May 27, 2010

Shills Cherry Blossom Creamy Hydrating Masque Review

Although at the moment I’m far from needing a hydrating mask to get this face in order, I’m still loving long time on the Shills Cherry Blossom Creamy Hydrating Masque.


What Is It?

A creamy hydrating face and neck mask that reduces dryness and brings out a natural, dewy glue to skin!

The Good…

I’m on my 5th jar of this so that along probably speaks for how much I love it. It’s pretty multitasking so you can use it in a variety of ways.

First off you can apply a thick layer on your face and lounge about for 15 to 20 minutes and proceed to wash off with warm water or a toner soaked cotton pad.

You can also use it as a sleep mask by massaging on, sleeping on it, and rinsing off in the AM.

And finally you can use a small amount as a night cream.

Happy days, love me some multitasking products.

The cream is quite thick and absorbs fairly easily into skin when used as a night cream however I personally like using it as a mask treatment. It has a fresh, floral almost cherry-like scent that’s very pleasant. It does deliver on its promise of hydrating your skin as it offers intense moisture so if you have dry skin you’ll be VERY happy with this purchase.

The Bad….

It comes in a jar so you do have to dip in with finger tips. Anal types like me could be squeamish about this.

Who Might Like It?

  • Dry skin in need of some intense hydration.
  • Anyone who likes a relaxing mask treatment.
  • Anyone who likes a multitasking beauty product.

Who Might Not Like It?

  • Oily skin types (this is way to rich for oily skin).
  • Anyone sensitive to fragrance in their skincare.
  • Anyone that doesn’t like skincare in a jar (squeeze tube would be so much better as far as I am concerned).

Final Thoughts…

As with most Shills products the mask is incredibly cheap ($6 bucks!) and has the quality to back it up. The product works incredibly well and leaves my face super dewy smooth. I have no need of it at the moment since the warmer weather keeps my skin from becoming to dry but in the Winter my face absolutely loves this stuff.

Fabulous little mask and well worth a pick up.