February 8, 2010

Beauty Abroad: Maybelline Dream Creamy Foundation

Mmm as always the US is the last to get the good stuff. I’m yearning for a pot of the new Maybelline Dream Creamy Foundation but it’s only available in the UK at the moment. Yes, that was sad little sign you heard from me.


Maybelline Dream Creamy Foundation rides close on the heels of the Maybelline Dream Mousse Foundation but with a new cream-whipped foundation formula that offers a baby smooth finish and up to 14 hours of hydration.

Where as Dream Mousse Matte was formulated with oily skin users in mine this new version is designed for normal to dry skin folk! The foundation transforms from a solid to a liquid and blends seamlessly offering a beautiful flawless finish.

Looks incredible to this Muse. If you’re lucky enough to be in the UK you can snag it at Boots for £7.99. However, it’s available in a mere five shades. I’m already busy trying to locate some. If you’re really lemming it hard I suggest E-bay UK is a great place to start.

With our track record I imagine we won’t see this until Spring 2011 (if ever).

Wants it!

Whatcha think?

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  • Steelnpurple

    Yesss this sounds soooo good! I will look for it, I actually emailed Maybelline in Sweden to ask them when/if it comes here.
    I will buy it as soon as possible!

    • the Muse

      steel I can’t WAIT to hear what you think if you can find it. It looks fab!

  • Kristina

    I’ve never met a drugstore foundation that I liked. This stuff sounds good but whenever I fall for their ads I always end up disappointed. I’m sticking with Dior Nude (for the moment at least).

    • the Muse

      me either Kristina! But I like the looks of this 😀 and yup same here, fall for the ad, ends up crumbs 😛

  • Tsahi baxter

    To correct you muse, Trinidad (West Indies) is the last to get the good stuff lol! 🙂

  • Miss_M

    As far as I know it’s also available in the rest of Europe. I’m in the Netherlands and my drugstore sells it for €13,95 euros.

    I swatched them last week and Light Ivory was a pretty good match to my NW15 skintone.

  • Jamilla Camel

    I tried to get this at Boots.com but it was sold out! I need to try again…

    • the Muse

      jamilla I can’t wait to hear what you think when u get it, so nice to see you 🙂 been ages!

  • Claudia

    Dear Muse,

    I’m from the Netherlands and picked this one up a few weeks ago. I must say I’ve been really surprised by the quality of Maybelline’s latest foundations. I also use the Dream Satin Liquid which is a great foundation. It’s satiny smooth and blends really well. Coverage is medium but you could layer it for a bit extra coverage. Skin stays smooth and matte most of the day. I would recommend this for normal to oily, but not very oily skin. Because of the colder weather I needed a more moisturising foundation, so I decided to give the Dream Creamy a try. It also blends really smoothly, gives medium coverage and is indeed more moisturising than the Satin Liquid. I would not recommend it for very dry skin, but for normal to dry skin it works great.
    Maybelline has really upped it’s game with these foundations on the European market. They offer a nice colour selection for fair to medium dark (but not very dark) skin and for a price of 13,95 Euros they are a steal!

  • Renata

    Hi, Muse!
    I don’t like the ‘maybelline mousse’ series, none of those products work for me. They look so beautiful for one hour, maybe less. Don’t last, and they cling to my clothes, hands, anything that touches my face. The mousse concealer is so strange! It vanishes during the first hour I wear it, I look in the mirror and ask myself what happened, where is it? Absorbed? :O Don’t know, but not there… Very very strange and some of my friends have the same impression.
    This is why I wouldn’t buy this creamy foundation either.

    • the Muse

      hey renata

      gotta say the mousse concealer totally HG for me at the moment 🙂 It could be oxidizing on your skin fairly quickly been known to happen 😀 The mousse foundation is nice, not incredible, but ok….this I’ll buy just out of curiosity, I imagine I’ll be disappointed but I’m damn curious anyway 🙂

      but I can understand how u feel as most DS foundations/concealers are a NO way for me!

  • Robyn

    i has this allow me to give you details i think you will like it

    now nothing can pry me away from illamasqua rich foundation but i needed something for my bag and rich foundation is not for touching up big cakey mess any way saw this felt nice and the lightest shade seemed okay not too orange still to dark but them im really pale so always is

    the coverage is buildable it can be sheer or can cover quite well it feels nice creasing on my eyelids but for a drugstore foundation it wasnt cakey

    it reminded me of the max factor miracle touch but its been a couple of years since i used it and ive never used but from swatching a tester it feels like the texture/consistency of the loreal with the roller thing

    its not mousse like at all and i likey for touching up and when im just going out for 5 mins or something

    hope that was kinda informative

    • the Muse

      hey robyn sorry for the delayed reply and thanks for the low down! 🙂 That was very informative. Sounds like it’s not life changing but it is decent 🙂 I’m willing to try 🙂 although I was kinda disappointed it had a similar texture to the rollerball as that was a tad matte and powdery! I expected this to be creamier!

      • Robyn

        oh no is not matte and powdery i havent actually wore the loreal so i didnt know that but it feels the same when you stick your finger in it lol

  • Hillarie

    My skin is combination, so stuff for dry and oily skin usually works for me. I want this.

    Dream Matte Powder is my favorite from the line, but I’m not going to buy it again until I finish up some of my other powders

    • the Muse

      hey hillaire! awesome! this should be great for you than! I like dream mousse matte myself in the Summer 😀 so looking forward to creamy version!

  • Fabiola

    Oh my dear Muse! Like Miss_M, I’m also from The Netherlands, so I’ve also already seen the Dream Creamy Foundation in drugstores around here. However, if it makes you feel any better, we don’t have the mousse concealer over here and there are loads of fab brands we can’t get over here (Urban Decay! Stila! theBalm! Tarte! DuWop!). It’s a pity, really :-(.

    • the Muse

      aww fabiola 🙁 that stinks! My x boyfriend’s is dutch and I’m still good friends with his baby sis whom I do ALOT of shopping for since she can’t find the brands she wants 🙁 totally feel your pain! have you tried swapping and such on MUA?

      Def lemming that dream creamy le sigh! you guys are lucky 🙂

  • Fabiola

    Thanks for the tip on swapping online, my dear Muse. However, I kind of like to see, feel, and sometimes smell make up or facial care products in a store. I sometimes see these gorgeous photos of a new collection and when I hit the store, it looks a bit ‘blah’. Strangely enough, there are brands that I found more interesting when they weren’t available over here (e.g. Benefit or Cargo). Now that I can get those brands at my local shop-in-shop Sephora, they don’t seem that special or mysterious anymore. Oh, the strange behaviour of beauty products loving gal, eh? 😛

    • the Muse

      my pleasure fabiola and I totally understand that. I mean my own photos make me drool but sometimes the actual product isn’t as fab as it looks in a pic! Oh gosh I know, I honestly know 😀 haha!!!!!!!! It’s a weird disease I tell ya!

  • Pheebs

    Heyyy muse Im living in the UK and would gladly order you anything you need in the UK at retail prices and free shipping just to say thanks for your great blogs!

    • the Muse

      awww pheebs you’re a sweetheart I appreciate that GREATLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *hugs*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kristi

    This looks like the Maybelline Smooth Mousse foundation that’s showing up in US drugstores…. same look and packaging as well as the texture. Only in small displays as of right now, but I saw it at CVS.