February 18, 2010

The Skin Food Lettuce and Cucumber Essence Mask Sheet Review

Here’s one you can actually avoid, The Skin Food Lettuce and Cucumber Essence Mask Sheet, DO NOT WANT!


I’m currently in lust with The Skin Food Lettuce and Cucumber Skin Care Collection. It’s slowly becoming my HG (holy grail) skin care of choice for daily day care. Loves it!

Of course, when I seen they had a sheet mask available in the Lettuce and Cucumber range I was all about it. This had to be an awesome mask right? Hells the Lettuce and Cucumber Skincare line has been changing my skin life so the sheet mask must be just as incredible.

Not so much.

Cheapest sheet mask, not the good kind of cheap.

On occasion I’ve run into cheap sheet masks. These are the kind that fall off your face, don’t properly fit, are made from rough paper (not as soft as most masks, and just aren’t saturated enough with product. All of these failings apply to The Skin Food Lettuce and Cucumber Essence Mask Sheet.

One of my biggest pet peeves are face masks sold separately. You’ve no idea how irritating this is. I wanna buy a box of five, a box of ten, a box of twenty, but please don’t sell me one. In this case I’m glad I got one because damn it’s really a rotten mask.

I actually find it interesting that Skin Food excels at good skin care but fails at something as simple as a sheet mask. This particular mask I tried was really rough on my face. The material it’s made from isn’t soft and it’s a bit harsh on, nothing crazy but it’s def not in the realms of feeling lush on my face as most masks are. Secondly, it’s BARELY wet. Essence? What essence? Did someone forget to add in the essence? The mask isn’t moist at all and once it’s on your face and left on for a while it truly feels like you don’t even have a mask on at all. No incredible hydrating facial with this bad boy. And finally it slips, slides, and doesn’t fit correctly at all. Grr! I have to keep patting it down because it peels up and off.

Overall, Skin Food Sheet Masks are so not making a guest starring appearance on my great list. I paid retail which is like a buck I think at most but don’t go so far as to dish out a fiver on these as that’s how much I’ve seen them for online.

No likey.

Needs a whole heck of alot of work. Hope the other masks I got are a bit better.

Anyone try The Skin Food Sheet Masks?

Good experience?


Do share!

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  • Chung

    Haven’t tried the mask but I have the emulsion. The lettuce & cucumber emulsion is great! I really love it. It seeps into your skin super fast. Like literally a min-2 min max later it’s gone. It’s non sticky and makes my skin feel pretty hydrated. It’s really preps the skin well for applying moisturizer after. Love it, you should try it!

    • the Muse

      hi chung!!!!!!!!! 🙂 I have the entire line including the emulsion and simply adore it 😀 def some great stuff!

  • Melissa

    I have yet to make my skinfood order. I keep finding better prices on eBay but some items are yet to be seen in the flea world. I got samples of the Agave Cactus line and love it… has a very clean not floral smell. SO I just took the masks out of my cart, and i’m gonna go for the powder one you mix because it sounds so darn good. Have you tried Missha sheet masks? They have a smokin deal on their site right now 2 of each type so 20 masks for $19.99. I’m debating on doing that since I haven’t had an allergy to any missha products but I have to a few skinfood.

    • the Muse

      I can understand that Melissa I def see a few bits and bobs cheaper than getting them from ‘pore! Missha has ok masks…I seen that $19.99’er deal if you want a review give the word as I have most of those masks hanging around here 😀 Missha has heavily fragranced stuff so not wonder you are kinda sensitive to it 😀

      Skinfood=CRUMBS no likey! get a mask pack skip the sheet!

  • Agnes

    Hi, I am one of those who love using facial sheet masks and bought alot of Skin Food masks when I was in Korea last year.
    I am surprised yours was dry because mine was pretty wet but I hate the scent and I also do not find it particularly moisturising hence this mask is not on my wanted list. 🙂
    Thanks for all your honest reviews so far. Your concealer reviews are one of those which made me want to try those brands that you have mentioned, however I have difficulty in getting Kevin Beautymaker. Haha.

    • the Muse

      hi agnes I brought a few and so far just tried this one but sadly didn’t love sigh! 🙁 compared to many of my other sheet masks this was dry as a desert! u are most welcome 😀 oh you can get Beautymaker from imomoko! it’s expensive but worth it 😀

  • aquahartz

    hi there Muse,
    its a shame reading that the Skin Food sheet mask didnt do any good to u.
    i am a fan of some of some of their sheet masks especially the repairing mask, the black raspberry mask & the snow tea mask. havent tried others much, but definitely adore these variants. my skin is left soft supple & healthy after each use.
    i suppose not all products in one brand are good, e.g. the cucumber essence mask. have u put in a feedback to Skin Food, so that they could improve it?

    • the Muse

      hi aqua!

      naaa just wasn’t a fan sadly 🙁 Maybe it was just this particularly mask but it was terribly dry and under saturated 🙁 I haven’t no but maybe I will 🙂