June 21, 2010

The Skin Food Apple Vinegar Cleansing Gel Cream Review

‘ello guys!

How’s your Monday treatin’ you? Mine is INSANE! Anyway…wanted to tell you I’m currently obssessed with The Skin Food Apple Vinegar Cleansing Gel. OMG Loves it!

I was kinda a little wary of trying this out as really Apple Vinegar? Vinegar isn’t something I wanted on my face….but no worries it’s actually incredible stuff.

Check it!


The Skin Food Apple Vinegar Cleansing Gel Cream is a thick, creamy gel that smells like fresh bitten, crunchy Granny Smith green apples. To use it, you simply apply on a face full of makeup (dry face) and massage until the product emulsifies and becomes a clear oil, proceed to rinse, done! Clean face!

First off must say this smells incredible. It isn’t a cloying or artificial apple smell but leans towards sitting next to someone who just bit into a crunchy green apple. It reeks of fresh, crunchy green apple and even has that slightly sour apple fragrance you get from green apples. Delicious!

The best part about the cleanser is it’s ideal for dry, tired, dull skin like my own. Likey! It’s enriched with apple vinegar and other organic acids to keep skin smooth, bright, and clean. Who knew apple vinegar was good for your skin? Ha, learn something new everyday.

The formula starts out as a thick gel but quickly emulsifies into a clear oil as you massage. It breaks makeup up beautifully and rinses clean away without leaving a dry, tight feeling behind.

Doesn’t work on waterproof mascara sadly but I could care less as I normally remove my eye makeup prior to going in for my facial cleaning.

It comes in a large plastic tub which could be slightly off putting to the germ/bacteria freaks among us (raises hand, that be me!).

  • Anyone who finds novelty in skincare scented like fruit (me!).
  • Anyone who wants fresh, squeaky clean face without that tight, dry feeling after washing their face.
  • Anyone with dull, tired skin (you’ll experience a bit of brightening after use).

  • Anyone who hates skincare they have to dip into with fingers.
  • Anyone who hates tracking down beauty/skincare from abroad (This is available within Korea and a few select Asian countries).
  • Anyone sensitive to scented skincare.

This is positively perfect! Mind you, I wouldn’t replace my regular oil cleanser for it but it does a damn fine job of removing my makeup and the apple scent totally thrills me. The only thing that would make it better would be housing it in a squeeze tube of some sort as touching it each time kinda makes my OMG bacteria meter go off.

It retails in Korea for around $5-$6 bucks I believe but you can get it on E-bay for around $10 or so which I think is a value as the tub is pretty large. You can also order from the Skin Food Singaporean site but prices are pretty high.

Overall, I liked it alot!

Anyone try?

Do share!

Any Skin Food fans?

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  • Agnes

    oh goody!! i’ve always heard that apple vinegar was good for you.. actually, to tell you the truth, i tried to make my own “toner” and “scrub” using apple cider vinegar (from watching michelle phan) and holy!! that thing reeeeeks. so im glad that this doesnt but smells like apples 🙂 too bad i cant purchase skin food other than online… but thank you!

    • the Muse

      whoa I don’t have the courage to try apple vinegar toner that I home grew agnes 😀 Michelle has some strange ideas sometimes hehe! My pleasure, e-bay is always easy enough 😀

  • allison1998

    I want to try this out. 😛

    I make my own red wine vinegar toner. Vinegar is good for cleansing skin..doesnt dry it out…as well as acne-prone skin. I love it. 😀

    • the Muse

      allison sounds so interesting that people use vinegar on their face lol!!!!!!!!

  • Ashleigh

    Would this be alright to use for everyday use? Such as twice a day, or just at night. I’ve always wanted to try Skinfood products after hearing great things about them, and I think this will be one of my first products 🙂

  • iheartkoreanbeauty

    I actually read some reviews tt said this gave them a break-out!! 🙁 But glad to see it worked for you 🙂 Maybe they were just allergic to it?!

    • the Muse

      not sure iheartkorean. Could be just a bad reaction. Different skin types accept things differently 🙂 I personally loved it and no break outs!

  • elaine

    I bought this off ebay after seeing your review, and wow I LOVE it, I totally look forward to washing my face 😀
    I have dry skin, and use a cleansing oil beforehand to take off makeup. It works beautifully and smells AWESOME. thanks for reviewing this, otherwise I would have never known about this goodness!

    • the Muse

      that’s fantastic elaine happy to hear you’re loving it ;-D its a fav of mine!

  • Sunshine

    I just tried the sample and I am so in love with it! It gives you a quick squeaky clean on nights you’re tired and you don’t wanna do the two steps make up removal and facial wash clean. I think I might be getting this soon! I am just curious – how big is the bottle, and how long does it last you?

  • allison1998


    Does this product go by a different name now or have different packaging? I was looking for it on evil bay and on the skin food website and I don’t see it anymore. TIA

    • the Muse

      I don’t think skin food makes the apple vinegar collection anymore that might be why you can’t find it.