January 13, 2010

Lunasol Stardust On Eyes Eye Shadows Review and Shadows

With all the hype surrounding the new Urban Decay Stardust Eyeshadow I thought I’d haul out the Lunasol Stardust On Eyes Eye Shadows I got for the Holidays. I purchased them to use for Christmas and never got the chance to do a look with them. I proceeded to promise myself I’d use them for New Year’s and again set aside, because I did this crazy blue Tardis themed look, who the hell knows where my head is sometimes.

Lunasol Stardust On Eyes Eye Shadows 1

But today I thought I’d give you a glimpse and some babbles about them as they are rather gorgeous.

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Lunasol is one of Kanebo’s more mature brands and is sold within Japan, or at least it originates there since as of late it can also be found in other parts of Asia as well. It’s probably one of the more pricier lines offered by Kanebo but does produce rather elegant pieces of makeup that easily become staple products with cult followings.

Lunasol Stardust On Eyes Eye Shadows 3

Lunasol Stardust On Eyes Eye Shadows 4

Lunasol Stardust On Eyes Eye Shadows 2

I should have remembered all of this when I was debating over my purchase of the Lunasol Stardust on Eyes Eye Shadow. It was simply a rather large fight with myself whether I needed more shimmery shades of shadow in my life. Honestly, after viewing many an image the shadows just looked too full of sparkle and I seriously didn’t need more sparkle in my life. After the great debate I finally settled with myself and ordered.

Lunasol Stardust On Eyes Eye Shadows 6

Lunasol Stardust On Eyes Eye Shadows 5

Much to my delight the shadows aren’t nearly as shimmery as they look. They work much like the Bobbi Brown Sparkle Shadows do and I suspect much like the new Urban Decay Stardust Shadows will. It’s not a full shadow but more of an overshadow or a subtle kiss of shimmer effect. In the compact you’ll notice they look like a glitter bomb waiting to explode but fear not the effects of the shadow is subtle and ends up applying sheer. A stroke of your brush will not yield pigmented shadow but a mere wash of sparkle which in fact makes these ideal for placing on top of a more pigmented eyeshadow or to wear on their own for a tiny hint of light on your lids. The shadows come in two colors only, gold and silver. They blend fairly easily with little to no fall out when pressed onto the lid gently.

Overall, if you like shimmer but not LOVE shimmer these should appeal as you can easily manage the amount applied for a sheer layer of shimmer or build up for more crack and pop! I like them very much as they are not overly done and are a more mature take on sparkle.

I purchased at retail in Japan but www.adambeauty.com sells each for $22 which is as close to retail as you’ll get.

Worthy of a haul in my humblest.

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