June 23, 2010

Yojiya Facial Soap Sheets Review

Have I told you lately how incredibly lazy I am sometimes? Last night I went to a karaoke bar with a few friends and I got in super late (watching my best friend Jai sing Don’t Stop Believin’ Steve Perry style is to good to pass up on! It’s like Glee for the gay man!). Making my way to the bathroom I proceeded to look at my skincare shelf and groan….god it was way past my bed time and I was just so not up for my 50 step removal process.

No worries!

My friend Iris saved the day as she purchased me some Yojiya Facial Soap Sheets. Thank you Jebus, fast clean up and I can get to bed!


A package of 20 facial cleansing sheets in a super small envelope perfect for travel!

So how do you use these?


These come in a tiny fold out envelope which houses 20 facial sheets. Think smaller than a sheet of blotting paper and you can visualize the size of these little guys. Each sheet is super thin and feels almost like tissue paper. You simply slip a sheet out, wet it, and proceed to work up into a lather! Now wash your face with that lather! Cool right? Simple face cleaning at its best.

Each sheet dissolves instantly upon contact with water and works up a nice bit of gentle lather to clean your face on the super fly fast. The sheets won’t remove waterproof mascara but they will do a good job getting your face clean quickly so you can get to bed.

The sheets are ideal for travel since they are super tiny plus you get as much as 20 sheets with one package so you’ll have plenty for a vacation. The cleanser is super gentle so you aren’t left dry or tight after use!

Of course, you can’t remove hardcore makeup with this but that would be awesome if you could right?

  • Anyone who travels alot!
  • Anyone who carries on their luggage (no liquid with these, no heavy bottles)!
  • Anyone who gets home late and wants a super fast way to cleanse their face!

  • Anyone who wears heavy duty makeup!

Granted, I wouldn’t use these daily but for days I’m being lazy or get in late or if I’m traveling, these are super. The small size makes it easy to tote more than two week’s worth of cleanser with me if I’m away a while. Anyone who wears lighter makeup will find these ideal to gently cleanse their face at the end of the night. As for me, I love ’em for days I’m out late and just not up for my crazy cleaning routine.

Loves ’em! Muse Approved for purchase.

Find out more at www.yojiya.co.jp

I got these as a gift as I said but I’ve seen them on E-bay if you’re interested!