January 11, 2010

MAC Warm & Cozy Review and Swatches

MAC Warm & Cozy Collection 7

By now I’m sure everyone has indulged in the MAC Warm and Cozy Collection. I was quite excited about it’s release myself particularly because of the name…warm and cozy…it just kinda makes feel all squishy inside especially with the weather being so brisk and cold out.

Have a little jump ahead to see what I hauled and what I think!

MAC Warm & Cozy was for the most part disappointing for me simply because many of the products looked good in promo images but weren’t quite as nice upon viewing them in person. This stems from the fact that I didn’t love the formula on the shadows and the lipglasses and lipsticks weren’t really warm but more nude and natural which I can’t pull off.

For me the real star of the show were the MAC Shadesticks. These were truly gems and are a must have for anyone who loves shadesticks. I purchased all four shades and couldn’t be happier particularly because they do add a little something extra to the boring texture of the shadows on their own. Relaxed is a deep chocolate brown and very worthy of a purchase for anyone with brown eyes. Nurture is a pale beige pink, Cuddle is a frosty gold, and Warm and Cozy is a coppery amber much like the Penny Shadestick in the standard catalog.

MAC Warm & Cozy Collection 13

MAC Warm & Cozy Collection 14

MAC Warm & Cozy Collection 12

MAC Warm & Cozy Collection 4

I skipped the lipglasses and lipsticks but did get Light that Fire to test out which I’m quite pleased with. It’s a burnt peach shade that’s very warm and complimenting with the collection on a whole.

MAC Warm & Cozy Collection 8

MAC Warm & Cozy Collection 9

The shadows I got to test out were Mulled Cider and Cross Cultural. Mulled Cider is a satin finish but for the most part I got matte from both of these shades. They actually look very similar when swatched. Both are uneventful in my opinion unless used with a shadestick. Using a shadestick as a base really does create a little something extra special with both.

MAC Warm & Cozy Collection 11

MAC Warm & Cozy Collection 10

MAC Warm & Cozy Collection 6

I did somehow skip out on both MAC MSF as I have so many to get through. I am somewhat regretting this and considering going back but at this point it’s safe to say that maybe I don’t need them.

Overall, I expected a tiny bit more from this particular collection but I am not by any means disappointed simply because I adored the shadesticks and the effect they have on the shadows from the collection. I think if you favor a more nude, natural look these could be pleasing but don’t expect a warmer, snugly, romantic look. I believe that is in fact where the collection fails to impress as I really don’t get the same romantic, warm feel from the collection as the promo pictures make it out to be.

Below I am wearing MAC Shadestick in Relaxed as a base and Mulled Wine on top with a hint of MAC Shadestick in Cuddle to highlight my highbrow area. It’s probably incredibly overdone as I was a tad heavy handed plus it makes me look slightly tired but for a very quick look (I was in a hurry when I applied) I don’t think it came out too badly.

MAC Warm & Cozy 2

MAC Warm & Cozy 1

What did you haul from MAC Warm and Cozy?

What are your thoughts on the collection?



Do share!

Disclosure: The shadows and lipgloss were provided to Musings of a Muse by a PR firm for review purposes. The shadesticks featured were purchased by the Muse. For further information please see my FTC Guidelines or my Disclosure/Disclaimer posts.

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  • Jen

    Like you I got the Shadesticks. Love ’em!! I also got the lipsticks, and a few of the lipglasses (2N, 3N, and Feelin’ Good) because I was in the market for some nude/neutral shades for work lips 🙂

    • the Muse

      hey jen I couldn’t pull off many of the lippies or glosses, darn! But I def loved the shadesticks for sures!

  • Nia

    Yay, more sahdestick love! I really love them 🙂

    In general the collection was a more nay than yay though. The shadows were blah on me. I bought By Candlelight, but it is the first MSF I am not impressed with. Should’ve skipped it. I ordered 2N, so maybe this will turn out better.
    From the shadesticks I only got Relaxed. I skipped Warm&Cozy as I already have Penny. And the other were not really hot on my skin tone.
    But I like the look of the shadows and the shadesticks on you! Maybe I should go back for Mulled Cider?! I looks great on you.

    • the Muse

      me too nia, started out life not liking them but must say likey alot! me too, I really wanted to love the shadows but quite boring 🙁 I’m a MSF freak but skipped, just too many to get through! Mulled Cider could prob be a skip hun! It was uneventful unless used with a shadestick…I dunno…kinda blah really. I didn’t get the lippies bit too nude for me 😛 but shadesticks=LOVE 🙂

  • addy

    Those shadesticks swatches somehow makes me think of ELF Shadow/Liner. Certain colors do look kinda similar, aren’t they?

    • the Muse

      addy I have a funny feeling they are way better than ELF 😀 hehe! the shadows are very similar the shade sticks are def different in color.

  • sonia

    Hello, I so agree with you…I loved the shadesticks…they are so easy to apply and to give us an extra in our makeup…lol…Also I liked a lot the lipstick WARM ME UP..I think it’s a great nude color, very pigmented! The other products I just passed!

    Thanks for your opinion and review…I love it!

    • the Muse

      hey sonia!!!!! 😀 I love them as a base! used to hate them but LOVE them now :_D I couldn’t do the lippies sadly, nudes make me look blah! wish I could damn 😀

      I passed up on much of it too, wasn’t exactly what I expcted!

      aw thanks hun!


  • Miss Scarlet

    That Relaxed shadestick looks prettyful! Definitely heading down to MAC after my exam on Weds, it will be sure to cheer me up =P

    • the Muse

      miss scarlet you’ll have LOTS to choose from! Four collections out w00t! Lots of cheering up to be had!

  • suz

    🙁 POOR ME!! I have never ever owned a MAC cosmetic…I am trying to save up and buy a ton of stuff I want from there!!


  • Paopao

    I “only” got By Candlelight MSF, Feeling Dreamy gloss and my beloved essential oils.

  • Marcy

    Really like the look of the shadesticks eh!
    Cuddle looks really good on you. I’m going to have to make a point to check it out at the local MAC store.

    PS I have written a really big reply to your other post about primers available in nz…. it will take you a while to read lol

    • the Muse

      hey marcy they are gorg dear def worth of some hauling 😀

      ooo I’m sorry for the delay! I’m a tad behind in comments like over a month EEP! but don’t worry I promise I’ll get to it 😀 going to look now in fact!

  • jones

    i got the warm me up lipstick and the warm and cozy shadestic- i love the shadestick im in love with the formula !! i was able to wear it without a primer and it didnt crease on my oily eyelids

    • the Muse

      isn’t it gorg jones? I like these so MUCH! 😀 and they really don’t crease which is fab! nice hauling hun!

  • Melissa

    Im going to an event thing at nordies in 2 weeks and have an appt. to play with color. I completely skipped both this and Lilly for now. I’m hoping the Liberty Launch will be out by the time I go if not, I probably will get some shade sticks and maybe an MSF. I did buy the chanel quad kaska beiges. Love it so I don’t forsee any new nudes for me. Plus I know there is a new box of shadows in my future and I must budget – le sigh. :0

    • the Muse

      melissa coolness! I got a bit of lilly to test out myself. oooo no not in 2 weeks doll but maybe!? I got the quad to test out a few days ago and relishing it, love me some chanel. I def don’t see any nudes in my future either but I can never plan too far ahead lol!

  • Phyrra

    Don’t hate me but I kinda find this collection boring. Cuddle and Nurture do look the best out of the collection from your swatches though.

    • the Muse

      I don’t at all dd. promo images were gorge but the final results just meh!

  • jackieg02

    Hey Muse! Did ya have a nice weekend?

    I only bought By Candlelight from this collection. I originally thought it would be close to Porcelain Pink, but it is more peachier and quite shimmery. I know you love the shimmer! I like it and I am glad I picked it up.

    • the Muse

      hey jackie. gorg thanks hun! Vegas was rocking 🙂 total geek fest at CES! I wish I could have left earlier in the week but I really couldn’t take the time off as my office is busy around this time of the year grrrrrrr! How was yours? I think I need the MSF’s everyone’s raving got me hyped 😀 that sounds gorg! WANT!

      • Zelle

        Hi Muse! I didn’t know you were in Vegas! I was there too last week. I got to check out CES but only for a couple of hours (sneaked in thanks to a friend who has a pass). I did end up buying a couple of Dazzleglasses from the Mac store @ the Forum.

        • the Muse

          hi zelle. Yup. I went for three days with some friends. I normally go every year but last year I didn’t which was a total disappointment! So I def hauled butt over this year. Man did you see the amount of crazy ebook options!??!?!?!? GAG! Loves it! the tablets are looking all kinds of hot and I can’t wait for MAC Keynote this year, I’m like a kid at Christmas so hopeful they finally release a tablet or a reader of some sort!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn’t get to mac sadly or CCO as I was with a buncha guys 🙁 no makeup shopping allowed LOL but it’s ok I got my geek on at least!

          • Nia

            You are a geek, too?!
            It is soo rare to find geek-girls/computer scientists that also are into makeup.
            And Doctor Who 😉

  • Kristen L.

    My biggest MAC purchase yet from one collection (made over two trips):
    Dec 26th- Close for Comfort TLC, Light That Fire! l/g, and By Candlelight MSF
    Jan 5th- Feelin’ Good TLC (I’m a sucker for these) and Warm Me Up l/s

    I really wanted comfort after seeing pictures of it, but it ended up looking super orange on me! I even tried it with a light hand, but then my cheeks just looked dirty. I’m way too pale for comfort, and I’m a little bummed . Oh well, more money for me to save up for the Give Me Liberty collection!!

    • the Muse

      w00t nice hauling kristen 🙂 I’m debating on the MSF myself at the moment, I did skip but all the raves have me in a state of utter devastation for not indulging 😀

      Give me Liberty is topping my WANT list!

  • Estella Iris

    Hey Muse!
    I’m not impressed with the collection either. It was a pity because like you said, the promo pics looked so cute. I was gonna get the 2 new MSFs , even tho i never use them… but i stopped myself this time. I’m proud! 😀
    If you havent already, u’ve gotta check out Mac In Lillyland… That collection is g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s. MAC def. started 2010 with a bang with tht collection!

    • the Muse

      hey estella!

      same here doll! The promo images were so warm and delicious but the reality was a tad disappointing! hehe I stopped myself too! w00t! We are good! 😀 but I’m having a bad case of lemmings for both 🙂

      I checked it out and love it! I got a few pieces to test out but def need to go buy the blushing powder 🙂 I think it’s going to be a nice Summer with MAC 😀 if these pieces are anything to go by we should be seeing some great stuff this year!

      • Estella Iris

        I’m SO looking forward to this year’s MAC collections too! To be honest, 2009 was kinda a disappointment for me…i thought collections like hello kitty could’ve been done better (tht being said, i still hauled way too much :P)
        Btw, my name is “Estella Iris,” it’s a double name…weird, i know 😛 i usually am more surprised when someone *doesnt* fudge up my name, lol

        • the Muse

          hey estella iris!

          Mmm same here darling! HK could have been done HEAPS better I actually did a post how I’d make hello kitty look 😀 I like your name ha I’ve been shortening it b/c I’m lazy but I actually did figure you were probably Estella Iris for some reason 😀 very pretty! Don’t worry same problem here. I’m Isabella and people always freak it up and say Elizabeth…WTF how does I sound like E!? lol

  • Lara Debono

    I think the shadesticks are fantastic. . .a must have!It’s a yay for me Muse!:-)

  • plue

    aw Izzy, I thought u’d be grabbing the MSF for sure! I bought only the By Candlelight, the rest were blah 🙁

    I am waiting for their gradient blushers to be out! And there’s one more collection which I can’t remember for the life of me >_<

    • the Muse

      hey plue you know me too well hun btw sorry I didn’t get a sec to say hello I was in on with a client on gtalk and just couldn’t stop to say hello! please forgive me. btw I have your package here still but sadly I never got yours darling 🙁

      LOL! sounds like you’re back on the mac train dearest! Love you very much little sis and miss you around here!

      • plue

        Eeeep! When I check the tracking code in Dec/ Now, it says it’s delivered!!!!! Blimey! Now that’s sucky! And I threw that tracking away T__T Why oh why this has had to happen!

        Nevermind dearie, I get you another one? 🙂 Stupid postal system T__T Booo~

  • Taryn

    Mulled Cider is calling my name, and you have got to get By Candlelight. This might be one of my favorite MSFs yet. It’s so smooth and silky and just beautiful!

    • the Muse

      taryn damn don’t say that! the MSF’s have been on my head since leaving the counter last week!

  • Anitacska

    I think you should get By Candlelight! 😉 That’s the only thing I got from W&C and I love it. Reminds me of a warmer peachier Pleasureflush, I think it’s really gorgeous. I’m quite light (Medium in MSF, don’t use Mac foundation, so don’t know the number and the NC/NW bit), and it shows up on me nicely.

    • the Muse

      anita I’m def kicking myself for not getting the MSF’s! damn! 😀 Must has them now!

      • Anitacska

        I didn’t get Comfort because I think it’s very similar to a lot of other bronzy MSFs like Warmed, etc. and way too dark for me, but By Candlelight doesn’t really look like anything, so I had to have that. 🙂

        • Anitacska

          Oh and I even got a back up of By Candlelight which I almost NEVER do, but I thought what if it becomes the next Pleasureflush? 😉

        • the Muse

          anita seriously need both…I’m an MSF addict but for some reason I looked at them and was like mmm I don’t need these now everyone telling me I do I feel like I def missed out! WANT!

  • themakeupdivas

    I really want to try Light That Fire lipglass. I love peachy coral shades. Muse, I love the mulled wine on you. Looks fab!

  • Sarah

    I actually really love your eyes here <3 you look warm and cosy 😛

    I have just injulged in this collection, and while they only had relaxed and nurture shadestick in, and would have loved to get them both, I have recently got some browns, and have yet to experiment with, so I gave those a miss, and instead got the tinted lip conditioner in feelin good. Its got rave reviews on MUA and thought it was a little cheaper than dior serum de rouge 😉

    MAC had both nice collections [warm & cosy and love lace] and I'm also not too excited for the Lillyland collection as it seems too pastelly for me and I don't really pull them off pretty well.

    I think you look really nice here though, I'm a massive fan of browns, nice review and swatches! x

  • Nia

    Ok, I admit it: I caved and bought Mulled Cider today. Very unusual colour for me, but I like it a lot on you and on my hand.
    And I bought the oil with Orange and Lavender.

    • the Muse

      w00t nice hauling Nia! So glad you got mulled cider 😀 did you get any shadesticks? How are you liking the oils so far?!

      • Nia

        Yes, I got the Relaxed shadestick and a dupe from a cheaper brand for Cuddle. Cuddle was not so much me to get the MAC one 😉

        And as soon as I have more on the oils, I will let you know 🙂

        • the Muse

          sweet nia 😀 likey a dupe of cuddle! I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the oils!

  • mercedes

    c’mon muse!! your eyelids are F.I.E.R.C.E!! it looks like a mua id a smoky eye look on you!! the lipglass complements the eye look perfect!!