January 4, 2010

Pieces of Life: A New Year, A New Doctor! The End of Time Review

New Year, New Doctor

Happy Monday loves and most important Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday! Can you believe it’s all quite over now? Christmas flew by and now the New Year is upon us. Fun times.

I hope everyone had a really Happy New Year and is looking forward to new beginnings.

On a note of new beginnings….a New Year brings a New Doctor.

Jump (only if you happen to be a Who-fan).

Remember kids it’s only just a bit of wibley wobley, timey wimey stuff but lord knows a presence in my life since I was a child so it’s all quite exciting to take the road again.

Ahhhh I simply can’t let The End of Time go by without mentioning my thoughts on it. I had the pleasure of finally watching Water of Mars and End of Time Part 1 on New Year’s Eve as I had a bit of a Who-themed party with my fellow geeky friends to watch. Good times. I watched the conclusion to The End of Time on Saturday night with my best friend and fellow Who-nerd, Martin, on Saturday night. I can’t think of a single person I’d have rather been with to watch it, he just gets it.

Plenty of sobbing for me all around BUT not nearly as much sobbing then there was in past episodes. I teared up quite a fair bit but I honestly didn’t cry as much as I did in other episodes.  It was bitter sweet and not quite what I wanted with way too many elements introduced.  Perhaps time flew by a little too quickly, perhaps our 10th didn’t go out with a big a bang as I’d have liked, perhaps things just didn’t end as epically as one would have hoped…whatever it was I was left feeling a tad empty afterward. I haven’t reached the heights of rage as some fandom have but I am a tad on the angry side and left to thinking how much better it all could have been. Perhaps I built my hopes around Journey’s End and Stolen Earth, now lord knows that was an interesting regeneration if ever I did see one but also the sense of family, the love, something was in the air in those episodes which was lacking in The End of Time.  And in the end he was quite by himself when it was time and I couldn’t help but feel terribly sad about that.

I’m sad to see that when the 10th finally did realize it was his time to go he didn’t display bravery but anger. Anger directed at an old man who simply admired him, loved him even (how brilliant was Bernard Cribbins as the Doctor’s oldest companion? Huffing and puffing, running after a 900 plus year old Time Lord and helping to save the world! The irony of two “old” men working together was not lost on this Muse!). They portrayed our powerful Doctor as a petulant child having a bit of a tantrum because it was time to save someone. Perhaps this stems from the fact that he just saved the lives of near 6 billion people, survived, and now he had to give his own brilliant life to save the life of a single old man who in all terms would rightfully pass in a few years anyway. I couldn’t help but shake my head and think Time Lord Victorious rears it’s ugly head in some ways when the 10th goes on a rant about saving the life of one old man. One wonders if in later years the 10th lost his aura of carefree child-like innocence to that other man, that more arrogant devil may care man who changes whatever he wants, whenever he wants, the Time Lord Victorious.

In that we also should remember he started out life as a very old man and with each regeneration he became younger and younger. One has to ask one self is this the clever writing of our Doctor or a mere coincidence. With each regeneration he becomes younger and younger in appearance but older and older in mind and heart. Now he comes full circle in some sense and enters his twenties (only in appearance of course because he is ever, always, the source of all that is ancient and old not only in age but in what his eyes have seen, the journeys he has taken, etc…) and you can hope that his writer will relieve some of his burden and allow him to remember to “have fun”.

So indeed in many ways the 10th left us, not wanting to go really, kicking and screaming all the way. I could get into radiation, we’ve been through radiation via another regeneration. I mean after all that the Doctor has been through…radiation was the way he’d go out? It’s such a rerun, can you say Metebelis. Hell, I thank the baby jebus daily for radiation without it we’d never have the 4th, my personal favorite, my doctor so to speak. We could have more of a bigger bang now couldn’t we? He free falls from a high speed traveling spacecraft, lands on concrete, is perfectly fine but proceeds to “die” because of radiation? Bloody hell he’s even beat poison in one episode! But so be it….as I recall my Doctor fell off the Pharos Project radio telescope and regenerated soon after yet our 10th Doctor can fall from a spacecraft and survive. Boggles ones mind doesn’t it?

I will say that this is the longest regeneration I’ve had the pleasure of seeing and believe me I’ve seen every single one since the beginning of time. One wonders if it was the 10th saying good bye to all those characters or was it David.

On a word of the goodbyes….

Ranting is a foot about Mickey and Martha and my two cents is I do somewhat like the idea. It’s kinda cute if nothing else. I didn’t like his farewell to Rose but I guess with her world being sealed off it was the best he could do really. I guess I was just hoping we’d see Rose in her happily ever after with perhaps a baby on her hip….tis the romantic in me. One thing that choose to bother me was his good bye to Joan Redfern’s granddaughter. Jack, Mickey, Rose, etc…all these people had a very special set point in time with the Doctor and a relationship however Joan Redfern wasn’t a part of the Doctor’s life but more a part of John Smith’s. Of course the argument will arise that John and Doctor are indeed the same person, yes true, but John was the one who had the relationship with Joan not the Doctor. I’m not sure what it is I am getting at but I did feel that his goodbye to Joan or in this case Joan’s next of kin was a bit odd. If they wanted to throw her in they should have also went right ahead and thrown in Madame de Pompadour as well or even Astrid Peth, or just anyone really from his past adventures that he had some base relationship with. But than perhaps it was simply his way of saying good bye to what would never be, what he could never have…….a real life.

And finally The Woman aka Claire Bloom. I do not believe Claire Bloom is Romana. Now that would be just silly. I can rant and speculate all day about the mystery that surrounds The Woman but I will simply say I do not think she is Romana. That for me, is simply the fandom, wanting it to be so. I am very much a part of that fandom but I simply choose to believe she isn’t Romana, doesn’t make sense to me if she was.

I won’t mention the race of Time Lords return or the Master…if I do we might be here all day.

I’ll leave you with a brief note about the 11th.

He looks bloody brilliant doesn’t he? What was that 1 minute of his presence on the screen? Two minutes? Perhaps the 11th won’t be as bad as I was thinking. Perhaps he’ll be reborn with a lighter heart, the 10th was becoming tired and dark of soul, perhaps the 11th will bring back more of the fun side of the Doctor. My belief is the 11th will be much like the 10th but a bit more hyper in everything he does. The Doctor on a sugar rush.

And hey…he’s still not ginger.

I’ll leave you on the note of however you viewed The End of Time I hope it was a good one and with the promise that the 11th will somehow come through for us just as all generations have come through before him.  That’s the beauty of the Doctor isn’t it?   He’s the same but new….

And that my friends is how time ended for me.

Today I have lots of comments to get through, plenty of rubbish piling up my desk to work on, also all contest posts will be closed off so the winners will be chosen late, late tonight and alerted via e-mail. Plenty to do today! I have new makeup related posts, not containing geek bits never you worry, that will be up shortly.

I hope you all had a very, very Happy New Year and are looking forward to new beginnings. Thank you all for visiting me daily, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your readership.

Feel free to babble about Who, the New Year, or what makeup you recently hauled. I’m listening, as always.

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  • Ally

    Happy new year dear Muse!
    I have the last episode but I was dreading it and haven’t had the heart to watch it yet.. My bf asked me if I want to watch it over dinner but I told him I just simply wasn’t ready! I had to skim through your post because I didn’t want to get too much info but I think I’m ready now. I’ll comeback after I watch it and thoroughly read this post and maybe throw in my two cents if you don’t mind 😀
    Btw, I just noticed that Matt Smith has no eyebrows? This calls for an eyebrow products showdown post!! Hehe jk :3

    • the Muse

      Happiest New Year ally!!!!!!!!!!!!! I understand. It took alot for me to finally sit down and do it too. We didn’t wait. We watched it right away on Saturday, first showing, tissues in hand. It wasn’t epic as I had hoped it would be. I haven’t said goodbye just yet as it’s still laying on my Tivo awaiting the delete button 😀 Yes please do come back and tell me what you think? I’d like that very much!

      LOL! Doctor Who Make Over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kirsty

    My mum works with one of the aunts of the new doctor. There’s my claim to fame right there! :p

  • Ria

    Oh, The Muse, i thought it was only me who though Dr Who was shown in a poor light, i am in the UK BTW. My husband got me into the Dr and i loved David until the show before the last 2 part ones. Where he went to Mars at the same tome as something was wron with water (dont want to ruin anything) but his personality completely changed in that episode he acted spoilt IMHO.

    Its sad that a truly great Dr ended how it did.
    If you havnt seen Casenova (awful spelling) then do! It was David and davies the writer of who, and well worth watching,

    Can i ask have you lived in the UK? As how do you know our lovely Bernard Cribbins ???

    Also i thought the John smiths girlfriends grandaughter was at the book signing?

    Though was the Woman who talked the Benard the Doc’s Mother? My husband is unsure and he really liked the ending but explain when he doesnt want to go where is he going as he is the doctor just in dofferent form (if not he isnt really 900 years old is he?????)
    Right about now you will feeling sorry for My David who has to explain loads to me !!!!!!!!!

    BTW happy new year and i love your beauty reviews they are super, even if you hate SB primer which i sell, LOL i still love your stuff honey.
    Ria xxx

    • the Muse

      hello ria! So good to meet you!

      Bravo to your husband for getting you involved in the world of Who hehe! I’ve been watching since I was an ickle babe 🙂 I think his personality has been evolving since he lost Rose. This started in the Runaway Bride when he failed to show any real remorse for the Racnoss, this was perhaps a tell tail of what would be. He became considerable darker over time, a bit tired, a bit soul-less, losing much of the goodness we loved about him. I blame it on losing so many people he’s come to care about. It came to it’s full head on the Water of Mars when he just gave in, he wanted to save people but in doing so his ego also took over and he abused his power.

      I love Casanova 🙂 It was lovely, I actually have on DVD but thanks for the rec anyway!

      I haven’t but I spent months in the UK visiting friends 🙂 Love the English 😀

      Oh lord that’s quite a great question let’s see…Bernard Cribbins…my first intro to Bernard Cribbins was The Avengers. I’m a tad obsessed with the Avengers you see. I must say in his old age he’s turned brilliant, such a cutie, like a real grand dad type.

      John Smith’s intended was indeed at the book signing. That was her great, great, great grand daughter. Bit daft to include her in his goodbyes but I guess they had some sort of hidden meaning behind it. I’d like to think it was simply him saying good bye to a life he couldn’t ever have. One that involved a wife, kids, growing old…he is after all an alien even though he looks quite human 🙂

      Gosh lots of speculation is abound over who the woman was. Some people think she’s romana, the fandom have convinced themselves she is Romana but I choose not to believe that. Some say she was Flavia. At this point I’m unsure. I think it sounds somewhat strange to say it’s his mother??? But who knows with the way RTD writes. He likes to add in a bit of soapy drama now doesn’t he? I think we’ll see her again in the future, they always tie up the loose ends thankfully.

      Mmmm….well I guess he was getting used to that old body wasn’t he? I think he liked being who he was in that body. As he explained to Wilf, it was a bit of a change, a new beginning. He was still alive, still the same, but very different too…and I guess that was why he was sorry to go. I also think he was a nod to David in that David didn’t want to go but knew he had to before it was really wrung out.

      I feel badly for David but he’s a classically trained actor so I’m sure he’ll be on something new and wonderful soon. He’s already filming for an American drama. But in regards to his goodbye from Who I am saddened, they could have given him so much more.

      Aw thanks hun! It’s a pleasure speaking to fellow Who fans 😀 Happiest New Year!!!!!!!!! haha SB doesn’t like me at all!!!!!!!! 😀

      Big Hugs Ria happiest new beginnings!

  • mayrei

    Well I’m only a casual viewer of Doctor Who, so when my boyfriend and I were watching it we just sort of shrugged and said “it must be his mother or something”. We couldn’t figure out why they were being so mysterious about it, but I assume it will come up again later. It must pain a fan like you to hear something like that, lol.

    • the Muse

      hi mayrei!

      people are def on the “mother” rumor. I dunno I don’t think it is. but who knows? They really like the add a bit of soap into it lately 😀 it’ll come up later, they normally never leave loose ends.

      Hehe not at all, I enjoy reading new watcher and old watcher theories 😀 Happy Days, good times 🙂

  • Ria

    Oh Hi my fave reviewer of all things!
    You must have a massive fan base as i read every single review you do. I love how you put your face out there and really show products (LOL SB).

    Re Romana My David just explained that and lots more of what first post meant (well i have only been a fan since doc #9)

    If you can watch never mind the busscocks on bbc i player or something bernard is on it with the Dr and they both steal the show, which is losely a quiz show about music but full of jokes, i think you would love it!

    Oh Martha and Micky i am confused there and my Husband cant help as we thought he was with Rose?

    Do you know if Torchwood is coming back???? I love that show.

    Oh i knew you were a Brit lover and we will adopt you!
    Ria xxx A nice but dyslexically confusing person x

    • the Muse

      aw shucks ria 😀 I do so love being a fav review haha!

      not so massive hehe but I love all of you for visiting me to listen to my insane babbling about product 😀

      You’re a Who virgin hehe 😀 I’m glad you have your own David to explain hehe 😀 I got a bit technically who geeky there for a sec.

      I seen the show 😀 haha! I was sure to watch it almost the next day when it was slapped on youTube sadly we do not have Buzzcocks on the US but I get my fix on youtube it’s a rather fab show particularly b/c I’m a grave lover of Noel, he’s rather brill as guest captain isn’t he? I think Bernard was super on the show and quite witty with jokes “want to see it?” in reply to the Kylie bra question!

      Nope. Mickey ended up leaving with Jack and Martha at the end of Journey End/Stolen Earth. He told the Doctor he didn’t want to go back to the parallel universe because his gram had died and nothing was left for him there and he wanted to see what good he could do on regular old earth. Flash forward a few years and Mickey and Martha are out saving the world and married to boot! I believe the original intention was for Noel and Freema to join up with Torchwood in Season 3 but they had other things they were involved with, knowing Noel this could be directing. Honestly, with Rose and the Doctor together there wasn’t much room for Mickey to become re-involved with Rose plus he was a bit of a new man and not the wussy type he was to start off with 🙂

      Shooting begins shortly on Torchwood Season 4 or so the rumors say…we shall see! 🙂 I love it too.

      LOL I’d love to be adopted ;-D hehehehe!!!!!!!!!!

      Big Hugs!

  • DivaShop

    I think that woman is the Doctor’s mom. My reason? When the Doctor sent the Time Lords back my sister said: “Did you hear that?” & I said “What?” So, she rewound it & we heard her yell: “That’s my boy!” Maybe our ears were playing tricks on us, but that’s what it sounded like. 🙂

    • the Muse

      ha really gloria? I so have to do a little rewind and see about that! Interesting, very interesting! I kinda thought the mum rumor was a little silly, I chalked her up as Flavia but that also didn’t make much sense since she was being so helpful….but we haven’t seen the last of her and Wilf yet so we shall see 😀

      Thanks now I must rewind when I get home tonight!

  • Aimee

    I really hope some of the loose ends in this will be tied up later by the new showrunner.

    I was pretty sad about it. 🙁 Byebye, favorite Doctor.

    • the Muse

      lots of loose ends my dear Aimee. I think we can count on them clearing it up for us. We haven’t seen the last of the Master or the Time Lords 😀 all things come full circle. We see River Song in a few months time so that will be another mystery that will finally reveal itself.

      Not my very fav but def a fav, I’ll miss him too Aimee! *hugs* Don’t worry, maybe Matt Smith will do us well!

  • Mia

    I really liked that he got see his compainons one last time and that you got to see that they are living their lives. Plus it was nice to see Jack and whats going on with him as well .I think the rant and the rave was well played by David and that actually I could understand why he was angry to have fate stick a knife in his back and give him false hope that he was alive.

    I like that this regenration was so different and that it was straight after a huge battle like with the 9th doctor and in journey’s end. I did like the fact that the doctors regenration was different. I cried especially when he says he doesn’t want to go.

    I am really unsure about Matt Smith being the next doctor. He has such big shoes to fill and wether or not he can pull it off that has to be proven to me. He did make me laugh when he says still not ginger. The way I can tell that this doctor is so different is in the trailer on the BBC doctor who website the is a quick scene with him with a gun and that is so different from the 10th doctor who has such a dislike of guns.

    Really said that david’s time as the time lord is finished but I am looking forward to see how he is going to bring a diiferent spin on the doctor and on the series.

    • the Muse

      Hi Mia!

      Me too. It was a bitter sweet end to his story, at least he got to say his goodbyes and that’s all I could have hoped for. Indeed the 10th ended up with some hope towards the end and was quite bitter that this, after all his hard work, was his “reward” although I missed his generous spirit too, the one who was willing to do just about anything to save the human race.

      It was one of the more subdued regenerations in the fact that he didn’t go out with a huge bang but more quietly and sweetly.

      I think they will be portraying Matt much like David but super hyper, which both excites and scares me. Mmmm you noticed the gun too did you? I was quite interested to see how that will play out!

      I’m looking forward to the 11th, if anything at all ever years of watching I can appreciate the fun times a new Doctor will bring 🙂

      Thanks for sharing your view, such a pleasure to hear it!

    • the Muse

      oh ya I seen the wiki entry Tim but I’m still not convinced that it’s his mother I think it’s absurd 😀 I even heard rumors that the other time lord who didn’t reveal his face could be the Doctor’s father!

  • Ally

    Finally toughened up and watched part 2 last nite. I’m bittersweet 🙁

    I came back and read your post thoroughly and the whole time I was nodding my head for I agree with pretty much everything you said lol I finally understood the reason for your recent ‘allons-y alonso’ post haha

    By the time I was done watching, my head was a melting pot of all kinds of feelings–but excitement was definitely there too after watching the last couple minutes!
    10th will always have a special part in my heart and I wasn’t so sure about the 11th but now I really like him and can’t wait to see more!! Time to watch Sally Lockhart again 😀

    • the Muse

      ally sorry for the delay. very bittersweet sigh. it hurt to watch. LOL allons-yyyyyyyyyyyy! haha!

      Oh I’m so glad to hear it b/c I must admit I was quite excited at the final minutes as well! I can’t wait to see more of the 11th! I see the basic filming at combom and must say his mannerisms are down to an art and it’s very who-ish! 😀

  • Regina @ Margarita Bloom

    I LOVE Doctor Who and am soooo going to miss watching David Tennant as the Doctor. BUT I will be watching him in his new show, “Rex is not my Lawyer” 🙂

    • the Muse

      Regina what a pleasant surprise to see you around these parts *Hugs* Regina meet Musings, readers meet Regina owner of Margarita Bloom hehe!

      I dunno….if they give him an American accent you may have to hold me down lol! That would terrify me! did you see the pics of him? He has a comb over for the part! No spiky do!