August 9, 2010

Josie Maran Argan Lip Treatment Review

Egyptians believed that the dead would need their organs in the afterlife so they stored some of them in canopic jars. Don’t ask me why but my morbid little brain instantly compared the new Josie Maran Argan Lip Treatment to one of those canopic jars only difference is Josie isn’t storing a stomach or an intestine in this little jar, she’s storing a lip treatment that’s rather delicious and awesome.

Me likey!

And those of us who adore Epyptian history may find the joy in the little jar it comes stored in, gross organ parts aside of course.


Josie Maran Argan Lip Treatment is a naturally age-defying lip conditioner that repairs and protects dry lips.

Part of its appeal is of course the packaging. Whether you’re morbid enough to compare it to a canopic jar or sweet enough to think of it as a little Arabic treasure box, the packaging alone should get your blood pumping, particularly for those of us who put such a high value on great packaging.

The balm comes housed in a tiny little plastic jar with a cute bronze topper. It’s pretty tiny and not easy to tote around or carry in your purse however ideal for setting atop your vanity or bedside table or your desk drawer, but honestly why hide such a pretty little thing?

In terms of texture and formula, it’s turning into a fast favorite for me. It’s a highly fragranced and flavored balm that tastes and smells like a crunchy, tart green apple (it’s a natural apple scent!). I absolutely adore the smell of this and it tastes so yummy on my lips! Formula wise you won’t find a nicer treat for lips as it smooths on as a milky balm but quickly melts down to a very fine oil that hydrates lips and makes them super shiny. Some balms and lip treatments aren’t exactly wearable outside but don’t misunderstand this as it appears as a solid white balm however it applies like a very soft lip balm and feels like a lightweight gloss.

The balm is supposed to restore lips youthful fullness and plump lips however I didn’t really experience that but it does sooth and hydrate lips instantly and will be a welcome treat in the Winter when my lips chap up. The formula is also supposed to contain a potent anti-aging solution to smooth the appearance of fine lines but I don’t have lines in or around my mouth as of yet so can’t tell if it’s actually working.

It does come in a pot which isn’t always a fab choose for application on the go as fingers and hands get dirty when out and about and you aren’t wanting to dig into a pot of gloss when you can’t clean your hands prior to application.

The pot is darlin’ but not travel friendly plus the formula is super melt-y so having it anywhere that’s hot or warm could potentially liquefy it.

  • Anyone with dry lips, aging lips, or chapped one!
  • Anyone who likes luxurious lip balms that hydrate lips and make them feeling incredibly soft.
  • Anyone who doesn’t like gloss or lipstick but wants lips to look shiny and glossy!
  • Anyone who wants a natural lip treatment sans parabens and other harmful ingredients.

  • Anyone who wants a lip treatment they can easily tote around with them!
  • Anyone not so keen on dipping into a pot for application!
  • Those sensitive to scented products.

I really enjoyed this and can easily see it becoming a staple. The formula feels super smooth and moisturizing on my lips and it can easily be worn to bed or out for a day for a super natural, glossy lip look. The cute packaging completely appeals to my girlish good nature and the scent and taste of the product is outstanding.

Overall, Josie really created a great lip treatment here and I can see myself purchasing again in the future.

Loved it!

Very Muse Approved for purchase!

Try it out next trip to Sephora.

I think you’ll like it as much as I do!

Available now from Sephora.

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  • Julie

    I ordered this from Sephora on Friday to also get the VIB bag. I love Josie’s products and I can’t wait to try it because of your great review. I also love her argan oil, mascara, cream blush and glosses. Great product line.

    • the Muse

      Julie you’re going to REALLY enjoy this 😀 truly worth the $$! 😀 Great product. stop back, tell me what you think!

  • nikkinj

    Have you tried Sara Happ Lip Slip? I was wondering how this compared. \
    I adore the packaging of the Josie Maran!

    • the Muse

      Hi nikkin yes I have. Lip Slip is considerably thicker and texture. Josie’s version has a super soft, melty formula that turns oily on lips like a gloss somewhat. Lip Slip is fab but I’ve always had a problem wearing it outside the house due to it’s thickness. Josie’s version is very light weight and super soft 😉

  • nikkinj

    hmmm that sounds different enough to require me to have BOTH!
    I use the Lip Slip before bed so I can use the Maran in the morning! Yeah!

    • the Muse

      awesome nikkin 😀 perfect! Lip Slip is ideal for bed imho. I use it before bed as well. but it’s so thick I don’t feel comfortable wearing it out. I really enjoyed this. At the least, swatch it a little at Sephora, I think you’ll adore it. It’s delicious too 😀 smells so nommy!

  • laura r

    LOL Musey- you and your canopic jars. once you said that, i couldn’t un-see it. LOL. for some reason i’d want to put this on a vanity next to UDPP because of their packaging- does that make any sense?
    we’re moving into our new house soon (YAY! EEP!) and i can’t wait to buy myself a real vanity!

    • the Muse

      LOL laura 😀 once you get the image in your head…………….haha!

      It makes UDPP packaging perfectly 😀 Awww so cool! get a BIG one girl!

  • Davina Khatri

    I saw it at Sephora Times Square last Friday, but I’m not so keen on the pot. I’ll just wait until it comes out in stick format.

  • Resham

    I liked the jar….I am more interested in storing some cute earings inside it when it gets empty…lol!
    So kiddish…..

  • dina

    love the smell of this!! i really hope they come through with a stick, would be lovely for winter

  • Julie

    Got this today, along with Josie Maran’s new GOGO mascara. Both are FABULOUS.

      • Julie

        It’s an awesome mascara, makes lashes fluttery and holds curl very well. No smudging so far! The best thing is that for every mascara purchased, Josie will donate a mascara to a City of Hope cancer patient/survivor.

        • the Muse

          aw awesome Julie sounds rockin’! :-D!!!!!!!!! and for a great cause!