May 11, 2010

Votre Vu Au Revoir! Trouble Spot Treatment Review

Many of you are probably familiar with Mario Badescu Drying Lotion. Its always reminded me of Summer, mosquito bites, and childhood as I spent many a day slathered in pink calamine lotion when I was a wee one.

I was recently sent some Votre Vu Au Revoir! Trouble Spot Treatment to try out and all those feelings of being bitten alive during my youth came flooding back.


If you’re intimately familiar with Mario’s Drying Lotion, Votre Vu Au Revoir! Trouble Spot Treatment is pretty much the same concept.

What is it?

A spot treatment for pimples, whiteheads, bumps, and spots with a salicylic acid formula to normalize skin, combat those nasty spots, and get skin back to normal again so you can say Au Revoir! to those nasties residing on your face.

The Good….

I’ve been sitting on this jar for a while now since I’m a little too old for problematic skin woes plus my skin for the most part remains fairly clear from day to day. However, last week, an evil, nasty, no good pimple popped up on my cheek and it was time to whip this out for a test. Now I’ve never used Mario’s version so I wasn’t sure what to expect however the products are pretty similar in style. You don’t want to shake the bottle up which surprised me, you simply want to dip a Q-Tip straight through to the bottom where the pink part of the two phase system resides and proceed to take that pink lotion and apply to your spot. You’ll pretty much look like you’re treating mosquito bites with calamine lotion as it is a pale shade of pink.

Actually….I thought it would take days to cure the pimple so I dove in, applied, and went to bed. Next morning the pimple had shrunk in size and was almost gone! Gasp! Coolness! That quick? Indeed, that quickly it shrunk the pimple. And by the way it was a painful little mother as it felt like it needed me to pop it to release some of the pressure on my face but I’m glad I didn’t give in as the lotion simply did the trick.

The Bad….

The lotion does dye your skin pink even after a quick wash up so you will need to pay extra attention after use to get it all off. I used the scrublet from L’Oreal’s 360 with a foaming cleanser to get the pale pink off my face. It’s pretty drying so don’t slather your entire face in this, simply a dab will do on spots.

Who Might Like It?

  • Anyone looking for a spot treatment to zap pimples into oblivion.
  • Anyone who doesn’t get pimples, spots, or blemishes much but still wants to have something around to treat them which works on the double.
  • Anyone who has an important appointment, date, or meet up and needs a clear face within a day.

Who Might Not Like It?

  • Anyone who has acne already and is prone to breakouts (this isn’t going to clear your face up, it’s best used as a spot treatment).

Final Thoughts….

Count me impressed. I’m completely in lust with this now as it’s a great tool to have in my medicine cabinet for the rare days that a pimple does decide to pop up on my face. It’s the perfect solution that acts to quickly clear my face in a hurry and instantly makes me stop wanting to slap a band aid on my cheek and proclaim how I slammed into a door when in fact I have a nasty little pimple under that bandage.

Great stuff.

Available for $17 from

How do you treat nasty pimples?

Are you a popper?

No way?

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  • Audrey

    I can’t help it, I pick and pick and pick at my blemishes! Lately my skin’s been acting up now that summer’s approaching, and I’ve just been a mess, especially with finals.
    It might sound gross and be TMI but I love popping pimples… it runs in my family. Maybe it’s a genetic mutation? xD

    • the Muse

      LOL audrey! I pop too. I can’t help myself, it’s too tempting not to!

  • mercedes

    uggh..i am a victim of the popping desease! it sounds really gross when you think about it but when your doing it it’s like a satisfaction! OK that might have been a bit too TMI,but if we can talk about washing our pads then we sure as heck can talk about popping those suckers!

    • the Muse

      LOL mercedes talk about anything you like hun 😀 popping pimples is the least of the TMI discussions we’ve had around here!

  • Janet

    teehee, i like using that bandaid trick too^^
    “oh this? i accidentally.. uh… scratched my face, yeah.”