August 25, 2010

Chanel Inimitable Intense Mascara Multi-Dimensionnel Sophistique Review

Fond fans of Chanel Inimitable Mascara Multi-Dimensional should be excited at the latest mascara offering from the brand entitled Inimitable Intense Mascara Multi-Dimensionnel Sophistique.

The new formula builds on the success of the old giving lashes greater volume, length, and curl.

Dramatic results?

Check it!


A new take on an old Chanel favorite offering lashes an intense 3D effect, with greater volume, length and curl.

Chanel Inimitable Intense Mascara Multi-Dimensionnel Sophistique sports a plastic straight line applicator with tiny teeth. By today’s standards, the applicator isn’t particularly incredible or special however the tiny teeth embedded within it are what really creates the magic here. These teeth enable the brush to catch lashes, allowing them to be pulled forward and up with a twist of the brush, even my smaller lashes towards the inner corner of my eye are captured and pulled out. The results? Longer, fuller lashes with a nice bit of curl.

The formula is very pigmented. I tried the Brown and Black version and you’ll be quite pleased with the effects of the black if you’re a smoky eye kinda girl as the formula is rich in color and gives lashes a blacker than black tint. The formula feels heavy however it doesn’t weight my lashes down so curl is kept quite well particularly when using a curler prior to application. Since the formula runs towards the thicker side, I do suggest slowly pulling the applicator through your lashes to avoid clumping drama. With proper care and attention during application, you’ll see pretty dramatic results in regards to nice lenght and fuller lashes.

(Black and Brown Swatches)

I felt the mascara definitely performed best in the ways of fuller lashes rather than incredibly longer lashes. Yes, you will get a nice bit of lenght from it but its strong point, at least for me, was how it created a fuller fringe of lashes. Those with stubbier lashes can definitely rejoice in something that will create the illusion of a fuller lash look.

One of the nicest things about the product is the lack of bells and whistles with the applicator. I’m a little wary of all the crazy contraptions, bells, and whistles that come along with applicators lately. This is pretty standard by most means and doesn’t make me feel like I’m about to poke my eye out with it.

One layer is best to work with so make it a good one. The best application for me is curling lashes prior and applying directly after. Don’t try to work several layers on as I felt this made my lashes stiff and crunchy and in some cases clumping would occur. One layer should yield perfect results without going through a reapplication process.

  • Anyone looking for fuller lashes with a formula that holds curl without weighting lashes down!
  • Chanel mascara fans (fans of Chanel mascara will instantly love this!).

  • Anyone seeking death defying lash lenght (the strong point of Sophistique definitely falls in the realms of fuller lashes but not so much lenght).
  • Anyone unwilling to dish out on costly mascara (this is $30).

For those who have experienced the joys of Chanel mascara this is one worth checking out. It creates a nice, dramatic set of fuller lashes. Newbies to the world of Chanel mascara may also benefit from this as well particularly those who have stubbier, shorter lashes as this gives the illusion of lash inserts since it grabs every lash and pulls them up and outward.

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Any favs from the Chanel mascara world?

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  • Nia

    Looks good 🙂
    I secured myself a sample and cannot wait to try it out. To be honest, I am a bit wary of the applicator, as so far y experience with it was not so great.

  • Ryan

    I keep debating on whether or not to get Chanel mascara. I tend to only use drug store mascaras because my lashes don’t need anything but to be darkened….but this looks great, plus I’m starting to become obsessed with Chanel any way. I think I’ll haul this.

    • the Muse

      Ryan 😀 good luck. Once you get on board this train you’ll be well on your way to a lighter wallet 😀 LOL!

      • Nicci

        that’s true! 🙂 Even though I have the original, for some reason I went out and ended up buying a mascara from Covergirl…it lasted a couple days and I threw it out. I just didn’t notice much of a difference. This new version is nice – I have 2 samples and plan on getting one once I’m done w/the original.

  • ashura

    I have always been a fan for this mascara (original). The formula keeps my curls up and the black is really INTENSE black! Thanks for this review =) Anyway I just tried the Esprique Precious Heart Graphical mascara. It is great for lengthening..

    • the Muse

      ashura one of it’s main appeals was def the intense black 😀 my pleasure 😀 I LOVE anything esprique in terms of mascara! They are some of my favs!

  • hiromix

    cool! i have the original, which i purchased about three months ago & i rotate between that, emprani curl mascara (korean brand) and maxfactor (some extreme fake lash volume concoction) and i love all three equally!
    the chanel one though is not good for humid weather 😉

    loved the review! but now i am now wondering what the difference between mine and this new one is… very clever chanel, very clever… luring me to purchase another one of your mascaras but they ARE amazing (oh well, maybe after the current one’s dried out, i’ll try it out ^^)


    • the Muse

      hey hiromix damn girl you got a whole lot going on gorgeous 😀

      I never tried the old version wahhhh 🙁 sorry wish I could compare for you 😀 I thought it held out well in the heat but no humidity here so can’t say. Holds curl exceptionally well though!

  • frckls

    awww your review really torn me up! i just recently contemplating on buying Chanel Exceptionnel Intense Volume and Mascara. which one between the two you think has the most drama? you know, the sky-craper, obese, midnite dark lashes. plus the proofs.

  • Elaine

    I bought this mascara today and it was my first high end mascara. I absolutely love it! It gives me really good separation and length! I will never go back to drugstore mascara again!

    Can you also please create a review on Chanel Sublime?