February 16, 2010

MAC Spring Colour Forecast 1 Review and Swatches

I’m making my list and I’m checking it twice because I still have to haul MAC Spring Colour Forecast!


I went to MAC on the 4th in hopes they’d have it and guess what? They DID! But it wasn’t for sale. Those damn teasers. They tempted me and teased me with the display and proceeded to slap my wrist and say, “Nope, not until next week, sorries!”

But thankfully I was lucky enough to score some of MAC Spring Colour Forecast to play with and test out so now I’m just making a list on items I still need to get from MAC Spring Colour Forecast 1.

Jump for my MAC Spring Colour Forecast 1 Review and Swatches and babblings on what I still need.

Ok, so I still need the following:
All the eyeshadows!
Have a lookiee at the lipglasses and lipsticks.

What I got to play with:

  • MAC Crushed Metal Pigment Stacked 1
  • MAC Blush Ombre Azalea Blossom
  • MAC Lipstick Laugh A Lot

What did you guys haul from MAC Spring Colour Forecast 1? Create any gorgeous looks with your loot?

So…let’s start with the MAC Crushed Metal Pigment Stack. Likey and no likey.

  • Pros:

Love the stacked design! How great for traveling with!
Love the smaller size! I can never get through a single pigment so these are perfect.

  • Cons:

Really flaky pigments, hello fall out!
I kinda miss having a top to blend my brush around in.
Colors are easily duped by stuff you probably already have in your collection.

The stacked design is fab, what a masterpiece right? Makes traveling around with your pigments so easy plus you can take several colors with you and not worry about a mess. However, I do admit I kinda miss the lids on each pigment as I normally use the lid to blend pigment into my brush or tap excess off etc. Since the pigments stack together they each have a protective seal you can use as a lid of sorts, this also keeps them from becoming a mess each time you open a pot, but I find mixing on the protective seal a bit messy and not as lovely as having a lid with a lip. I like the small size ALOT! I can’t get through large size pigments anyway so yay for smaller sizes.

You can see the protective seal in this photo, each shade has the same seal.

Formula wise it’s fall out city chicks. Sorry but these are flaky as hells. Not quite Solar Bit formula but much like the texture of Kitschmas. Proper prepping and priming will save you the hellish fall out but it still could prove a pain to some. All the shades included with the stack are gorgeous without question but easy enough to dupe from past pigment colors. The light lilac is identical to Kitschmas, the darker purple is spot on for Nocturne, the deeper rose similar to Rose Gold, etc…Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the stack but the shades are easy enough to dupe.

Question is would I recommend buying it. If you have a bit of money to fling around yes, sure why not. I like the packaging alot for travel and even if I wasn’t given one to test out I’d still have purchased these.

My favorite piece of this collection so far is the MAC Blush Ombre in Azalea Blossom. It’s a cool light pink which looks slightly odd as it graduates from pale pink to purple as hey who doesn’t look at it and think, “Purple? Can I pull off purple on my cheeks?” Turns out the purple and pink meld together beautifully and just add a tiny flush of pink to cheeks. This is particularly good for heavy handed folk like myself as you can’t get it wrong since the shade is so sheer and subtle.

And finally MAC Lipstick in Laugh A Lot which is a very wearable shade of mauve pink that carries that “your lips but better” vibe along with it. It’s applies rosy and natural for a fresher lip look when paired with a dramatic eye look.

Overall, MAC Spring Colour Forecast 1 is turning out to be as special as I had hoped it would be.

Now I need to get to hauling the eyeshadows from the collection and spy on the lipglasses and lipstick to see which ones I need.

I highly rec checking out some of MAC Spring Colour Forecast for yourself. It’s such a wide variety of product, you’re sure to find one or two things to love.

Muse Approved for purchase for sure! It’s the first MAC Collection I’ve been very excited about in a long time.

I created a very boring FOTD with the collection in a rush. Sorry! But this is what I came up with using the rose and pale pink piggies on my eyes, Laugh A Lot Lipstick, and Azalea Blossom on my cheeks!

What did you get from the first forecast?

What are you planning and plotting on getting?

Tell the Muse!

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  • Amy

    I love that blush on you–it’s perfect. I keep getting tempted by this collection. I agree with your assessment of the pigment stacks. The Coral Stack 2! isn’t quite as chunky, but you do need extra care (and a little bit of Mixing Medium doesn’t hurt!)

    • the Muse

      hi amy thanks!!!!! you’re too kind *hugs* I didn’t dig into my stack yet but first glance def alot of chunky action going on and heck a little mixing medium def doesn’t hurt 😀 hehe!

  • nikki

    UGH, you’re killing me! I’m debating on getting one of the Ombre blushes. Maybe the Peach, which I see is SOLD OUT online, which makes me want it even more! I just got the Radicchio l/s & the Fresh salmon l/s. they’re OK, but I’m loving the one you got. must.resist.

    • the Muse

      nikki that shiz is sold out everywhere dear! I went to two counters and a store tonight and it’s GONE! nice haul doll! lol it’s HARD to resist 🙂


    MUse muse muse!!! 🙂 we have the same pigments I’m kinda sad about how chunky they are :'[ but they are really pretty hopefully the other pigment stack will be just as nice. That blush was so tempting too bad I didn’t have enough for it :'[

    • the Muse

      hey linda! damn they are chunky style city aren’t they!? they other stack is gorg brought it tonight but same thing, chunky flakes! awww 🙁 I’m sorry *hugs* don’t worry! something new will pop up when u do have $ and you’ll forget all about the blush 🙂 that’s mac for ya, on to the next best thing!!!!!!

  • Natasha

    I absolutely fell in love with this collection. I ended up getting Laugh A Lot L/S, Fresh Salmon l/s, Victorian l/s Ember Glow l/g, Kumquat l/g Cha Cha l/g, LaLa e/s, Hot Hot Hot e/s.
    I also ended up getting from the new Viva Glam collection both the Gaga and the Cyndi l/s. They are awesome. And Gaga looks really good paired with ChaCha l/g.

    • the Muse

      greattttttttt hauling natasha 😀 cyndi is rockin’ my socks! Gaga I can’t yet pull off but I’ll keep trying 🙂

  • Catherine

    I picked up Laugh-a-lot l/s, hush hush rose l/g (it’s very underrated in my opinion.. i heart it), nanogold and rosy outlook e/s. I still want to pick up bubblegum l/s, cultureclash l/g, and possibly the pigments

    • the Muse

      great haul catherine! Laugh a lot is so lovely! Hush Hush is underrated it sa nice pink 😀 grab it while u can everything is selling out fast damn! went to two counters and a store tonight and couldn’t find most of what I wanted gr!

  • M.A.C.nunu

    I originally purchased Stack 1 and Ripe Peach blush ombre. Ripe Peach proved to be TOO peach and I returned it today. Apparently it’s already sold out @[email protected]
    I swatched Azalea Blossom, but thought ‘eh….purple??!!’ worried that it might make it look like as if someone socked me one and left it xD
    Might have to return for either Victorian or Pink Salmon lippy tho….

    • the Muse

      hello miss nunu *hugs* god that was FAST! I noticed alot of stuff gone online as well sheesh! not at all surprisingly. It just blends in as a very cool slightly chalky pink on my cheeks lol pink sans knock out look promise! i def need to spy on the lipsticks/glosses for this collection too, gonna try to get to counter thurs!

    • the Muse

      hi luminosity! thanks you’re too kind! Not sure..I don’t use mac foundation perhaps a nc25-30?

  • Nia

    Oh no, after seeing Azalea Blossom on you it is back on my list, oh nooooooo!

    I love the colours on you 🙂

    Next week I will have a makeover and will try all the coral colours.

    So far my list: Ripe Peach, Azalea Blossom (!), Stacked 2 (love the green colour in there), Fresh Salmon and Hot Hot Hot.
    See, much more manageable. I hope I do not cave when I see all the pretty colours sitting there and tempting me 😉

  • Chelle Chioa

    Ooh… That’s the MAC blush I saw as a sneak peek to the rumored MAC Disney Villains collection!

    • the Muse

      hi chelle I heard that rumor too but I believe that MAC DV is actually MAC Spring Forecast 😀 As the rumor was in October or so and it was said it would be released sometime in 2010 this Spring…so I’m guessing this is the “rumor” come to life 🙂

  • Bonnie

    I’ll be getting Laugh A Lot and the Azalea Blossom blush tomorrow! My no-buy this week is out the door when I saw your post. Oh well! = ) btw, You are gorgeous!!

    • the Muse

      aw bonnie you’re too kind! my skin is sadly suffering through the dull winter blues at the moment 😀

      they are worth it, both are lovely! I’m eager to see the other lippies as I see at least one more shade I want!

  • Miss_M

    Nice review! The whole SCF collection is so big and overwhelming, I don’t even know where to start.

    From the 01/Pink section of this collection, I’m thinking about getting Phlox lipstick and Azalea Blossom blush ombre 🙂

    • the Muse

      tell me ’bout it miss m! INSANE! good choices 😀 by now u prob hauled sorry for the delayed reply hun!

      • Miss_M

        That’s okay, you get so many replies on your site, it’s impossible to answer all of them at ones.

        I haven’t hauled anything yet. I have to wait another week since SCF isn’t released until march 6th, but I’m alreadly preparing myself mentally though, LOL 😀

  • lulu

    wow that blush is so pretty!!
    on a separate note have you tried Maybelline pure mineral SPF 26 PA +++ BB Base, I just spotted it on sasa, looked interesting!

    • the Muse

      lulu wait until u see the blush from spring forecast 2 it’s GORGEOUS! 😀 Oh yes I have some! Need to do a review on it 🙂

  • Nia

    Laugh A Lot is absolutely gorgeous! I am seriously considering a backup! 🙂

    And the secret to wearing Gaga is Pink Treat lipliner. Interesting enough, Pink Treat is the exact colour of my lips. So with Pink Treat Gaga is more than ok on me 😉

    • the Muse

      nia can’t blame ya, such a fab color 😀 I don’t think I have pink treat uh oh guess I have to buy!? 😀