June 21, 2010

Daily Dose of Beauty: MAC Dazzle Lipstick

MAC Dazzle Lipstick releases shortly as part of the MAC Digi Dazzle Collection which is available exclusively at Nordstrom.

Check out some of these beauties!

Think of MAC high-shine lip color but add intense sparkle to the formula and you have a super, glam-rock effect for lips!

MAC Dazzle Lipstick $14

  • Wham (Plum brown)
  • Win-Win (Light pink)
  • Snazzy (Deep Plum)
  • Sweet Bits (Light Lavender Pink)
  • Troublemaker (Magenta)
  • Infused with Glam (Copper Brown)
  • Liquid Lurex (Tarnished Golden)
  • Naughty You (Neon Pink)
  • Smash Hit (White Beige)
  • Baby’s On Fire (Deep Red)
  • Glaringly Hip (Light Peach)
  • Hellraiser (Light Lavender)
  • Hot Sass (Bright Orange)

MAC Dazzle Lipstick is available for pre-order at your MAC Nordstrom counter or online and will release July 12th.

Any shades tempting you?