    I might give it a try if it ever goes on sale.

    • the Muse

      karrie I had it in my hand a few times! I’ll have to see about getting some and try 😀

  • Rebecca

    Just a heads up, Lumene skincare was BOGO 50% off at my CVS, could be a good way to try this out for a good value!

    • the Muse

      freak rebecca I missed out! DAMN! could have grabbed some. I was away for the weekend and just seen this comment! DARN!

      Thanks though hun!

  • Paloma

    Do you have any suggestions for creams and stuff to use that are fairly cheap? I currently use Clean & Clear’s Morning Burst and C&C’s oil-free moisturizer….but as far as anything else, I haven’t really figured out what to use at night and for my eyes (I have had dark circles under my eyes for EVER)…..

    Also, What are your favorite LUSH products? Top 5?

    • the Muse

      sadly not paloma I’m a firm believer in splurging on skincare. I will say that cleanser wise I do recommend the Clean and Clear foaming cleanser that’s a good one but as far as moisturizer, serums, eye creams, etc those are splurge items for me. I would suggest Lush Cosmetics as they make many of my HG products and do a bundle kit that’s affordable imho!

      Honestly nothing is going to help with dark circles when it comes to creams believe me I’ve tried it all, the best bet is plenty of sleep and water it won’t help completely but it will make your skin look fabulous. You’re still very young so you might wanna start with something simple and not so rich. Try out Lush’s eye cream, it’s very gentle for young eyes.

      Top 5…that’s HARD…which top 5? hehe…as in skincare, bath and body, fragrance? You have to narrow it down to a category as Lush is part of my life hehe can’t live without!


        • the Muse

          top soaps:
          lemon peel
          demon in the dark

          top shower gels
          happy hippy
          back for brekkie
          snow fairy

          fav lip balm from lush? that’d be none. Too waxy 😛

          hehe hope this helps

          • Paloma

            Hmmm…I’ve got Sultana, which I’m not too fond of…and I have Snow Fairy, which is great…..I also have let them eat cake, which is gross……

            you wouldn’t happen to have any others on those lists for sale, woulda? 😛

          • the Muse

            no go on sultana huh? It’s def takes a sec to grow on you! let them eat cake I’m a fond fan of believe it or not..it’s VERY weird and not for everyone but I like it 😀 I’m actually run low on it and hate it’s not around anymore grrr! I don’t sadly…honestly I have ALOT of crap around but I’m not up for the drama of selling it and shipping it etc…bit too swamped! but I highly suggest heading to Lush and asking for a tiny sample, they’ll happily give you some to try!!!!!!!!!

  • Sam

    Ha, I’ve been reading your blog for awhile now and it’s so weird to see Finnish in it. 😀 I’ve never really considered Lumene a good brand but that is something I might try.

    • the Muse

      hi sam! hehe 😀 cool! def try this, particularly if your skin is dry! it’s quite lovely stuff!

  • suz

    I’ll splurge on this ,next time I am at drugstore…,for my mom!! thanks for the review

  • Kristina

    It’s currently -6 here in Nebraska so I feel your pain with the horrid weather and dryness. How do you think this would fair on dry acne prone skin?

    • the Muse

      kristina not sure about the acne prone skin darling but def would be great for dryness! I never know the best way to reply about acne prone skin simply b/c I don’t suffer the problem so you never know what will or won’t irritate it. I’m so sorry, wish I could be of better help!

  • Marina

    I actually like some products from Lumene. And some items from Anytime as well 🙂

  • pinkcrow

    Interesting! I may try it. This weather has me trying serums left, right and center. Lately I have been loving the Boots Expert Sensitive Hydrating Serum. $7.50 at Tar-jay, can’t beat that.

    • the Muse

      hey pinkcrow I’m def in the serum group at the moment! Must try the Boots one 😀

  • Margaret

    Wow! This is the FIRST TIME I have ever owned a product *before* you reviewed it! I feel very “now.” Very ahead-of-the-crowd, LOL.

    I bought this product because I couldn’t resist the whole pink and orange, shake it up thing, either! Hey, do you think those Lumene people know something about merchandising? 😉 And I’m sorry yours doesn’t smell the way it looks, because mine does, all bright and fruity, but not in a gag-me way.

    I bought the Radiant Touch Moisturizing Cream Cleanser at the same time. I really like using it because it has a great citrus scent, is very gentle and rinses off nicely.

    • the Muse

      LOL margaret! Look at you all ahead fo the game 😀 hahaha! I swear that’s part of it’s appeal it looks like a cocktail doesn’t it!? I’d love a gag me kinda scent…fruity and sweet and just yum but I get more of a fresh scent from it! :_D I’ll have to try out the cream cleanser as per your rec, sounds nice!

  • Johanna

    Oooh….I may consider replacing my Ole Henriksen Truth Serum with this when I run out because Ole’s product is $48 for 1oz, but it works like a dream to give me more radiant skin. Thanks for letting us know about this.

    • the Muse

      hey johanna cheaper w00t! 😀 My pleasure hun tell me whatcha think if you pick it up!

  • Mollie

    Dude, I’m only 21 and I still use this! I agree, it makes your skin really smooth. For me, it helped a lot with my acne scars, which were more blotchy than anything else (not pits, in other words). They weren’t horrible, but they were a bit too visible for my liking. Of course, this all might be an indication that it is not all that wonderful for very mature skin… which is what they’re marketing the serum for, right?

    • the Muse

      hey mollie isn’t it fab? truly makes my skin super smooth. mmm yes true..but at least it helps with dry skin 😀

  • angela

    oh wauw, i need to get this. n my cvs is having a deal on them, so now they’re only $15 !!!! yay