June 3, 2010

H20+ Face Oasis Cleansing Water Review

Picture this.

It’s been a long day at work….

It’s been a long day out with your friends and you’ve been partying like it’s the new millennium……what? A long day at work sounded boring right…

You finally drag your way home and fall out of a cab absolutely exhausted but completely satisfied with the great time you had. Now you just want to fall flat on your bed and go to sleep…

Ahh blessed sleep….

But wait…

Cure the scratching record…

You have to take off your full face of party hard makeup.

Damn it.

That could take an extra 10 or more minutes….

What do you do?


H20+ Face Oasis Cleansing Water is your new best friend for quickie clean ups after that long night of debauchery.

H20+ Face Oasis Cleansing Water is a foaming , oil-free cleansing water infused with hydrating ingredients for a quick clean up and go to bed!

This is interesting product and makes for really fast makeup remover. Just pump some into your hands and add water to work into a later, massage onto your face, and presto makeup disappears! I don’t play by the rules so I’ve also taken to using a large cotton pad soaked in this bad boy and wiping it over my face and proceeding to rinse.

The formula is a liquid…this isn’t a gel or a cream…it’s water as per its name. It has a faux marine scent going on which is pretty pleasant to my nose. It comes in a pump style bottle so it’s pretty easy to pump a first squirts into your hand and go to town or onto a cotton pad.

Overall, it’s pretty gentle so you won’t have tightness or dryness after use. It’ll leave skin feeling quite soft and hydrated.

As much as I like the product for super fast makeup removal I wouldn’t use it as a daily cleanser personally simply because it doesn’t remove everything. It does a great job with base product (foundation, concealer, etc…), plus blush, etc…but waterproof mascara that may be left over after using an eye makeup remover will probably stick around after cleaning with this. If you wear heavier makeup it probably won’t be your number 1 cleanser of choice but it’s fabulous for days you are wearing lighter makeup or just want to go straight to bed and want something simple to take it off and go!

The pump jar is pretty great however since it’s a liquid it can be a tad messy to work into a lather and speaking of lather it doesn’t foam up a WHOLE lot so you won’t see masses of bubbles with this, not really bad but just thought I’d throw it out there if you were curious.

  • Chicks who wanna get their makeup off fast and go to bed!
  • Anyone who wears lighter makeup that doesn’t require an arsenal of product to remove it!
  • Anyone who enjoys the novelty of a water cleanser!

  • Hardcore makeup users (this won’t remove bulletproof eye makeup)!
  • Anyone who wants their cleanser to get it ALL OFF!
  • Clumsy types (this is a tad difficult to work with, you have to have the chewing gum and walking thing down to an art form to work a liquid into a lather using water…).

This kinda reminds me of Mandom Express Cleansing Lotion which is probably why I like it so much! I’m keen on keeping it around my bathroom vanity for the days I wanna quickly remove my makeup and just go to bed because lord knows I do NOT endorse wearing makeup to bed. It’s not something that will change your cleansing ways but I can see it becoming a best friend to lighter makeup wearers. I happen to wear the whole kit and caboodle daily so I need to stick to my nightly cleansing routine to get it all off but like I said for quickie removal jobs this does the trick well enough!

Anyone try it?



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Available from www.h2oplus.com

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  • Coco

    I agree with you that this cleanser can’t tackle everything especially eye makeup, but it’s really good for dry skin types because it’s really moisturising (probably due to the glycerol?).

  • sindy

    i have the travel size bottle and i like it. like you said, it removed the base but removing the eye makeup, need a different makeup remover.
    i like this one better than shu cleansing oil.

    • the Muse

      sindy def nice for really easy to remove but eye makeup remover is a MUST even when using shu 😀 imho

  • lorraine

    i purchased one when i went to highschool, now i am 22. back then i use makeup quite lightly,only base, foundation, some blush and eyeliner, i totally undertand what you said about it. excellent for removal of base makeup, but it kinda just sat there when it comes to eye makeup. but it is a product meant for face cleansing so cant blame it.
    i would recomment DHC deep cleansing oil. it removes EVERYTHING.i am on my fourth bottle now