March 22, 2010

Covergirl LashBlast Fusion Review

‘ello chicklets!

I know alot of you are uber excited about the new Covergirl LashBlast Fusion hitting stores in April (learn how to pre-order it) so I thought I’d give you a little sneaky peek review of it.



Uh-oh return of the monster applicator! Ahhhh! Covergirl LashBlast Fusion sports a monster club applicator like it’s predecessors. I’m not keen on this style applicator to be honest because I’m as clumsy as they come and the chances I’ll poke my eye out is a seriously real threat. The applicator is just so huge! Anyone love this applicator? Do share why as I’m not getting it’s appeal at all.

I’ve tried Covergirl Lashblast before and I’m unsure if I can pick out the main differences between the original formula and Fusion as they feel like the same mascara to me however I did think Fusion fattened up lashes a tad more. The formula isn’t waterproof and I know many of you had recommended I try the waterproof version of Lashblast because it performed better however Fusion is not waterproof.

One coat will get you fatter lashes with decent length, two coats will get you darker, dramatic lashes and again added volume however I didn’t see much in the way of length. I didn’t feel it gave my lashes a longer look just thicker lashes.

It removes fairly easy and doesn’t break lashes off which will be a welcome relief for those with delicate lashes that tend to fall out easily. The formula isn’t heavy so it doesn’t weight lashes down however it doesn’t curl lashes upwards either.

Overall, I’m not particularly impressed with Covergirl Lashblast Fusion. I imagine it’s destined to be a cult favorite with everyone out there who already loves Covergirl Lashblast however I happen to not be one of those fans sadly. If you’re already a user of the original Lashblast I imagine you’ll simply adore this and deem it a worthy haul however I didn’t feel it did anything terribly dramatic for my lashes sadly.

Will you be hauling Covergirl Lashblast Fusion?

Already a fond fan of the original?

Do share!

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  • mercedes

    OH.MY.GOD. you are sooooooooooooooooo luckyyou got to try this!! do you know when it will be released?

    • the Muse

      hi Mercedes 🙂 April dear. You can pre-order just follow the link in the post hun!

  • Becky

    I am really curious to try this! I have the waterproof lashblast, but its starting to dry up on me, so I may give this a try. The waterproof is great though. If it thickens them well enough, I’m going for it.

    • the Muse

      hey becky if you’re a fan of lashblast all ready I’m positive you’ll like this one 😀

  • Phyrra

    I like the Covergirl LashBlast Luxe that I’ve been using.
    I feel like I get good results with it.
    Not sure what I’ll think of the Fusion.

    • the Muse

      hey dd I suspect if you like Luxe you’ll like Fusion. It seems those who are fans of Lashblast generally stay fans from release to release 😀

  • Heather

    I pre-ordered this and I’m liking it! It’s my first time using a fiber mascara.
    Both this and the original work well for me. What I like most about last blast is that it builds nicely. It takes a few minutes, but I get pretty dramatic results. I plan on picking up another tube of the original so I can try layering them. ^-^

    • the Muse

      heather I def I have to build it up more maybe I’ll get better results 😀 I always feel like I’m missing something or I’m being too careful b/c the applicator scares me a bit!

  • Sydni A.

    I’m with you on the Lash Blasts. I just don’t understand the hype. Same with the Maybelline Great Lash. I don’t know how the beauty mags can keep saying its a make-up artists favorite, the stuff is worthless!

    • the Muse

      oh sydni I’ll never understand the cult that is great lash! Some people make it a religion! LOL I seriously never understood the hype behind that particularly mascara!

  • liana

    i just got my Fusion a couple days ago and I am liking it pretty well, but I like the original also. I do not like the Lashblast Length however, it did nothing for me! Also, I too do not understand the hype about Great Lash, it’s like water, it doesn’t thicken, lengthen, or anything!

    • the Muse

      hey lianna! yup I thought so. Anyone that likes the original I can easily see loving this 😀 I didn’t like length either, applicator was completely different from blast as well.

      I know right!? plus the applicator is so standard on great lash…no bells or whistles..

  • Angela

    I think I prefer the original LashBlast, sadly. It’s so good at separating, I get such a pretty fan of lashes. I am not sure why the LashBlast line’s wand tapers to have basically nothing at the tip. Makes it very difficult to get to the inner lashes 🙁

    • the Muse

      hey angela I find the entire applicator difficult to use not only for inner lashes but all my lashes, it’s a tad too big and I worry how clumsy I am with that much applicator near my eye EEP!

  • Christina

    Hey hey I actually love the regular more than the waterproof because the waterproof smudges everywhere and never dries on me! I’m super excited to try this as I’ve always been a fan of Lashblast but I guess I just don’t really get the difference!

    • the Muse

      hey christina 😀 this actually offers length where as the original promised volume 😀 fatter, thicker lashes versus fusion which gives you both fatter, thicker lashes PLUS longer lashes 😀

  • Comrade_Garlic

    I use my MAC mascara fan brush to apply LashBlast. It works so much better. Cheap, doesn’t smudge and easy to remove. And no poking your eye out with the giant brush firm heck. Who thought that thing was a good idea?

    • the Muse

      comrade interesting need to try that as I have a mac fan brush 😀 cheers!

  • Kristen

    I might have to try this one out. I am currently using one coat of the original lash blast and one coat of Mac’s mascara X and it is like instant false lashes so I don’t know if I want to switch just yet. xD

    I’m always surprised that people hate the applicator. lol I love it.. and any other monster sized mascara brush for that matter. I am a complete klutz and I ALWAYS poke myself in the eye with the smaller applicators. *shrugs* I guess that is just me though.

    • the Muse

      hey kristen you’re the second person to mention using two mascaras, I need to try this with lashblast maybe I’ll get better results 😀 I’m opposite, I like smaller as it seems more precise, anything larger and I’m scared I’ll poke an eye out 😀

  • Tango

    The price is right with the CG ‘blast’ mascaras, but I’m with you: it’s totally a club. And the chubby tube is cute, but I always have a hard time gripping it. Clumsy fingers + awkward handle + big application = inevitable eye-stabbing. 🙁

  • jackieg02

    Hey Muse! How is the world treating you?

    I am not a big fan of Cover Girl Lash Blast, but being the junkie I am, I will try this one out whenver I see it.

    • the Muse

      great jackie and you dear? 😀 Aw heck yes, can’t blame ya! Always think something is worth a try at least once, who knows may be your HG mascara!!!! 😀

  • Ashleigh

    oh no no no. I wish they would stop with this stuff, the ‘new’ CoverGirl mascaras have all been completely useless. That brush is just so fat and pointy and I hate the weird brush material it’s made of, I like the original style of my Maybelline Colossal.

  • Wendy

    Awwww 🙁 No pretty purple tube for Wendy…

    Now where’s that spray paint? lol

  • JoElla

    I have never tried a Cover Girl mascara. I am more of a L’oreal Volumous or a nuetrogena healthy lash kinda girl. Should I try?

    • the Muse

      mmm depends joella….if you like bigger applicators such as this it might appeal but it’s def not like loreal volumous. That’s a way diff mascara 😀 worth a try of you find it on sale as I find it’s very popular and I happen to be in the minority and not a big, big fan….

  • Marcy Strahan

    If it is not water proof it’s a NO GO for me!
    My Drugstore picks are:

    Of Course I Swear by Avon Wash off water Proof!

  • Allison

    Just bought this mascara and so far I adore it! It makes my lashes really thick and curls them up while separating. Plus the color is super black! I think it’s better than the original, and I liked that one a lot.

  • Jasmine

    I use the waterproof Lash Blast in black and I love the big brush because I have small lashes and very little of them. The brush tends to cover them faster and better. I’m disappointed that the lastblast fusion doesn’t come in waterproof so I’m not sure if I will buy it. If it is way better than the original than I will go for it but if it just adds a little more volume I won’t.